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14 Feb 19, 05:36 PM
Zouwu: Sorry if I made you uncomfortable :)
14 Feb 19, 05:35 PM
Salazar: well thank you. it took a lot of work
14 Feb 19, 05:35 PM
Zouwu: Well it is very well done!
14 Feb 19, 05:34 PM
Zouwu: drat :P
14 Feb 19, 05:34 PM
Salazar: that's my secret XD
14 Feb 19, 05:20 PM
Zouwu: Your welcome
14 Feb 19, 05:11 PM
Rowena: Thanks :) - the back end stuff is all Salazar - he's the mastermind behind it. I just make his stuff look pretty
14 Feb 19, 05:03 PM
Zouwu: What I want to know is how you guys created the hub it looks cool.
13 Feb 19, 07:36 AM
Rowena (Phone): Morning everyone
6 Feb 19, 04:10 PM
Salazar: okay should be working again now
6 Feb 19, 01:21 PM
Salazar: hub code once again going to be down for a few hours. will let you know when it's back
2 Feb 19, 10:57 PM
Rowena: All species information is now on our wiki and has been removed from the site. If you need access to them in the next couple of hours or so, please leave a message here or in the discord and Rowena will provide.
2 Feb 19, 10:56 AM
Rowena: Okay - posts read, bills paid, application accepted, shopping list written, clothes sort of on... I am going to head out to do my grocery shopping. I'll check in periodically if anyone needs me.
1 Feb 19, 07:39 AM
Rowena (Phone): Morning all
31 Jan 19, 09:54 AM
Rowena (Phone): Attention: threads will be transferred to our wiki between today at 5pm (CST) and Sunday at 11:59pm (CST). All threads will be edited with newly discussed information and then removed from the main site. If you cannot find something between this timeframe please ask an administrator.
30 Jan 19, 05:14 AM
Rowena: I'm going to head back to bed, but if you're still floating and have any questions feel free to leave them here - one of us should be up soon :)
30 Jan 19, 05:09 AM
Rowena: I apologise for the late response. I was sleeping (probably should still be)
30 Jan 19, 05:08 AM
Rowena: Thank you guest!
30 Jan 19, 04:55 AM
guest: a really beautiful site you got here
28 Jan 19, 06:10 PM
Salazar: okay I think it's fixed
28 Jan 19, 06:04 PM
Salazar: if anyone want s to do the wand quiz right now, just be aware it's broken and I'm working on it
27 Jan 19, 08:37 AM
Rowena (Phone): Just a note for guests/members I'm on my phone at work so cannot monitor the cbox as closely. I will get to questions here asap
26 Jan 19, 07:31 PM
Salazar: how are you doing today?
26 Jan 19, 07:28 PM
Salazar: Rowena did all the front-end coding
26 Jan 19, 07:27 PM
Salazar: why thank you
26 Jan 19, 07:27 PM
guest: you guys have a beautiful site!
26 Jan 19, 07:24 PM
Salazar: sorry we missed you. the cbox didn't beep
26 Jan 19, 07:23 PM
Salazar: hi
26 Jan 19, 07:05 PM
guest: hello?
24 Jan 19, 03:46 PM
Rowena: everything should be back to normal now :)
24 Jan 19, 03:24 PM
Rowena: WARNING: a couple things might look weird on site for a few moments as I make some edits.
24 Jan 19, 03:18 PM
Rowena: Few updates have been made to the site including the embed of our discord, the movement of the cbox, the addition of the member only tagbox and soon enough we'll have our recent activity and a new member guide - along with a site hosted wiki for all our information to clean stuff up
18 Jan 19, 02:49 PM
Rowena: Stupid discord not working for me. Time to shower, eat, and advertise before heading out XD
16 Jan 19, 05:42 PM
Rowena (Phone): Probably going to stay as a cbox for now for those who don't have discord then we'll have a tagbox channel on discord I think
16 Jan 19, 03:17 AM
Salt: Tagbox!
14 Jan 19, 06:02 PM
Rowena: Now the question is - with the new Titan embed - do we leave this as a cbox or have a tagbox instead?
10 Jan 19, 11:36 AM
Salazar: I am here. mostly
10 Jan 19, 09:29 AM
Rowena (Phone): I'll try to monitor on my phone until then.
10 Jan 19, 09:29 AM
Rowena (Phone): Just a note for anyone visiting the site: I am at work and can't easily view the cbox. For questions please head to the discord or, if you post here, check back around 11-12 cst as that's when Salazar will be available.
9 Jan 19, 11:28 AM
Salazar: I agree. that's why I'm in bed
9 Jan 19, 07:38 AM
Rowena (Phone): It is too cold out this morning to not be in bed.
8 Jan 19, 06:33 PM
Rowena (Phone): Caught up on posts? You wish
8 Jan 19, 12:03 PM
Salazar: morning. it's a beautiful day to be all caught up on posts
7 Jan 19, 12:48 AM
Salazar: nope
7 Jan 19, 12:46 AM
Rowena (Phone): Not even in the pop out? Cause that's what I have on the phone
7 Jan 19, 12:45 AM
Salazar: and I have the site open in like seven tabs
7 Jan 19, 12:45 AM
Salazar: computer didn't even beep
7 Jan 19, 12:45 AM
7 Jan 19, 12:44 AM
Salazar: I have now also done five posts. five to go
6 Jan 19, 05:33 PM
Rowena: Five posts done. I feel pretty productive, even if work was kind of sucky today
5 Jan 19, 12:38 AM
Rowena: also hello guesties
5 Jan 19, 12:38 AM
Rowena: instead of posting I'm dying at dnd... pretty sure I'll be dead tonight
4 Jan 19, 01:29 PM
Rowena (Phone): A day off... have to get some posties and advertising done
3 Jan 19, 06:14 PM
Rowena: that's something
3 Jan 19, 06:13 PM
Salazar: that's good
3 Jan 19, 06:13 PM
Salazar: okay so I hear it when I have the pop out version
3 Jan 19, 06:13 PM
Salazar: test again
3 Jan 19, 06:12 PM
Rowena: Testing other blip
3 Jan 19, 06:10 PM
Rowena: see if it sticks, and make sure the sound is on 2 semi circles
3 Jan 19, 06:10 PM
Rowena: yeah I changed the sound
3 Jan 19, 06:10 PM
SalazarTest: a very soft bloop
3 Jan 19, 06:10 PM
SalazarTest: okay I heard that
3 Jan 19, 06:09 PM
SalazarTest: Test
3 Jan 19, 06:08 PM
Rowena: or it's really soft... but I hear when others come in
3 Jan 19, 06:07 PM
Rowena: sometimes it doesn't beep when I message
3 Jan 19, 06:04 PM
Salazar: didn't beep when I messaged either
3 Jan 19, 06:04 PM
Salazar: nope
3 Jan 19, 06:04 PM
Rowena: did it beep?
3 Jan 19, 06:04 PM
Rowena: Testing sound
3 Jan 19, 05:29 PM
Rowena (Phone): Hi guest (if you're still around) our cbox is a bit finicky apparently.
3 Jan 19, 05:26 PM
Salazar: stupid cbox didn't beep at me
3 Jan 19, 05:26 PM
Salazar: oh hi
3 Jan 19, 05:04 PM
guestiepoo: -lurks-
2 Jan 19, 08:39 AM
Rowena (Phone): Morning all
2 Jan 19, 12:03 AM
Salazar: nope, I have marking to do
1 Jan 19, 11:52 PM
Rowena: Careful or you'll be on editing duty tomorrow
1 Jan 19, 11:51 PM
Salazar: that's how it works
1 Jan 19, 11:36 PM
Rowena: And I think that's all the editing and advertising - cue me finding a million things that need editing when I wake up tomorrow -_-
9 Dec 18, 12:40 AM
Rowena: And the cbox is a go!