28 Sep 16, 07:56 PM
Francis Or: "Oh it soooo was" he said wickedly, leaning int othe kiss, arms wrapping around Lindsey's shoulders, "Oh you can try" he taunted.
28 Sep 16, 07:53 PM
Lindsey Argent: "That was so not a contest! You devil." Laughter escaped him, kissing him back hard. "But don't worry, I will get you back baby."
28 Sep 16, 07:39 PM
Francis Or: "Obviously." he joked, licking his lips as Lindsey crawled ont ohis lap. "Mmmhm. I do. We need to do that more often. I think I'm winning the competition of inconvenient public boner making" he leaned to nip Linds lower lip.
28 Sep 16, 07:36 PM
Lindsey Argent: "I am. That's true. Did you just take all my coolness away when I proposed?" Grinning he wiggled in closer to the other, shifting to climb on his lap. "I remember the times in the park when we'd sit like this."
28 Sep 16, 07:33 PM
Francis Or: "You are getting married to me after all" he grinned. Nodding, "Mhmm.. To many clothes" he insisted
28 Sep 16, 07:32 PM
Lindsey Argent: "Not cool enough!" He laughed loudly, "Whatever you nerd." A cheeky smile touched his mouth and looked over the other in thought, "That so? Too much clothing is such a shame."
28 Sep 16, 07:30 PM
Francis Or: Francis snorted, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Nah you're not cool enough to be named Guadalupe" Fran teased. Groaning in a delighted manor as Lindsey grabbed him, "Mmmm. Yeah. Cabin Fever.... I probably have to many clothes on" his voice throaty
28 Sep 16, 07:26 PM
Lindsey Argent: Blinking he snorted slightly, "Maybe that is my name?" He joked and then eyed the other in thought before openly grabbing the other's crotch. "Oh yeah? Cabin fever?" He joked.
28 Sep 16, 07:25 PM
Francis Or: A playful expression on his face as he kissed Lindsey's neck, nuzzling him, "I don't know... but ... Fuck me if I'm wrong, but is your name Guadalupe?" - he burst out laughing agian taking a deep breath finally, "I don't know. I'm just trying to have fun. Maybe I have cabin fever. Maybe the only way to cure me is to blow me?" he teased playfully.
28 Sep 16, 07:19 PM
Lindsey Argent: At being pulled closer, Lindsey nipped at Francis and smiled softly. "I know." He agreed before blinking and then clearing his throat. "Where do you keep getting these pick up lines? I'm kinda concerned."
28 Sep 16, 07:17 PM
Francis Or: "Good," he grinned,chuckling - nuzzling Lindsey before nipping his neck lightly, a single laugh burst from him at Linds' words, "Oh you know I do" he replied pulling Lindsey closer, "You know. I think there's something growing in my pants. Maybe you should check it out. Make sure its nothing serious" he tossed out yet another dreadful flirt.
28 Sep 16, 07:12 PM
Lindsey Argent: "Babe you've always been full of laughs for me." He grinned in amusement and then paused before chortling in his throat. "Art eyes? You're a freaking dork Francis, and I love you." Mulling that out he licked the lip that got nipped before looking around them and back to Fran. "Y'wanna ride a stallion?" He asked with a wink
28 Sep 16, 07:08 PM
Francis Or: It wasn't a surprise that he was shaking with laughter beside Linds, snickering more when he got told never to use that line again, "Can't say I never make you laugh" - he shrugged, "You can see what you like. You got dem 'art eyes" he grinned, "Aweeee... Live a little. We ould get caught by a spider or something" he said nipping at Lindsey's lip again. "Orrr.. there is apparently an infinite suppy of rooms to choose from..."
28 Sep 16, 06:59 PM
Lindsey Argent: Silence spanned out for a moment before hysterical laughter escaped him, chest heaving as his hand went to his chest. "Oh.. oh christ! You.." He was trying hard to calm down and then coughed taking a slow breath. "Baby no, never use that line again." He chuckled, calming himself down to look at all the art around them. "Selling the art to people who'd like it would be better yeah." Shifting slightly he nibbled back before laughing, "No way, I'm not fucking in the hall way."
28 Sep 16, 06:56 PM
Francis Or: He gave a playful wag of eyebrows, "You're a scary sexy stallion that makes my pretty pony pecker get hard" even he couldn't keep a straight face as his shoulders shook with laughter, "But really. You're sexy as hell and it gives me inconvenient boners all the damn time" he grinned. "Well. What's mine is yours? Maybe we should sell it? Since i cant find my way out" he grinned, leaning in and nipping Lindsey's lip playfully. "Mm. Maybe we can find our way out later...." he trailed off. Yup. Linds had turned Fran into a sex feind.
28 Sep 16, 06:48 PM
Lindsey Argent: "The most beautiful pony I know baby." Laughter escaped Linds and he paused before shaking his head. "I know I am, just its your home." He glanced about and then back to Fran before blinking. "Its nice? But what I like most is the person I'm marrying."
28 Sep 16, 06:43 PM
Francis Or: "Mmmmm...." He made a serious face, "Is that because I'm a pretty pony" he joked before cracking yet another smile. "You're the artsy fartsy one babe" he grinned, "I like your work better then the stuff in here anyways" he nudged Linds, like any of this stuff?"
28 Sep 16, 06:35 PM
Lindsey Argent: Giving a soft playful noise to the kiss, he nipped the others lips before looking amused. "I picked up carrots for you, and some other fruits and vegetables." He admitted and then leaned happily in against him. "You're not, huh?" Grinning he nodded. "String might be better."
28 Sep 16, 06:30 PM
Francis Or: He laughed before moving just enough to capture Lindsey's lips with his own, "What kind of snacks" he grinned, nuzzling his Fiance before shrugging, "Im not really atteched to the walls or artwork..." he chuckled, "If we go exploring We need like. A string. Or bread crumbs."
28 Sep 16, 06:27 PM
Lindsey Argent: "Oh we're doomed." He glanced down to his bag, "I brought snacks though, so we won't die." Laughing he paused at the suggestion and shook his head. "Nah, no way. Not unless we wanna get someone to fix it all up after. Sounds like a lot of work."
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