23 Jul 18, 02:30 PM
KNMURTHI: Have any of you checked yur monthy paymnts are paidn correctly ? No. Pension is not rounded to the next higher rupee.
23 Jul 18, 12:26 PM
SN: May God bless the LIC pensioners.
23 Jul 18, 11:39 AM
Raghavonnya@gmail.com: ASRji very comforting as usual Thanks
23 Jul 18, 11:30 AM
G.Krishna Prasad: "
23 Jul 18, 11:30 AM
G.Krishna Prasad: Please read, "The Bench pays attention only to what a Senior Counsel with established reputation and stature argues.
23 Jul 18, 11:26 AM
G.Krishna Prasad: reputation and stature. To use a cliche, our associations should cut across party lines and submit their briefs (through their own Counsels to such a Senior Counsel and hope for the best.
23 Jul 18, 11:22 AM
G.Krishna Prasad: Whatever the level of preparation what the boy actually writes in the examination only matters. It is a well-known fact that the Bench pays attention to what a senior counsel with established reputati
23 Jul 18, 11:19 AM
G.Krishna Prasad: ASR's "Stumbling blocks" to success is well defined. Whatevr
23 Jul 18, 05:20 AM
B.R.Mehta: wisdom and team work. And see the end result . He is isolated today. The same organisation which projected him Arjuna in 2012 has discarded him today.
23 Jul 18, 05:18 AM
B.R.Mehta: Organisation for Pensioners , he was declared Arjuna which took his arrogance to highest level. Result was he refused to listen to other experts and was not ready to work with method of collective
23 Jul 18, 05:15 AM
B.R.Mehta: encash his intitial success by emotional blackmailing of senior pensioners and this made him further egositic ,arrogant , secretive and non transparent. And upon being adopted by an All India
23 Jul 18, 05:12 AM
B.R.Mehta: ASR Sir, in response to points raised by you my clear view is that initial success in 2010 at Jaipur High Court went to the mind of the person who started this effort. He adopted unfair means to
21 Jul 18, 08:34 PM
B.R.Mehta: puzlling part is that in his SLP , He is reported to make AIRIEF as one of respondent . Any learned reader to pl clarify whole puzlle
21 Jul 18, 08:31 PM
B.R.Mehta: As per my information, Sh. KML Asthana still contiues to be All India Vice President AIRIEF . Still he says he has no money to engage counsel for his case and hence will appear in person.And more
21 Jul 18, 07:00 PM
Madhavan: Congress President talking about corruption is like Kettle calling the pot black.
21 Jul 18, 05:59 AM
Venkataraman: He can also stand before the court ... the only case for which he appeared in jaipur court in person had come to a sorry end, the court having rejected his argument to implement the jaipur judgment.
21 Jul 18, 05:52 AM
Venkataraman: he only informed the court in advance of his intention to appear in the court IN PERSON. What other issues are involved in this matter.
21 Jul 18, 05:48 AM
Venkataraman: Anybody who has submitted a petition in acourt can appear in court and argue his case. Since shri Asthana is not enrolled as an Advocate, he o informed the cou
21 Jul 18, 05:45 AM
Venkataraman: in person in Delhi." Old guns have become active to say that this is a big achievement...
21 Jul 18, 05:43 AM
Venkataraman: It is reported by a blog "It is reported in whatsapp that Registrar of Supreme Court has granted permission to Shri KML Asthana to contest Pension case in his individual capacity after his interview
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