4 May 17, 11:04 AM
Staff: Well Vindico we have decided it is time for a soft opening to sort out some of the bugs. If you have old characters feel free to dust them off and reapply. If you don't want to use those old characters don't worry, you can transfer any or all their items to a new character as we are starting COMPLETELY fresh. The item and skills system are currently not in place or claimable but will be soon! Good luck, let us know if anything needs editing, check out the new guidebook, join us on Discord and happy role playing!
26 Mar 17, 04:00 PM
Staff: Hello again Vindico, it's been a long time! The site has moved hosts and we are looking at changing and rebuilding. Please keep an eye out for the new reopening!
1 Mar 16, 02:15 PM
Staff: Hello Vindico! We are happy to announce we are once again opening to the public! Please take some time to look around, we have anew headers net profile and a few other new things! The guidebook and a few systems are still getting fleshed out so please bare with us while we deal with that! But in the meantime feel free to continue to rp! We have decided to keep the site wide event going, keep in mind that despite the lull it has only been a few weeks since the gods took the sun! Visiting the gods it free and must be done to help figure out how to get the sun back! Best of luck!!
8 Dec 15, 09:09 AM
Staff: Due to the down curve of activity staff is taking a month or so to close registration and revamp the site! We are leaving the boards accessible to all old members to keep rping if they wish, but in this time we will be changing quite a few things including but not limited to the guidebook, the header, the lands, and moving to a dice roll system for some things. You can also find an open discussion about new land and species ideas here. Thanks for your patience everyone!
1 Nov 15, 11:46 PM
Staff: Hey all! A lot of big changes will be happening so please take a moment to read about them all here!
12 Oct 15, 05:37 PM
Staff: Hey everyone! If you could all please take a moment to complete this survey we the staff would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!
23 Sep 15, 12:15 AM
Staff: The sun has been swallowed, the gods have frozen the earth and monstrous snow beasts have been released upon the earth. Read more about the update here and read the whole god thread here.
23 Sep 15, 12:12 AM
Caelum Clutch: The gods have forsaken us, Cara has called the pack together here and has called to any rouges seeking shelter as well to figure everything out.
23 Sep 15, 12:06 AM
Fas Faction: The sun has been swallowed! Erzsebet has called the pack together to figure it out here!
13 Sep 15, 06:06 PM
Staff: Alpha's please take note that activity checks have been moved to Sundays at 7pm pacific time.
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