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12/16/16 09:45 AM
Kchan: If you want, you should check out our Discord channel and come hang out with us there!
01/29/17 05:51 AM
emmaliveson: Hello, new here, just starting the books and cannot wait to catch up and join this community!
01/29/17 10:29 AM
KChan: Hi! Glad you made it over here!
02/13/17 12:27 PM
MimberyEarth: Hey, is this an actual video game, or how is tgis played?
02/13/17 12:28 PM
MimberyEarth: *this
02/13/17 12:40 PM
MimberyEarth: Is there anyone on?
02/14/17 02:08 PM
KChan: Yep! Most of our out of character chat takes place on Discord but we're still here!
02/14/17 02:08 PM
KChan: We're not a video game though. :) We're a play-by-post game.
02/14/17 02:09 PM
KChan: Well, not game so much as interactive fiction project!
03/11/17 08:32 PM
Els: Hello! New here checking out the site
03/19/17 11:20 AM
Comatose: Hello Els! Welcome here!!
04/07/17 06:45 PM
Els: oh wow, missed you. XD Anyone around now?
04/07/17 11:48 PM
KChan: Yep! Easier to catch us on Discord than the cbox, but we're still here
04/12/17 12:49 AM
Cady: Hi
04/19/17 07:14 AM
timasp: Are these set in the final empire?
04/19/17 07:15 AM
timasp: as in, around the time of the book?
04/19/17 07:15 AM
timasp: I'm only asking because if so, I spotted a slight error that needs rectification
04/20/17 06:37 PM
Els: I think this takes place about a 100 years or so from the start of the first book in that triilogy
04/20/17 07:32 PM
Els: @KChan Do you mind if I ask your Discord channel?
05/09/17 06:32 PM
Comatose: Hi Timasp. The RP is set in 918 (compared to 1024 when TFE is set). What was the error you identified?