11 Jan 18, 11:01 AM
Pastor Kev: FOLLOWING CHRIST BETTER! -The mission for 2018.
11 Jan 18, 11:00 AM
Pastor Kev: HITTING THE MARK SERIES begins Sunday, Jan 17!! Reference material in the top boxes.
6 Nov 17, 11:21 AM
Pastor Kev: Almost through "Alpha Reflections", a personal take on Alpha subjects!!
29 Mar 17, 08:28 AM
Pastor Kev: REVELATION can make sense! Scripture, history, & context are the key.
17 Feb 17, 07:47 PM
Sandy Hunter mill springs: Need a projector. badly I am having a celebration of life memorial service for my husbands father wh
18 Dec 16, 06:55 AM
Pastor Kevin: Sunday, Dec. 18: Did a road test, absolutely no sliding. Roads well treated. Services as usual!!
26 Sep 16, 09:37 AM
Pastor Kev: Can you memorize a small Scripture verse? Try the 12 week challenge, you'll be glad you did!
24 Sep 16, 01:54 PM
Pastor Kev: Experiencing God "Pre-Service" start tonight, 7pm!!
19 Sep 16, 11:14 AM
Pastor Kevin: Excellent music at Back to Church Sunday!! Thanks Tyler Lamb, C. B. Harmony, and Captivated Praise
17 Sep 16, 09:56 PM
Pastor Kev: EXPERIENCING GOD starts as a sermon & study series, Sept. 25th. I'm excited!!
20 Aug 16, 10:37 PM
Pastor Kev: Fish Fry Sept. 3-5!!!!
20 Aug 16, 10:37 PM
Pastor Kev: Fish Fry at the Heritage Lake Marina!! Sept. 3-5
9 Jul 16, 05:58 PM
Pastor Kev: The universe sings a "Creation Song"; for real!! We'll hear it tomorrow.
9 Jul 16, 05:56 PM
Pastor Kev: The Truth Project 5 a & b: Science & God- some of the best I've heard on the subject! Sun. 7 pm
18 Apr 16, 09:22 AM
Pastor Kevin: More than half way through now! Love the Sunday & Wednesday small groups. (40 Days of Love)
29 Mar 16, 11:00 AM
Pastor Kevin: This series should be good!! "40 DAYS OF LOVE" launches in April.
29 Mar 16, 10:59 AM
Pastor Kevin: Thank you all for such a great job on the Easter presentation. It's in 2 parts- video & mp3
30 Nov 15, 03:15 PM
Rick: I tried the Spiritual Gifts Test. Found it easy, interesting and perhaps a bit revealing. Thanks!
17 Nov 15, 11:44 AM
Pastor Kevin: HEY GANG!! Check out the SPIRITUAL GIFTS TEST on the LEARN MORE, or MOST USED page
17 Nov 15, 11:42 AM
Pastor Kevin: Thanks Sharon, hope you are still singing.
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