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16 Oct 18, 05:20 AM
GiGi: :f3 to lin_ben1959, keylivly, rhargr63857, and i_SPEAKWHALE for there NFL Monday nite winning Pick with the Packers! WTGo :b8
15 Oct 18, 01:51 PM
GiGi: :s4
15 Oct 18, 12:55 AM
Char: :i8 7 year Anniversary Gigi and Glen aka ru4gigi and RazzlerDazzler :j3
14 Oct 18, 06:24 AM
GiGi: :g1 to lin_ben1959 and rhargr63857 for their NCAA AL Crimson Tide win WTGO :b8
12 Oct 18, 12:55 PM
GiGi: :i8 to rhargr63857, Peter__, keylivly, Kiki53, spades4funlol, and lin_ben1959 for their NFL Thursday Game Pick win with the Eagles WTGo all :f7
11 Oct 18, 10:20 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday Russ aka ssrjmss1 May all your wishes comes true!
9 Oct 18, 05:39 AM
GiGi: :f3 to AlaskaSunshine and Peter__ on their NFL Monday night game day pic of the winning Saints! WTGo you two!! :b8
7 Oct 18, 11:31 PM
GiGi: :f3 to seeinspades and txshelly2017 for their NCAA Game pick wins! WTGo you two!!! :f7
7 Oct 18, 11:29 PM
GiGi: YVW Char, thank you for inviting me to CoHA with you it is truly and honor that you have put that much trust and faith in me. Hugzzz GiGi ps: I'm still gonna be naughty :P
7 Oct 18, 08:27 PM
Char: :j4 ru4gigi as Co - HA, i_speakwhale as Admin, Fruity as Premier Appentice(PA) Thank you Gigi, Deni, and Fiona accepting your new positions with ForeverSpades Staff. :i3
5 Oct 18, 10:32 AM
GiGi: :i1 Congrats to easy_0872, linda_3, sir_nils_a_lot, and Get_Froggie on winning 50 rating points for their NFL Thursday night pick of the Patriots! :i8
5 Oct 18, 10:21 AM
Char: :p5 tonight at 8pm with Char Hangman at 7:30-8pm in lobby with Fiona
3 Oct 18, 04:59 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday Jay aka tme4nwblckdress May all your wishes come true!
3 Oct 18, 06:05 AM
GiGI: :f3 lin_ben1959, catastrophic, and ru4gigi on Getting Royally Flushed!!!!! WTGO :i3
1 Oct 18, 10:46 PM
deni: woohoo ROYAL FLUSH DAY TUES ALL DAY !!! :o6
1 Oct 18, 01:47 AM
Char: Oct 1-31st join and play in tour get a pice of candy, winners of tour get a witch pop and 2nd place gets a skull pop. Get the most candy win $25, most witch pops gets $15, most skull pops gets $10.
25 Sep 18, 09:20 AM
Char: :w6 Happy Birthday! lin_ben1959 aka Linda, May all your wishes come true!
23 Sep 18, 12:14 PM
GiGI: :g1 To Linda and Kirsten for their NCAA Sat Crimson Tide Pick game win, and to Sam and Syd for there Sooners Game Pick win. WTGO all :i1
22 Sep 18, 08:21 PM
Laurie: Thanks Char
21 Sep 18, 09:01 AM
dawife: much love from our family to yours Char <3
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