09/19/17 08:02 PM
Malo: can u activate Me plz
09/13/17 07:16 AM
paris: Thank you Jake. You are a Jewel.
09/07/17 03:33 PM
Broken: deuce ur request is ready for pick up
09/05/17 08:25 PM
paris: Thank you Jake. One of Summer ones. Miss seeing you. Paris
09/05/17 03:05 PM
Broken: thanks jayden!! hugzz
08/26/17 03:15 PM
Jayden: have a great vacation Broken huggzzzzz
08/25/17 03:03 PM
Broken: i will be on vacation next week so I will get to my folder when I get back. Thanks! =]
08/08/17 12:51 PM
Broken: deuce ur request is ready for pick up
08/07/17 03:45 PM
Kaliyani: Thankyou Broken, I just wasnt sure if I was doing it correctly. Thanks for all your help. Kali
08/07/17 09:43 AM
Broken: or my folder.
08/07/17 09:43 AM
Broken: Kaliyani - yes they are being loaded correctly. Idk when Jake will be back to paint. he will validate them when he does. if you want them painted sooner.. upload them into the any painter folder
08/07/17 12:02 AM
Kaliyani: I am not sure if I am uploading my AVs correctly. Can Jake advise me if he is seeing my AV's for painting? thankyou!!
08/03/17 12:29 PM
Broken: yvw revy glad u like it .. again tho i am not br0ken .. thnx
08/02/17 03:14 PM
revy: Hugs Br0ken its beautiful tysvm
08/02/17 03:08 PM
Broken: revy ur request is ready for pick up
08/02/17 01:32 PM
Broken: eve ur request is ready for pick up
08/01/17 09:22 AM
Broken: kaliyani & punkarella u hvae been activated
07/31/17 09:21 PM
paris: Thank you so much Jake. Found some that I liked. Has been so long since I have seen you. Do hope that you are well and happy
07/31/17 06:31 PM
kaliyani: Hi, could someone please activate my account. Name is kaliyani. Thankyou :)
07/31/17 04:01 PM
Broken: deuce ur request is ready for pick up
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