17 Jan 19, 12:47 PM
Wynter: Hello, yesterday's Imp!
16 Jan 19, 07:15 PM
Imp: Hello November Para!
12 Nov 18, 03:23 PM
Paratonia: Typical
12 Nov 18, 03:22 PM
Paratonia: Decided to watch spooky ghost stuffs and now I have nowhere to escape
12 Nov 18, 03:21 PM
Paratonia: Well, since Discord is down, I guess I might just as well roll around here for a bit
27 Aug 18, 08:19 AM
Wynter: Evening, everyone! We are currently in the process of revamping the site! If you have any questions, please come and chat in our discord! We're more active there! <3
24 Feb 18, 12:30 AM
Imp: Seeing new characters pop on the site and posts up... puts a tear in my eye.
24 Feb 18, 12:30 AM
Imp: I'm glad we are still able to be active around here.
24 Feb 18, 12:30 AM
Imp: It truly has.
23 Feb 18, 01:34 PM
BaileeBae: Afternoon Aeria, its been too long!
2 Dec 17, 01:50 PM
Nerd Listings: Doing a link check. Please update your link back button to the Nerd Listings. Thank you!
6 Nov 17, 08:37 PM
BaileeBae: On the off chacne anyone is lurking about, were still here!
26 Oct 17, 05:10 PM
BaileeBae: Hey there peeps, I know it's been quite for a while, but I promise we're still here!!
5 Oct 17, 10:08 AM
Guest: Hey, your RPG-D ad is about to be taken down! http://rpg-directory.com/showthread.php?tid=80070&pid=1000000#pid1000000
21 Sep 17, 09:56 PM
Imp: We are still active!vvvvv
19 Aug 17, 12:41 PM
Imp: Hello everyone! If there is anyone new, I just wanted to add here that the site is a bit slow but alive! We are much more active on discord. Feel free to pop in!
6 Aug 17, 09:55 AM
Molz: Hey Guys! So I've made the decision to downgrade the server to free service.
5 Aug 17, 02:56 PM
BaileeBae: Hi Aerina! Its been too long
16 Jul 17, 11:43 PM
Paratonia: Sorry I missed you, was asleep :'>
16 Jul 17, 11:39 PM
Paratonia: -! Hello there!
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