22 Sep 17, 05:06 PM
M L Bhatia: Please read: Why all the associations don't come together
22 Sep 17, 05:04 PM
M L Bhatia: We remember after winning bonus case from Supreme Court in 1981, Govt through legislation snatched bonus
22 Sep 17, 05:02 PM
M L Bhatia: One single senior advocate. Moreover all associations should also take up with ministry level for updation of pension
22 Sep 17, 04:56 PM
M L Bhatia: This is with reference to the appeals by different associations of retired employees for contributions of legal funds. Why all the associations come together to give a joint legal fight by engaging
22 Sep 17, 06:00 AM
Ed.: SN has sent it to sh. Mahadevan.
21 Sep 17, 04:38 PM
C H Mahadevan: Can Mr SN or anyone else give the DR formula and no of DR slabs of CG employees for the various periods?
21 Sep 17, 09:05 AM
subbu: things that posterity remembers us for eternity. You remember, that LIC Board also made one such thing so that lawyers of the land would benefit for ever and ever. They passed a resolution !!!
21 Sep 17, 09:01 AM
subbu: Reading my comments once again, I found, I had omitted a phrase. It is not when we go we go with nothing. We go with the never-emptying vessel of glory when we do, with oneness of heart and soul, such
20 Sep 17, 10:46 PM
subbu: now, let me differ !
20 Sep 17, 10:46 PM
subbu: One may ask how is this possible . Kabir says: Let us keep Ram Naam in our tongues. Listen to this wonderful lyric and sung by Anup Jalota. Krishnan Sir ! I have always been an Yes Sir for U. At least
20 Sep 17, 10:43 PM
subbu: those things he leaves to posterity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHM3HLD_J68
20 Sep 17, 10:40 PM
subbu: such things as posterity do remember us ever. Did not Valluan say: THAKKAAR THAKAVILAR ENPAVAR AVARAVAR EHCHCHATHAAL KAANAPAADUM.( Whether one is worth or not one's life (living) is always known by
20 Sep 17, 10:38 PM
subbu: joyous. Kabir says, let us do such things, as when we go , let us smile and people cry. Krishnan Sir ! It is not we go with nothing. We go with our packets full of glory (not arrears of updation,! )
20 Sep 17, 10:35 PM
subbu: anup jalota ka yah gaana suniye ! kabira ! jab ham paidhaa huye, jag hanse, ham roye ! aisi karni karke chalo ki jag roye, ham hanse ! (When we are born, we cry as people around us smile and feel
20 Sep 17, 07:21 PM
C H Mahadevan: Delete the repeated 'nature'.
20 Sep 17, 07:20 PM
C H Mahadevan: Monkhood of this nature nature is tantamount to abdication and not renunciation.
20 Sep 17, 07:18 PM
C H Mahadevan: In my post sent a little while ago,I have wrongly spelt the name of Mr Subba as 'Subba'.Sorry, error caused by old age!
20 Sep 17, 11:32 AM
ramaswamy: ithis way old aged parents too have no right to be looked after by their children.
20 Sep 17, 11:31 AM
ramaswamy: is cruelty to the children which we should not fail to see.
20 Sep 17, 11:30 AM
ramaswamy: its not merely the business of a community, it'
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