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21 Feb 17, 12:06 PM
POG: There are being or objects in this world that can do that. However one can not appoarch someone who is strong and go 'give me some of your strength' and expect to get any. I can not make you stronger because I do not have that ability to do so.
21 Feb 17, 12:07 PM
Devlyn: Something I hold close to me, huh? -He reached into his thick fur and tugged out a thin but sturdy, silver necklace and offered it to the Delphox.- This was passed down to me from my father who told me to do great things on his deathbed. If you tarnish or destroy it, I'll gut you.
21 Feb 17, 12:07 PM
Sephie: "hmm...that will do very well, silver and gold are very good materials to enchant."
21 Feb 17, 12:09 PM
Devlyn: Thank you, Delphox, you're helping me out greatly here... -He said before turning to Pog and crossing his arms.- I was told by some friends that you were the person to seek if I wanted to untap my power, can you not do that for me, or will you simply not?
21 Feb 17, 12:10 PM
Sephie: *she opened a rift beside her, putting the necklace through it. on the other side, her enchanting table.
21 Feb 17, 12:11 PM
POG: *He grew very curious about this canine.* I could show you the path but I can not lead you down it hand in hand. I can only guide. But first you must tell me who told you this?
21 Feb 17, 12:18 PM
Devlyn: -Curiously gazed into the rift that the Delphox made, watching his prized possession with some fear of it getting ruined.- If I told you, you would not know, for they purposefully remained hidden in order to gather information for me. Though, any help at all is much appreciated... Even guiding me down the path I'd be thankful for.
21 Feb 17, 12:19 PM
POG: So you have spys. I hope none had gotten lost in the sea of trees.
21 Feb 17, 12:20 PM
POG: Well she is done I will see whay can be done.
21 Feb 17, 12:22 PM
Sephie: *she focused on enchanting the object, multiple rifts would open up, as she pulled various object out, and put them on the table
21 Feb 17, 12:29 PM
Devlyn: Well, yes, I had spies, but for good reason, I assure you... -He nodded towards the Houndoom and returned to focusing his gaze on the enchanting going on.- Hmm, exactly what are you going to enchant it with?
21 Feb 17, 12:32 PM
Light S.: *takes his time around the area slowly and happily*
21 Feb 17, 12:33 PM
Sephie: "im going to give it an affinity to the earth. any rock or earth type moves will be stronger when you have it on." she put more objects on the table. "one more thing...im sure i have it somewhere..."
21 Feb 17, 12:36 PM
Devlyn: -Smiled a little, the first little bit of actual progress in getting himself stronger seemed to be happening right before his eyes.- Thank you a lot, Delphox...
21 Feb 17, 12:38 PM
Sephie: "oh yes, thats right..." she seemed to draw a pentagram midair, and then forced her hand through it, pulling out a strange brown object. "an earth element, locked away in a safe place by myself."
21 Feb 17, 12:39 PM
POG: Such tailsmens are not unheard of.
21 Feb 17, 12:40 PM
Devlyn: -Continued to watch in awe, his friends were not wrong that there were very talented creatures around these parts that could help him.-
21 Feb 17, 12:42 PM
Sephie: "perhaps not, but he wants something that will give him an edge. silver is one of those that can store a lot of power within, gold being better for it. this earth element should finish this off..." she set the element onto the table, and begin gathering magical energy. manipulating boundries, conceptual or otherwise, was her forte, but charms like this were things she could do.
21 Feb 17, 12:44 PM
Devlyn: Gold, huh? I can find a lot of gold... What if I were to bring a few gold rings to you, would this enchantment further enhance what I can do with the earth element?
21 Feb 17, 12:47 PM
Sephie: "natural materials and anything from the earth would help to boost it further..." she stopped, as all but the necklace disappeared from the table. "there...it is done."
21 Feb 17, 12:49 PM
POG: A quest for an increase in both strength and power without the required discipline and responsibility to achieve it nomrally can lead to unhealthy desires.
21 Feb 17, 12:49 PM
Devlyn: Natural elements, huh? Can you name a few for me? I will search for them, I need to further power this gift I have in any way I can. That being said, I owe you two a trip to hell on earth, so that we can save your precious village you call home. That is, if I find vast improvements to what I can do with the earth element.
21 Feb 17, 12:50 PM
Sephie: "indeed, power without responsible use is dangerous." she pulled it out of the rift, which vanished,and offered it to devlyn.
21 Feb 17, 12:52 PM
Devlyn: -He accepted his necklace with a smile and wonder in his eyes. Soon putting it on and giving a short bow to the Delphox.- My gratitude is large, much thanks, Delphox. I assure you both, that my quest for strength and power in the earth element will never alter from what it started as...
21 Feb 17, 12:53 PM
Sephie: *as soon as delvyn put it on, he could feel a certain closeness with the earth itself, as if it was more willing to do as he wished
21 Feb 17, 12:56 PM
Devlyn: Let's give it a spin, huh? -He said, smirking and stepping forward. He closed his eyes and slowly began to do what looked like a brief capoeira dance. His paws gracefully moving with the wind and back, both his feet planted firmly on the ground and soon enough let out a rather abrupt, loud roar as his paws lifted up into the air. A massive chunk of earth rose from the ground and speared into the sky, a pillar of rock that only stopped above the treeline and he paused to take a few breaths, grinning.- Yes... That's definitely a good step forward...
21 Feb 17, 12:56 PM
POG: Why do you want to be more gifted in it? More then just the fact you wish to go with us.
21 Feb 17, 12:58 PM
Devlyn: -He turned to Pog after his little practice session and cracked a few joints in his shoulders.- Why, I want what any hero wants. To be the very best at what they were gifted in.
21 Feb 17, 01:00 PM
Sephie: "seeking perfection treads very closely to the path of darkness..." she opened another rift, pulling out a wine bottle. "one must always be careful when dealing with light and darkness."
21 Feb 17, 01:03 PM
Devlyn: Darkness... -He turned to face the large pillar of rock that he had created and slammed his fists into the earth, making the spire of stone return back to where it surface from before gesturing towards the Delphox.- The three of us are all a little dark in our own ways, are we not? Care to share some, I'm a drinker myself.
21 Feb 17, 01:04 PM
Sephie: *a small rift opened beside delvyn. "go ahead."
21 Feb 17, 01:05 PM
POG: Indeed we all embrace the dark but we walk the line. I have seen perfection consume the souls of my friend.
21 Feb 17, 01:06 PM
Sephie: "the concepts of light and dark, good and evil, truth and fantasy...simply boundaries for me to manipulate."
21 Feb 17, 01:07 PM
Devlyn: -Glances towards the rift with a raised brow before slipping his paw into it, trying to grab at something he couldn't see.- Some don't know what they're dealing with, I assure you, I have my goals set in stone... No pun intended.
21 Feb 17, 01:09 PM
Sephie: *delvyn pulled out a glass of wine, pinot noir, to be specific
21 Feb 17, 01:10 PM
POG: Very well. What are your goals? *He asked picking up a rock and idly tossing it in his hand.*
21 Feb 17, 01:13 PM
Devlyn: -Takes it out and smiles, lifting it up to his snout to take a casual sip. Just to stare right at the rock getting tossed about in Pogs paw and completely halt it in the middle of the air, keeping it levitated before bringing it to his own paw. He gripped it and gulped down the glass of wine with a followup satisfied sigh. His paw clenched and the rock within it crumble and crunched into nothing but rubble and he let the dust of it fall to the ground before putting the glass back into the rift and using both his paws to clap them together. The rubble of the rock joining back together and reforming it, before lifting it up in the air without ever touching it and returning it to Pogs paw.- My goals... To reform, to recreate...
21 Feb 17, 01:28 PM
Devlyn: That first glass just made me want more... Got something stronger, maybe that sake you had before?
21 Feb 17, 01:28 PM
Sephie: "very well." another rift besides devlyn
21 Feb 17, 01:32 PM
Devlyn: -Sinks his paw into the rift and pulls out the bottle of sake. He gave a nod towards Sephie and smiled.- Thank you. -He said before taking a good few gulps out of it.- Ahh...
21 Feb 17, 01:34 PM
Sephie: "enjoying yourself now?"
21 Feb 17, 01:34 PM
POG: I see. I might be able to help you achieve that goal. I can teach you how to contorl your element. *He held up his palm and a red fire started the burn as if his hand was on fire but it caused him no pain. The flames slowly slid up his arm to his shoulders and across his back down to his other arm and hand. The flames started to take shape looking like he was wearing gallents and platmail along his arms. The flames grew hotter and traveled down his torso stopping at his waist just before his pants. They to took shape looking like burnings platemail. Then suddenly the flamed were gone.*
21 Feb 17, 01:38 PM
Devlyn: -He chuckled a little and nodded, wiping his lips with his forearm before shrugging off the buzz he was starting to feel.- That I am, haven't felt this alive in a long time... -He turned to face Pog, bewildered at what he was able to do.- So much for being an ordinary Houndoom... -He said with a grin.- I already know control, control is what I'm best at. I just need... more power... the power to be able to turn desolate wastelands and canyons into flourishing greenlands and paradises...
21 Feb 17, 01:39 PM
Light S.: *plays with his electricity his paws waving in the air creating lovely intricate sparks of energy happily into the air*
21 Feb 17, 01:40 PM
Buero: (Y'all are weird)
21 Feb 17, 01:41 PM
POG: To create such a thing. To give life where there is none....you speak of being a god...
21 Feb 17, 01:45 PM
Devlyn: My goals are vast, difficult, but possible. If I were to attain nearly every enchantment, every magical boost, a trinket or two. Maybe a tutor to untap my power and multiply it 10 fold.... It could be done, with ease.
21 Feb 17, 01:48 PM
POG: I see. *He said thoughtfully* Hmmm..... I can help you untap your inner power but....you will need more then to just contorl the earth. You will need water. And even fire to help the land. This dream? How did this get into your head?
21 Feb 17, 01:53 PM
Devlyn: I am but a rock type, I surely cannot tap into the water or fire as deep as I can with the earth. But that is fine, I will be able to turn dead rock into soil, into earth able to grow food and crops. -He looked off to the side when he was questioned yet again.- I was always a dreamer when I was young... When my father passed and told me to make the world a better place, I asked myself... How, how can one being do such a thing and when I grew older, I realized it was with dedication and of course, power. If you can and succeed in helping me untap my earth power, you have my word, that I'll help you in this village endeavor of yours. I'll help tarnish the hell on earth you're all so worried about.
21 Feb 17, 01:57 PM
POG: *He nodded* Have you a place to stay Devlyn?
21 Feb 17, 02:03 PM
Devlyn: A place to stay? I rarely sleep as is, but I suppose I can a place to rest, yes. Though, for now, I'm going to go off in search of some other jewelry and trinkets to enchant so that I can further my earth prowess.
21 Feb 17, 02:05 PM
Light S.: *slowly begins walking around the area happily as he looks about the area slowly before hiding behind a tree and pats at his stomach area* nobody will ever know of this as promised dialga. *He says softly and mostly to himself as he would soon stop and goes about his day at top speed leaving his ever known trademark golden glow behind him as he ran*
21 Feb 17, 02:06 PM
Romeo (vic): ~w~ I'm here
21 Feb 17, 02:07 PM
Light S.: *runs past Vic but not with giving him a jolteon hug! Before taking off again!*
21 Feb 17, 02:08 PM
Victor-artist: there we go
21 Feb 17, 02:08 PM
Victor-artist: and heh thanks Light
21 Feb 17, 02:08 PM
Buero: (Welcome back)
21 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
Light S.: Anytime Vic! *Breaks it down by dropping a jolteon beat which in his case his energy is released in an energizing wave of energy to all in the area before he goes back running*
21 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
POG: You need to make sure to rest as well as eat.
21 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
21 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
POG: Hello.
21 Feb 17, 02:12 PM
Victor-artist: >8o discord
21 Feb 17, 02:13 PM
Victor-artist: Gloria is waiting
21 Feb 17, 02:14 PM
POG: I responded did you not get it?
21 Feb 17, 02:15 PM
POG: Never mind my discord was being a jerk.
21 Feb 17, 02:16 PM
Light S.: (XD)
21 Feb 17, 02:18 PM
mio: Hmm...
21 Feb 17, 02:33 PM
POG: Mio.
21 Feb 17, 02:36 PM
Light S.: (I'm done... Sylveon trolled everything just about!)
21 Feb 17, 02:41 PM
mio: "Yes mister pog?"
21 Feb 17, 02:42 PM
Symbooty: What's up my glip globs
21 Feb 17, 02:47 PM
POG: How are you recovering? *Gives Symon a cookie*
21 Feb 17, 02:51 PM
mio: "Im all better now, mister pog, back at work and everything."
21 Feb 17, 02:54 PM
Symbooty: *Devours the cookie*
21 Feb 17, 02:54 PM
Victor-artist: and off to discord
21 Feb 17, 02:55 PM
POG: That's good. *Pats her head.*
21 Feb 17, 02:57 PM
mio: *she smiles at the patting. "Ive been trying to teach misha about what happens when women go into heat..."
21 Feb 17, 02:58 PM
POG: Isn't that a little early?
21 Feb 17, 03:03 PM
mio: "Shes been really curious about all of this, so ive just been explaining it...and telling her shes too young to be doing that..."
21 Feb 17, 03:19 PM
POG: Does she understand? Will she listen?
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