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11 Dec 19, 12:02 AM
GiGi: :g1 to Forevers_Char for her winning pick of the Eagles for MON NFL game wtg :7a
10 Dec 19, 01:41 AM
GiGi: :f3 to KIRSTEN26 tribezfan DrPepperKiki oswald gatorcountry HottubAnne spades6977, NastyBoyy lin_ben1959 weebitlooney1, ru4gigi for their NFL Sun game picks WTG :7c
8 Dec 19, 07:26 AM
GiGi: Congrats to sunkist1, weebitlooney1 missy_mac, Its_Red_, and ru4gigi on their NCAA Sat game pick wins. WTG
6 Dec 19, 11:56 AM
GiGi: :g1 to rhargr63857 for his NFL Thurs game pick win with the Bears WTG :7c
3 Dec 19, 01:48 AM
Char: :1o SPLAT!! weeee got you!
1 Dec 19, 03:51 PM
GiGi: :i8 to gatorcountry, oswald, naughty3, ru4gigi, NastyBoyy, geno52, catastrophic, and Forevers_Boo for their NCAA Sat pick n play wins wtg :7c
30 Nov 19, 01:29 PM
Char: Tonight at 8pm is our Memorial Tourney for kool2win1 aka Terry. Join us in rememberance of a great friend, a member, a partner, and an opponent of a great man we all wil miss dearly. RIP Terry :j3
30 Nov 19, 01:26 PM
Char: Tonight at 10pm is our Small Business Saturday Holiday Shopping Fun Special winners wil be given a Cases Gift Box so join us for some getting ready for Christmas extra fun
29 Nov 19, 06:38 PM
GiGi: :i8 to naughty3, lin_ben1959, jazmin275355 and Forevers_Boo for their NFL Thur game wins with the Bears! WTF :8k :7c
28 Nov 19, 11:07 AM
Linda: :8g
28 Nov 19, 12:33 AM
Char: :8j
26 Nov 19, 12:41 PM
GiGi: :g1 to sunkist1, weebitlooney1, DragonFly, kitti1953, and ru4gigi for their NFL Mon game win with the Ravens wtg! :7a
25 Nov 19, 06:21 AM
GiGi: :i8 to ru4gigi, weebitlooney1, kitti1953, DrPepperKiki, missy_mac, rhargr63857, sunkist1, naughty3, & oswald for their NFL Sun game pick wins! WTG :7a
24 Nov 19, 09:56 PM
GiGi: :f3 to kitti1953, sunkist1, rhargr63857, naughty3, Bear, ru4gigi, KIRSTEN26, txshelly2017, spades6977, missy_mac, and gatorcountry on their NCAA Sat game wins! WTG :7c
24 Nov 19, 08:17 PM
playwith2win: sorry to hear Terry passed...he was such a great guy and great grandad
24 Nov 19, 08:12 PM
Linda: I am so lost for words. So sorry we lost Terry/kool2win God Please be with all of us and his family for his loss
24 Nov 19, 03:34 PM
seeinspades: RIP Terry
24 Nov 19, 03:19 PM
Char: We have lost a dear friend and family member kool2win1 aka Terry has went to be with our Lord. His Memorial Tour will be Nov 30th at 8pm RIP Terry
22 Nov 19, 09:05 PM
GiGi: :f3 to txshelly2017, DrPepperKiki, BonnieMac, and tribezfan for there NFL Thur win with the Texans WTG :7a
19 Nov 19, 07:03 PM
GiGi: :g1 to jazmin275355. spades6977, naughty3, ru4gigi, and NastyBoyy, for their NFL Mon game win with the Chiefs. WTG :7a
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