24 Jul 17, 09:02 PM
namdev: for india against the combination of us, pak and china.
24 Jul 17, 09:00 PM
namdev: from deng xiaoping on,every communist leader has sent atleast one of his children to the us to study,including the harvard educated daughter of the president xi jinping. so doklam is a touch stone for
24 Jul 17, 06:24 PM
namdev: prevailing in 178 due to the reforms introduced by dengxiao ping.now it also faces problems so that the attention is diverted to doklam for its local consumption like the famine in 1962.
24 Jul 17, 06:20 PM
namdev: -ms which resulted in doubling of real wages which is denied to pre'97 pensioners and thereafter proportionately. in china real wages increased eight times of what was prevaing in 197
24 Jul 17, 06:16 PM
namdev: -ogy's 30-year ascendence,most americans saw their incomes decline or stagnate year after year.---inour countryincomes of our workers stagnated for 45 years till1991,when late pvn rao introduced refor
24 Jul 17, 06:11 PM
namdev: from the early 1980's until 2007,american- style deregulated capitalism brought greater material well-being only to the richest in the richest country of the world.indeed over the course of this ideol
24 Jul 17, 06:06 PM
namdev: the ideological crisis of western capitalism:joseph stiglitz:just a few years ago,a powerful ideology-the belief in free unfettered markets-brought the vworld to the brink of ruin.even in its hey day,
24 Jul 17, 10:55 AM
namdev: intention to scuttle.so if there is a will ,almost all npa-s can be recovered,provided corrupt elements are identified and eliminated.one promoter argued that it is his fundamental right to repayornot
24 Jul 17, 10:49 AM
namdev: for example, one of the 12 companies,essar steel which is worth 65000 crores has npa about 32000 crores. so any one will buy and essar steel approached the gujarat hc which fortunatelly rejected the
24 Jul 17, 10:38 AM
namdev: -nt, like bsnlor air india or any other loss making psu-s,on whose behalf working class parties are fighting against privatisation instead of making them profitable by giving good advices.
24 Jul 17, 10:33 AM
namdev: so there is no seriousness or willingness on the partof psu banks to the resolution of npa-s.is it mockery or to scullle the efforts made by pmo.finance ministry and rbi by the corrupt top manageme
24 Jul 17, 10:27 AM
namdev: lawyers of sbi are unable to give correct figures in respect of bhushan steel.one of 12 entitities before nclt, formed under bankruptcy act
23 Jul 17, 07:35 PM
G.Krishna Prasad: Chronicle server? There appears to be no problem.
23 Jul 17, 07:10 PM
subbu: At Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore, many a time I find that SERVER IS NOT FOUND. No amount of complaining works !!
23 Jul 17, 02:01 PM
namdev: “Nostratic”, as distinct from more distant languages like Munda, Tibetan, Andamanese etc.)
23 Jul 17, 01:58 PM
namdev: -ng is not “Dravidasthan”, but India. Moreover, Dravidian is related to Indo-European on a par with Uralic, Semitic et al., descending from a common grandmother-language some 15,000 years ago, “Nostra
23 Jul 17, 01:56 PM
namdev: language. To the dismay of Dravidian chauvinists and separatists, this means that Dravidian is not native to South India, but that it is native to India. The political unit they ought to be defendi
23 Jul 17, 01:54 PM
namdev: have come from Elam, not the other way around. And then, after having entered India and developed in Gujarat, Dravidian expanded to the south, where a more primitive native population adopted the lang
23 Jul 17, 01:51 PM
namdev: a reasonable theory insufficiently verified but largely based on trust in the very few scholars who have investigated these data. An anti-India bias predictably deduces from this that Dravidian must h
23 Jul 17, 01:49 PM
namdev: A newspaper headline made it even more sensational: “Aryan-Dravidian divide a myth: Study”. (The linguistic state of the art on this is that Dravidian is related to Elamite in Southwestern Iran, a re
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