23 Aug 17, 07:39 PM
lucretia: ugh i'm sick nw too rip
22 Aug 17, 01:10 AM
lucretia: what is it even like to not be tired
21 Aug 17, 01:42 PM
Eruca: me too this weekend destroyed me
20 Aug 17, 10:47 PM
lucretia: ahh so tired QQ
20 Aug 17, 08:28 AM
sailormint: I think I want to rp another servant but there are so many options
20 Aug 17, 08:04 AM
sailormint: Ah so that's how quoting works
19 Aug 17, 12:58 AM
lucretia: it's finally my big convention weekend! i'll hopefully be more Present when all this is over haha
16 Aug 17, 12:41 AM
lucretia: !! i've been meaning to grab a game to play while i'm home, i might pick it up...
15 Aug 17, 03:23 PM
Eruca: :O Undertale was released for the ps4 today... time to buy Undertale again
15 Aug 17, 12:11 PM
sailormint: zzzz
14 Aug 17, 08:11 AM
Eruca: haha sounds good, lmk if you want to plot anything when you get a feel of which char you'd like:)
14 Aug 17, 12:35 AM
lucretia: oo, how exciting
14 Aug 17, 12:07 AM
guest: MMM that is a good point/idea... I shall ponder on what character to pick
13 Aug 17, 04:31 PM
Eruca: i'd love to see more fma if you have any interest in joining us:O
13 Aug 17, 02:51 PM
Eruca: thanks guest! i'm enjoying writing with nym's roy too:)
12 Aug 17, 10:55 PM
lucretia: thank you for the lovely comment guest!! it's v true and i agree
12 Aug 17, 09:04 PM
guest: eyy kudos to the rper playing roy mustang! enjoyable writing and characterization~
9 Aug 17, 12:01 PM
lucretia: there's always time for others later haha
9 Aug 17, 11:57 AM
Guest Bee: I suppose Allura would be the best choice for now, since there are other Voltron characters about.
9 Aug 17, 11:57 AM
Guest Bee: I have too many characters that I want to play.
9 Aug 17, 02:13 AM
lucretia: orz i'm gonna try to get to all the admin stuff today!
7 Aug 17, 12:46 PM
lucretia: that's good!
7 Aug 17, 12:45 PM
Guest Bee: Doing alright.
7 Aug 17, 12:44 PM
lucretia: how are you?
7 Aug 17, 12:44 PM
Guest Bee: Hello, Lucretia.
7 Aug 17, 12:33 PM
lucretia: hello guest!! /super late
7 Aug 17, 11:32 AM
Guest Bee: I saw, it's why I'm tempted.
7 Aug 17, 11:31 AM
Eruca: there is a keith and shiro here
7 Aug 17, 11:29 AM
Eruca: and ik luce has been looking for an allura if you do go that route :0
7 Aug 17, 11:29 AM
Eruca: hey welcome Bee, I'm sure Amy Rose would fit in well here
7 Aug 17, 11:29 AM
Guest Bee: I'm also tempted to play Allura (Voltron)
7 Aug 17, 11:28 AM
Guest Bee: Would an Amy Rose (Sonic) be welcome here?
7 Aug 17, 01:26 AM
nia: Nothing big from here, I am trying to get myself into the mood were I can RP a bit
7 Aug 17, 01:23 AM
Iris: I'm doing well~! Getting ready to leave in a bit. You?
7 Aug 17, 01:15 AM
nia: how is people today?
7 Aug 17, 12:33 AM
nia: -peeks-
6 Aug 17, 05:19 PM
lucretia: same
6 Aug 17, 11:05 AM
sailormint: zzzz
5 Aug 17, 12:06 PM
lucretia: i'm so sorry guest, the cbox didn't refresh! a pm is fine c: as eruca said i am a bit busy but i'll get to it when i can
5 Aug 17, 06:20 AM
Eruca2: hey guest, Lucretia's going to be busy for the next few days, but I'm sure she wouldn't mind a PM
4 Aug 17, 10:49 PM
guest: very well thank you. i had a question about a canon i was thinking of using- mind if i pm you?
4 Aug 17, 10:47 PM
lucretia: i'm good! how are you?
4 Aug 17, 10:47 PM
guest: hi there how are you?
4 Aug 17, 10:47 PM
lucretia: hello!
4 Aug 17, 10:47 PM
guest: hello?
4 Aug 17, 06:10 PM
lucretia: i slept for like 14 hours and i'm still so tired haha
3 Aug 17, 09:18 PM
catherine: no problem! i know the jetlag feeling
3 Aug 17, 08:03 PM
lucretia: hi sorry i ended up not sleeping for over 24 hours so i still need some time to recover sorry libertas
3 Aug 17, 12:11 PM
Skooter: Everyone does. It's what Arcade was written for.
3 Aug 17, 12:10 PM
Iris: Yay! I love his suffering.
3 Aug 17, 12:10 PM
Skooter: Now he's going to have to figure out how to get back home while mostly blind. LOL
3 Aug 17, 12:09 PM
Iris: But I mean, his day is still pretty bad right? If not, Jinx is going to have to come back. ^^
3 Aug 17, 12:07 PM
Skooter: So yeah, I've learned it's a bigger surprise to see Arcade's day not end up depressingly.
3 Aug 17, 12:05 PM
SECOND: obviously
3 Aug 17, 12:05 PM
SECOND: everyone knows superman is secretly evil guys
3 Aug 17, 12:05 PM
Skooter: Superman had it out for him, obviously.
3 Aug 17, 12:05 PM
Iris: It must have been the movie. You can never trust them.
3 Aug 17, 12:01 PM
Skooter: Yes, luckily he snapped out of it pretty quickly. Still, that wasn't even intentional, it just happened.
3 Aug 17, 11:59 AM
Iris: Holy shit. That sucks. Now, I feel sorry for the guy.
3 Aug 17, 11:57 AM
Skooter: In the other one, he went from happily watching movies with friends to brainwashed cultist. :D
3 Aug 17, 11:57 AM
Iris: Omg I can only imagine what he's been through.
3 Aug 17, 11:56 AM
Skooter: Still isn't the worst emotional beatdown I've given him in an RP.
3 Aug 17, 11:54 AM
Skooter: Why must the good die young?
3 Aug 17, 11:53 AM
Iris: His poor glasses. Rip.
3 Aug 17, 11:51 AM
Skooter: Very, very sad.
3 Aug 17, 11:51 AM
Skooter: Yup, that's about how an average day for Arcade Gannon ends.
2 Aug 17, 07:52 PM
lucretia phone: hello libertas!! i'm at the airport. japan is so extra there's an entire recreated edo district in here.
2 Aug 17, 05:11 PM
SECOND: speaking of, how soon is too soon to make a second character
2 Aug 17, 05:02 PM
SECOND: may as well be a sandshrew instead so it's less confusing when I inevitably make a second character
2 Aug 17, 05:02 PM
SECOND: you know what my OOC profile is a sandshrew
2 Aug 17, 12:37 PM
SECOND: as a side note I won't normally reply this fast I was just in an Athena mood
2 Aug 17, 12:23 PM
SECOND: hey follks
2 Aug 17, 05:41 AM
nia: Oh yes
2 Aug 17, 05:41 AM
SECOND: Only a very evil person would curse someone with "may you step on a thousand legos"
2 Aug 17, 05:40 AM
nia: Lego's are the worst
2 Aug 17, 05:39 AM
SECOND: Ow. Stepping on sharp stuff is always painful.
2 Aug 17, 05:39 AM
nia: i stab myself in the foot, when i stepped on earings Q_Q
2 Aug 17, 04:35 AM
nia: Poor son hates waiting around
2 Aug 17, 04:32 AM
SECOND: It's cool. If I'm reading right he's mostly just bored at the moment anyway.
2 Aug 17, 04:31 AM
nia: natural, i will mention that I can edit it now if needed
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