21 Feb 18, 02:00 AM
zac: got code for reply or announcement for thsi skin?
10 Sep 17, 10:51 AM
guest: testing
22 Jan 16, 01:37 PM
Reid: Amazing skin! I have used it Here! thank you so much!
28 Nov 15, 10:49 AM
Ryanne: Really adored this skin, but I can't get the mini profiles to work ):
16 Nov 15, 04:56 PM
salsa fierce: amazing skin & header
16 Nov 15, 01:01 PM
guest: wow very beautiful <3
19 Aug 15, 04:21 PM
mstx: ty cutieee and unfortunately i don't have time for thatt
11 Aug 15, 10:19 AM
irey: This skin is gorgeous!
24 Jun 15, 11:44 AM
Vega: hey! is there any way you can make a version of this with regular board titles?
25 May 15, 12:30 PM
belle: I'm going to change field 4 into star rank. on mini profile
25 Apr 15, 02:14 PM
mstx: regularly. second, yes you can change colors
25 Apr 15, 02:14 PM
mstx: ok if you want to contact me about the skin, please don't do so on the cbox because i don't check it
27 Mar 15, 05:16 PM
Douglas: you could help me? I can not install the Mini Profile
10 Mar 15, 10:33 AM
runie: can we modify the colors of this skin but keep the credits
26 Feb 15, 11:44 AM
jendi: Is there a way to make someone's name show up as their group color?
11 Feb 15, 11:28 AM
guesta: i'm pretty sure it's 315x500 now
11 Feb 15, 11:24 AM
guesta: i tried to find them in the mini prof & css but i'm a noob at this
11 Feb 15, 11:24 AM
guesta: what are the avatar dimensions for the mini profile please?
7 Feb 15, 08:43 PM
crumpet: portion and then the app and shipper under it all?
7 Feb 15, 08:42 PM
crumpet: way that i can edit it to have the group alias and post portion is the same as the age and job
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