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Skip: Woo~
Skip: Just click the link and join up!
Butterfly: yO
Butterfly: whats up nerds
Butterfly: yo, any riverclanners looking to be part of the plot, there's a thread open in camp ; ) [link]
Skip: Its pretty spicey
Skip: Spicey~!
Skip: Cool it worked cx
Whiterose {Crim}: dances as i reply to the rc plot
Eggy: hehehe
Skip: ****er
Zegram: Wow surprised to see one of the Kugyays still around.
Skip: dope
Skip: we are in the discord
Rae: Hey, so I just checked my email, I used to be a member here before the flagging fiasco (four or so years ago) I came back to see who still is here from way back :) I used to be snowbraska/snowleaf
Butterfly: omg
Butterfly: Welcome back Snow!
Tempas: Glad to see this old place still kicking 10+years later. Hope all is well
Butterfly: yO
Mac: Still kicking 100%! Our discord that we all chat in is here! [link]