21 Oct 17, 13:46
Sakura: Hi! Hope that your stomach is feeling better!
21 Oct 17, 11:50
trisha: Hello! Wanna be affies? Just click my url <3
21 Oct 17, 11:23
Rach: Hi Nicole. I have a new layout!
16 Oct 17, 11:07
Rach: Hi Nicole. I've used some celeb cutouts. Thank you!!
15 Oct 17, 16:30
Rach: Okay. Thanks for letting me know NIcole!! Hope your feeling better
8 Oct 17, 13:57
Rach: Hey Nicole can you add your css style sheets?! Do you think you will have those back?!
8 Oct 17, 13:56
Rach: Hi Nicole. My ha nd is throbbin. The antibiotic they gave me is making me feel sick to stomach. :(
8 Oct 17, 13:55
Pim: You're welcome 💗 I've been okay.
6 Oct 17, 10:49
Rach: Hi Nicole! Aw! Thanks! Hope your hand gets better. I love your new Halloween layout! So awesome! <3 :)
5 Oct 17, 18:40
Pim: Hi Nicole ❤ how are you? I love your layout it's really pretty.
30 Sep 17, 12:25
Rach: Hi Nicole. Went to the doctor yesterday. I have a throat infection and feel like crap. But hope your doing better <3 :)
29 Sep 17, 01:21
Claressa: Aw, thanks! Still working out some stuff on the lay. Im glad to hear your doing good, im doing alright.
28 Sep 17, 11:28
Rach: Hi Nicole. Feeling some what under the waether today. Chest pains and sore throat :( Glad to hear from you!! <3 *hugs*
27 Sep 17, 10:37
Rach: HI Nicole. Just stopping by to say hi! Hope your feeling some what better! <3 :)
16 Sep 17, 15:14
amanda: Hey love. Im having to redo most of my site and your link back link isnt working, could you send me a button if thats ok?
14 Sep 17, 00:45
Claressa: Going around to see how all my affies are doing? Hope all is well!
10 Sep 17, 13:23
Rach: Hi Nicole. I've used some celeb cut outs! Thanks. Hope you feel better soon! <3
2 Sep 17, 13:11
Rach: Hi Nicole! How are you?! Just dropping by!
19 Aug 17, 15:12
Sakura: Hi! I have nominated you for Liebster Award. The questions are on https://violinstar.net/?p=8715.
18 Aug 17, 11:13
Rach: Thank you for your celeb cutouts and fonts Nicole! Your awesome!! <3
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