08/14/17 08:51 PM
Roan: You all are a talented bunch
08/14/17 08:50 PM
Roan: Can someone help me with website coding, please?
08/03/17 08:53 PM
Camy: Can't wait to see the revamp finshed :D
08/02/17 10:44 PM
Keira: thank you!
08/02/17 05:10 AM
LovellaTorendo: This new skin is looking nice!
08/01/17 08:39 PM
Keira: Hey there! Yes this place is active, just in a bit of a revamp atm
07/27/17 01:41 AM
interested guest: Hey guys! Is this place active? o:
07/16/17 11:29 AM
Maz: hey c:
06/29/17 12:51 AM
valda: hey guys!
06/29/17 12:04 AM
Keira: and thank you!
06/29/17 12:04 AM
Keira: [link] you can join here
06/27/17 10:13 PM
Zil: also I love your Smaug sig
06/27/17 10:13 PM
Zil: how do I join that?
06/27/17 02:18 AM
Keira: ah sorry we're not very talkative lately! We're still doing a lot of behind the scene things haha. If you have a discord you could always find us in our group chat <3
06/23/17 07:51 PM
Zil: nvm found it lol
06/23/17 07:49 PM
Zil: where do I find items?
06/21/17 09:29 PM
Keira: Helloo
06/20/17 01:40 AM
Zil: hi
06/09/17 02:11 PM
Maz: indeed
06/08/17 09:29 AM
Suzerain: oh wow, ya'll revamped this place huh
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