1 Oct 16, 08:45 PM
Chantal: @Amreen Link me to your blog and tell me what you'd like me to look at. c:
1 Oct 16, 08:44 PM
Chantal: @Amreen Please feel free to email me! I think that might be easier for me to help you that way. :)
1 Oct 16, 08:43 PM
Chantal: @Amreen I am currently revamping my blog so the blog post will have to wait. :'(
7 Jul 16, 11:47 PM
Amreen: YES that post would be heavenly and of great help, please do so :)))))
7 Jul 16, 11:29 PM
Amreen: convert tumblr themes into blogger themes?
7 Jul 16, 11:29 PM
Amreen: HI!!!! hahaha its fine, sorry for my late reply!!! studying is hectic isnt it, is there a way to
1 Jan 16, 01:22 PM
jongseu: @Amreen I can make a blog post soon with a list of resources you can use. :0)
29 Dec 15, 02:57 PM
jongseu: @guest22122 hello! :-)
29 Dec 15, 12:53 PM
jongseu: I am sorry if I wasn't much of a help. I would start looking around for a theme that you like. :-)
29 Dec 15, 12:51 PM
jongseu: I was really bad at HTML coding but if you keep practicing, coding will come easier.
29 Dec 15, 12:50 PM
jongseu: Honestly, I was able to customize my blogger theme because of my experience through tumblr.
29 Dec 15, 12:49 PM
jongseu: Hello, Amreen! I am so sorry for the late reply! I have been really busy with my university courses
24 Nov 15, 04:30 AM
amreen: on blogger i was wondering whether u would help me with my layout and everything??? if thats ok?
24 Nov 15, 04:29 AM
amreen: hey i stumbled upon your blog and i really love how its looking :) since im pretty much a rookie
16 Jun 15, 07:55 AM
guest22122: hello!
16 Jun 15, 07:54 AM
guest22122: hello!