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23 Nov 17, 08:35 PM
Forevers_Lace: :j1
23 Nov 17, 08:33 PM
Forevers_Lace: :1y Hugssss and "HAPPY THINKSGIVING EVENING" to all my ForeverSpades Family away from home...
23 Nov 17, 06:46 PM
Catastrophic: Thankful that I found this league filled with friendly members and an awesome staff! Happy Thanksgiving all! Cluck cluck!
23 Nov 17, 10:32 AM
lin_ben1959: I am Thankful for my spades friends that we have met in peron and played with online Thank you God for putting foreverspades in my life
23 Nov 17, 09:40 AM
Canukdeby: Wishing all my American Spades family a very Happy Thanksgiving.......I'm thankful to have met you...hugsss from Nova Scotia Canada... :1w
23 Nov 17, 06:25 AM
ForeversWhale: happy thanksgiving everyone big hugssssss :1x
23 Nov 17, 02:12 AM
Forevers_Char: :1w
23 Nov 17, 02:11 AM
Forevers_Char: Join me for a Thanksgiving Tourney celebrating thankfulness for the holiday after a day full of turkey and all the trimmings with a 10,000 buxs TDD
22 Nov 17, 01:03 PM
TheDreamer: [img][/img] from all of us at In My Dreams Radio
20 Nov 17, 07:27 AM
GiGi: :g1 to SistaSoul and catastrophic for their NFL Sunday win. :c3
19 Nov 17, 10:39 PM
GiGi: :g1 to dawife82009, sabreena, Easy0872, duger1948, RazzleDazzler, tribezfan for their NCAA Football wins Saturday! :c3
19 Nov 17, 09:58 AM
dawife82009: will miss you witchy poo <3
18 Nov 17, 05:47 PM
Forevers_Char: It is with much sadness to lose a friend and family member. You will be greatly missed Carol aka Witchypoo, Witchy1, DJ_Witchy.
17 Nov 17, 10:33 PM
playwith2win: In rembrance of Carol
17 Nov 17, 10:46 AM
GiGi: :g1 to Easy0872, Canukdeby, RazzleDazzler, naughty3, ru4gigi, pepper17315 winning Thursdays NFL game with the Steelers. :c3
15 Nov 17, 06:14 PM
twisted_lady_69: Please join me for the walkin the plank tonight at 8 pm 10k tdd added
13 Nov 17, 07:51 PM
keylivly: @[cbox_name] kk
12 Nov 17, 11:41 PM
Forevers_Char: :u3 Happy Birthday christin1857 May all your wishes come true!
12 Nov 17, 10:34 PM
[cbox_name]: :v7 Happy Birthday Hard_Core52 aka Scott May all your wishes come true!
12 Nov 17, 06:43 AM
GiGi: :g1 to dawife82009, rambalina, sabreena, pumkin499, RazzleDazzler, and tribezfan for the Saturday NCAA Game Pick wins WTG :c3
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