11 Jul 20, 11:21 AM
Aphrodite: Yay!
11 Jul 20, 10:27 AM
Tarlar: Woohoo, I survived my 5 days of work :P Now I have some days off (although they doesn't feel like that) and can catch up on the writing again
11 Jul 20, 10:03 AM
Aphrodite: <3
11 Jul 20, 10:01 AM
Caramell: Good morning. <3
11 Jul 20, 09:55 AM
Aphrodite: Good morning!
11 Jul 20, 02:02 AM
Tarlar: That could be fun! Especially since Astrid is a Training Officer :P
10 Jul 20, 10:20 PM
Aphrodite: I'm hoping that maybe Astrid could serve as a mentor for Aphrodite, if she does decide to join the IPF
10 Jul 20, 01:38 PM
Tarlar: I'd be up for partnering up as well, I just need to get through tomorrow and then things should be more normal, and Astrid will get to learn she has found the wrong farfetch'd
10 Jul 20, 01:24 PM
Marchbaby: I still have nightmares from when March faced him years ago.
10 Jul 20, 01:16 PM
Aphrodite: After my Slowpoke quest I’m going to have Aphrodite take on Bugsy
10 Jul 20, 11:52 AM
Marchbaby: I would gladly partner up with you as well. Kevin will be there for a while since he will be doing the Blessing of the Forest quest as well.
10 Jul 20, 11:10 AM
Aphrodite: I would definitely like to team up with someone for that quest
10 Jul 20, 10:07 AM
Marchbaby: I cannot remember the last time two people were there the last time but I would gladly do a Co-op with Tarlar to complete the quest.
10 Jul 20, 09:12 AM
Lamont: :o Even doing the quest! You guys could do the quest together
10 Jul 20, 09:10 AM
Lamont: Oooo, two people in Ilex at the same time...
10 Jul 20, 12:43 AM
Marchbaby: Shoot the links on my most recent ad didn't work for some reason.
9 Jul 20, 11:39 PM
Marchbaby: Whoops I looked at the wrong multiplier for the coin totals there. I will fix that right now. I am just glad I caught that after how long Caramell waited for a Roulette reply.
9 Jul 20, 10:25 PM
Aphrodite: Didn't expect Essence to encounter a Ralts xD
9 Jul 20, 10:02 PM
Marchbaby: No problem.
9 Jul 20, 10:02 PM
Aphrodite: Thanks guys
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