Please use your name or league id when posting here!
17 May 19, 11:22 PM
Char: :w1 Happy Birthday Maggy aka crabby_maggy May all your wishes come true!
14 May 19, 02:07 AM
Char: :p8 Welcome Joe aka _Slayer9_
14 May 19, 02:06 AM
Char: :p9
12 May 19, 09:26 AM
12 May 19, 12:14 AM
Char: :5a to all Moms. May today be full of love and sunshine just for you!
10 May 19, 03:45 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday Bill aka bill_222221
10 May 19, 03:44 PM
Char: :w6 Happy Birthday Sheila aka flyonthewall_1 May all your wishes come true!
5 May 19, 06:22 PM
Char: :p5 tonight at 8pm All eligible April winners are listed on tourpage :g2
5 May 19, 01:20 AM
GiGi: Official results Country House Code of Honor Tacitus Improbable Game Winner
3 May 19, 12:15 PM
Char: :s5 thank you Brian
3 May 19, 08:43 AM
muff: BOL page is up, I am in with deni
29 Apr 19, 09:20 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday Kelly aka headhunter0604 May all your wishes come true!
28 Apr 19, 11:12 PM
Char: :w6 Happy Birthday Chuck aka six_x_champs May all your wishes come true!
27 Apr 19, 08:18 PM
Linda: I have one basket full only
27 Apr 19, 12:59 PM
Char: here is link Linda
27 Apr 19, 09:00 AM
Linda: sorry Char I couldn't get the Eggs link to open
26 Apr 19, 12:28 PM
Lyn: Join us tonight at 8 PM for Members vs Staff
22 Apr 19, 09:57 PM
Char: :w6 Happy Birthday wilmires May all your wishes come true!
22 Apr 19, 09:56 PM
Char: :v7 Happy Birthday _Pierre_ May all your wishes come true!
22 Apr 19, 12:29 AM
Char: :4g Easter Egg page is updated :4g Send in your basket full by Wednesday. Limit 2 full baskets per member
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