ses :v:: Hello, you can make Beard skin from Hotline Miami 2 for GTA SA?
SDLG :V: can you make chicharito skin for gta sa? xD
fodão: sou fodão
gtasatifa: if not in special summer outfit, in any other cute and amazing outfit, like you did with Rise from persona 4, pleaese!
gtasatifa: Can you please please make Yukiko Amagi (from persona 4) in her special summer outfit?? For GTA SA?
Edi and Zlatan: Hello, can u add Edi Cavani's skin for GTA sa?
twdgfan: for gta sa
twdgfan: Can you please create TWDG New Frontier Clementine?
Feristn: Makes the Cavani skin
Arbol: Create Cavani for gta sa please
BHAFC: @FeisalAR this season's away kit would be really nice, and I'm okay with an empty back
adaf: *****
adaf: afaf
FeisalAR: @Dogewow: Do you mean make army camo version, or make them spawn as the army? If the latter, Just replace army.txd and army.dff in gta3.img with the ones in the RAR.
FeisalAR: @minhtroller: Junkjets that don't shoot out junk, don't feel right, innit? Which weapon do you suggest to replace it with?
FeisalAR: @pooch: Sorry man I don't know how to convert things to android. I thought it still use .dff and .txd like PC?
FeisalAR: @#C/U: My PES 2016 is broken. Can't convert footy skins for now. I'll try with PES 2017 when it's out.
FeisalAR: @BHAFC: Thanks! How about next season's kit? Any specific kit number? Names?
BHAFC: Hey, if you make a Brighton & Hove Albion 2015/16 kit (I don't care if it's home or away), that would be really nice :) BTW, your skins are great!
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