09/24/18 07:58 PM
amoi: she could really use it, though. amoi needs to learn how to work with wiz
09/24/18 07:49 PM
amoi: ripp
09/24/18 07:43 PM
Red November: too bad she aint a tamer
09/24/18 07:41 PM
amoi: oo i could see that
09/24/18 07:37 PM
Red November: i feel like ree could be a mentor or something to amoi
09/24/18 07:37 PM
Red November: hmm - i wonder how amoi and ree will interact in this event thread
09/24/18 06:01 PM
amoi: Tag Kels!
09/24/18 02:20 PM
Gnome: I heard nothing
09/24/18 02:09 PM
amoi mobile: muhahaha
09/24/18 02:06 PM
Rock mobile: Then dig her.. A grave
09/24/18 01:54 PM
amoi mobile: the teacher's rude as h-e-double-hockey-sticks too, I dont dig her
09/24/18 12:43 PM
Gnome: I love history and even I would be pulling my hair out with all that.
09/24/18 12:29 PM
amoi mobile: It's only like this in history. And I love how my worst subject has the worst teacher too
09/24/18 12:07 PM
Gnome: Jeeeesus and I thought I had it bad.
09/24/18 11:50 AM
amoi mobile: who thought that combinding 2 units in the same week would be a good ideaaa? Its twice the work
09/24/18 11:37 AM
amoi mobile: I need to take some serious school steroids or smth cuz like
09/24/18 11:37 AM
amoi mobile: ALL in history
09/24/18 11:36 AM
amoi mobile: 6 assignments, 2 unit tests, and a project
09/24/18 10:47 AM
Gnome: Looking forward to it!
09/24/18 10:41 AM
Oslo: I need to post with remy boi
09/24/18 10:41 AM
Oslo: with remy boi
09/24/18 10:41 AM
Oslo: i'll crash kozue'
09/24/18 10:38 AM
Gnome: The Kozue one since the 4th of September, and Haruka's since 9 PM last night.
09/24/18 10:35 AM
Oslo: how long have they been open
09/24/18 10:35 AM
Oslo: ooo
09/24/18 10:35 AM
Gnome: Yep, one for Kozue I made a while ago, and one for Haruka I made last night
09/24/18 10:35 AM
Oslo: he's tryin' his best amoi
09/24/18 10:32 AM
amoi mobile: oof
09/24/18 10:32 AM
amoi mobile: Lol theres a gordon freaking ramsey junior in algebra I
09/24/18 10:30 AM
amoi mobile: Open threads are known for being aggressive creatures
09/24/18 10:28 AM
Oslo: D:
09/24/18 10:28 AM
amoi mobile: Be careful, it might bite you
09/24/18 10:28 AM
Oslo: you have open threads?
09/24/18 09:56 AM
Gnome: *pokes open threads with a stick* Live!
09/24/18 09:25 AM
amoi mobile: ooo never thought about it like that
09/24/18 08:54 AM
Kazai: mhm
09/24/18 08:35 AM
Oslo: spirit boi grows up a does the big flame
09/24/18 08:32 AM
Oslo: it makes more sense for demimeramon honestly cuz he's like a ghost, right
09/24/18 08:31 AM
Oslo: the flames don't burn her because he trusts her
09/24/18 08:31 AM
Oslo: maybe he follows ponyta rules
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