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22 Jul 18, 11:40 PM
Vex: Nighty night love, sweet dreams! ❤ See you tomorrow!
22 Jul 18, 11:40 PM
Keita: Right. methinks I shall head for bed. :p Nighty night hunny! Sweet dreams. see ya tomorrow! ❤
22 Jul 18, 11:34 PM
Keita: *nods*
22 Jul 18, 11:33 PM
Vex: Neither Morri nor Wynne will be in my perma party anyway. I'm the mage. I've got Alistair, Gilmore and Leliana
22 Jul 18, 11:33 PM
Keita: lol! Yeah. She doesn't seem to be the type. :p
22 Jul 18, 11:32 PM
Vex: I've got all my girls looking hot xD Aside from Wynnie. I don't have her yet, and I doubt I'm going to put her in some chasind looking armour xD
22 Jul 18, 11:31 PM
Keita: lol!
22 Jul 18, 11:30 PM
Vex: We HAVE to find you some cool armors as well :P
22 Jul 18, 11:29 PM
Keita: Yeah. :D I get it.
22 Jul 18, 11:28 PM
Vex: And yet.... *giggles*
22 Jul 18, 11:28 PM
Vex: It is xD Although I should PROBABLY start thinking about wrapping up for the night.... xD
22 Jul 18, 11:14 PM
Keita: Yes. it certainly sounds interesting. :D
22 Jul 18, 11:14 PM
Vex: But I'm liking where Enwen's story is going
22 Jul 18, 11:14 PM
Vex: Indeed they are :P And, oddly, mage gameplay isn't all that bad in Origins. Better than fucking two handed, I'll say that
22 Jul 18, 11:13 PM
Keita: Goodness me. The possibilities are endless. :D
22 Jul 18, 11:12 PM
Vex: Oh, I have a strong feeling she's going to go on a rebound with Leli. AND when Cullen rejects her, Zev's policies on taking fun when you can get it might just take a sticking. (In which case, since I can do it, I'll have her seduce Gilmore into an open relationship, since it won't affect anything with Leliana since Gilmore is a modded companion :P)
22 Jul 18, 11:10 PM
Keita: I sees. :D Well....I guess we'll see if Ennie swings both ways. :p
22 Jul 18, 11:09 PM
Vex: Yes, she's already proving to be a lot more fun xD Despite her friendship with Morri, she's already been flirted with by Leliana (I have a feeling Leli has a bigger thing for gals than guys :P)
22 Jul 18, 11:06 PM
Keita: Mmm. Methinks I like her. And Chi does too. I think their views are more or less compatible. :p
22 Jul 18, 11:04 PM
Vex: And that is Enwen in a nutshell
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