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18 Dec 18, 01:49 AM
Char: :1n Day 5 Winners - rhargr63857, NScotiagal, sspfu99, unpred22, Yogi, and jc_rams2001 :1v
17 Dec 18, 06:29 AM
GiGi: :9m :i8 to Grubs_McBugs, _Pierre_ , rhargr63857, wonderman200, lin_ben1959 and kirsten26 for their NFL Game pick win with Da Bears! :i1
16 Dec 18, 08:06 PM
Char: :1n Day 4 Winners - Critter41674, duger1948, oswald, i_speakwhale, txshelly2017, and investor102 :1v
16 Dec 18, 03:26 AM
GiGi: :9o :g1 to oswald and missy_mac for their Sat NFL Texans Pick win WTGo :i1
16 Dec 18, 02:05 AM
Char: :1n Day 3 Winners - duger1948, Critter41674, Dancin_GloPixie, txshelly2017, Yogi, spades6977 :1v
15 Dec 18, 02:06 AM
Char: :1n Day2 Winners - duger1948, Critter41674, naughty3, mankatocougar4, adrianharry, and weebitlooney1 :1v
14 Dec 18, 11:21 PM
Char: :w1 Happy Birthday spadeznut77 May all your wishes come true!
14 Dec 18, 06:13 PM
Char: Link to Trivia yes am adding it back to mainpage :)
14 Dec 18, 03:07 PM
thefab1of4: still no link for the trivia- are you going to put it back on the homepage?
14 Dec 18, 09:15 AM
thefab1of4: where is link for trivia- did you remove it?
14 Dec 18, 08:46 AM
GiGi: :9o :g1 to _Pierre_ and Dancin_GloPixie on winning the NFL Thursday game pick with the Chargers :i1
14 Dec 18, 01:26 AM
Char: :1n Day 1 Winners - rox_sunkist1 and Yogi, spades6977 and twisted_lady_69, himehere and naughty3 :1v
13 Dec 18, 12:42 AM
Char: :1s 12 Days of Christmas Dec 13-24 Dec 13 at 7am get your Decoration, 12pm Get your Stocking, 4pm Get your Ornament buxs and gift to winners :1w
13 Dec 18, 12:39 AM
Char: :w6 Happy Birthday Spike1975 May all your wishes come true!
11 Dec 18, 05:48 AM
GiGi: :9o :i1 Congrats to sir_nils_a_lot and playwith2win on their Monday NFL game pick win with the Seahawks WTGO u2 :b8
10 Dec 18, 05:52 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday Rod aka rhargr63857 May all your wishes come true!
10 Dec 18, 04:33 PM
10 Dec 18, 08:50 AM
GiGi: :9o :f3 to txshelly2017, weebitlooney1 for their Cowboys NFLwin Sunday and to goldenboy_2win and _Pierre_ for their win with the Saints wtgo u4
9 Dec 18, 11:37 PM
9 Dec 18, 11:36 PM
deni: :k9
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