26 Aug 15, 12:56 PM
BLURGG: http://werifesteria.proboards.com/
14 Jun 15, 04:31 PM
Silm: I have a stalker xD
14 Jun 15, 04:31 PM
Silm: LOL
25 Feb 15, 11:02 PM
SilmStalker: SILM *Breathes in deeply*
10 Feb 15, 10:06 AM
Owl: Oh no. Oh crap no. I. Just. Caught. Up. On. Homestuck. Just in time for a freaking minigigapause or whatever this is.
2 Feb 15, 04:46 PM
Night(Apologetic): I am* and apparently my comp is being a douche too.
2 Feb 15, 04:45 PM
Night(Apologetic): Ian so, so, so sorry I have not been on. Life has been a douche and I've been extremely busy. I'll try extra hard to liven the site up!
13 Jan 15, 05:44 PM
Night: Oh, btw if you didn't know, Lightning had to leave. She was really busy. :/ But I still get to see her every now and then.
13 Jan 15, 05:43 PM
Night: What ye been up to???
13 Jan 15, 05:43 PM
Night: ^-^
13 Jan 15, 05:43 PM
Aspenflame: *tackle*
13 Jan 15, 05:43 PM
13 Jan 15, 05:43 PM
Night: -tackle if ye still here-
13 Jan 15, 05:42 PM
13 Jan 15, 05:34 PM
Aspenflame: This is Mango, if y'all forgot! Again, the sites box lags up my computer, so I will use the cbox instead. c:
9 Jan 15, 04:36 PM
rin: alright. thank you! this is always a difficult time of the year for sites
9 Jan 15, 03:49 PM
Night: That's completely fine. We did just get back from the holidays, after all, and I know school is starting in some places. ^-^
9 Jan 15, 03:42 PM
Rin: Hola. Sorry I've been away. It's been a bit hectic, and I'll be inactive for another week or so.
9 Jan 15, 03:30 PM
Night: Hi, Rin.
30 Dec 14, 08:01 PM
Night: If you have any question, feel free to pm me. I'll check out all the pending applications now. ^-^
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