11/22/17 11:56 AM
Aisha: Hey i was wondering if you guys are still hiring painters here?
11/15/17 11:00 AM
Broken: deuce ur request is ready for pick up
11/14/17 03:18 PM
Broken: nkleggs what av are you talking about? If its tagged it isnt supposed to be taken by anyone else. it was done just for that person.
11/14/17 12:21 PM
nkleggs: it says we can take av but theres a name on it how do you get name off
11/08/17 12:14 AM
Chelle: your activated Bella enjoy
11/08/17 12:07 AM
Bella: can i get activated please
11/07/17 07:37 PM
Chelle: Nathalia your av is ready enjoy
11/06/17 09:29 AM
Broken: Desirae/Aisha its been changed.
11/03/17 04:00 AM
Desirae: Hey I was wondering if I could get my account name changed from Desirae to Aisha please. Thank you
11/02/17 09:05 PM
Nerin: nathalia your av is ready for pick up enjoy
11/02/17 02:00 PM
elf: chek us out http://darksidesexchat.net/santababy/index.php
10/25/17 06:42 PM
Desirae: Thank you
10/25/17 03:50 PM
Broken: Desirae ur acct has been activated.
10/25/17 05:29 AM
Desirae: May I please be activated.
10/19/17 09:34 PM
Chelle: My request folder is open again
10/18/17 03:43 PM
Broken: no problem.. its deleted. thanks.
10/17/17 08:43 PM
deuce: broken im sorry i have the av i posted painted already canu delete it sorry to bother
10/08/17 10:48 AM
mia: got my avs ty
10/07/17 11:17 AM
silky: plz link us http://hawtchat.com/hawttats/index.php
10/04/17 04:21 PM
Broken: deuce ur request is ready for pick up
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