If there are ever any questions/concerns/drama problems, or want a different color in your name please feel free to contact the chat admin's Discord: Knight #3011 or Skype: 'Kniht.unco'

I had that little blurb with my contact info there as a way to tell you guys you could always come to me. Always talk to me. I care, even if sometimes I don't agree with some things.

A few years ago, I rallied a community behind me, with a goal to settle down in a chatbox that could stand and stay standing without fear of splits or separations. It is with a heavy I heart I regret to admit I have failed in this goal. Life became busy, I became complacent. People began to think of me not as a source of problem solving, or a person that can be reasoned with, but as someone who does not care, and is unapproachable.My public image, my relations with a few keys users. All failed. There was a cry to move, of which I was not informed, not consulted on, not warned of.

It's hard to explain my life right now. I work about 35 hours a week, and have a Hobby called DnD that absorbed another 12-16 hours of time each week. I moved in with personal friends I care about, and we spend much of our free time together in and outside of the internet. I'm sorry I couldn't roleplay with you guys more. My relationship with everyone slipped into me just appearing once a week to say something lewd, or silly, before I would disappear.

I took this community, with their trust and consent, under the premonition they would be safe with me and not ever feel the need to move. I have, once again, failed. There was upset, a cry to move, and now, a split- the one thing I sought to prevent.

I might not agree with the people running the show over at the new place (I left their moderation team due to small disagreements and a few personal qualms with the chat's userbase), but I still owe it to my morals to do what I can to foster the healthiest, strongest community that Cbox deserves. I will not see this chat segregated again. I will not see the community split. It is with a heart heavy with remorse and regret I close the gates to WCrp-, and encourage others to move to http://my.cbox.ws/hedgebox I have no control over it so hopefully the people there can make you happier.

In the end I just wished people talked to me more. Not even the admins at hedge told me anything, and they know me personally to be level-headed and willing to source solutions and always let the right side prevail. This could have been prevented, but if I’m the only one hurt from it- so be it.