15 Jul 18, 08:35 PM
Roma: brand new layout is up come check it out if you can xx
15 Jul 18, 11:25 AM
Rach: Hi Sasha!! How are you?! Hope your well! <3 :)
15 Jul 18, 02:02 AM
amanda: Thank you <3
11 Jul 18, 03:54 AM
kevin @ h0neydip: thanks <3
11 Jul 18, 03:02 AM
amanda: thanks hon, that means a lot to me <3
11 Jul 18, 12:10 AM
amanda: Awe thanks love! I am thinking of redoing the layout I just haven't made my mind up to what yet lol.
8 Jul 18, 07:37 PM
Roma: thanks for checking out my site would love to be affies will add you now x
8 Jul 18, 04:06 PM
amanda: Lol I know that feeling all too well lol. I have been trying to do the same, but... yeah lol
8 Jul 18, 02:03 PM
Roma: hi, love the layout. ive just opened a new site come check it out if you want xx
8 Jul 18, 10:45 AM
Rach: Hi ya! Eek! That's not good. Why are people like that?! Doesn't make sense to me
8 Jul 18, 02:44 AM
amanda: Hey Sasha how are you?
7 Jul 18, 12:01 PM
Rach: Hi Sasha!! How are you?! Hope your well
3 Jul 18, 08:18 PM
amanda: It's ok lol <3
2 Jul 18, 09:20 PM
Gayle: Hi, just letting you know i've added you to affies, Hope your doing okay
25 Jun 18, 06:51 PM
Gayle: would you like to be affies?
24 Jun 18, 12:03 AM
amanda: It's fine hon. Awesome, i'll add you up right now hon <3
22 Jun 18, 01:51 AM
renna: Hey, thanks for putting me up under affies. Can you change my url to killerdress.net?
16 Jun 18, 02:36 AM
amanda: I love your site. Would you like to be affies?
9 Jun 18, 09:52 PM
erica: hey love, i just wanna tell you. i can't renew lushbomb, but going to get a subby and switch things over. Just waiting for the hosts im goin with to get back at me :)
8 Jun 18, 04:36 PM
renna: affies
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