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21 Sep 17, 07:40 AM
Dizzie: :new05: cuts by Phenon and new back grounds by Dizzie ... Enjoy!! :new04:
20 Sep 17, 09:57 PM
kayli: ashley & Jacee! :avready100:
20 Sep 17, 12:29 PM
suunny: Jacee, the av u submitted i wa sunable to make it look right,. Please feel free to submit another one
20 Sep 17, 12:10 PM
Dizzie: SIL you need to Register first :sparkl:
20 Sep 17, 11:30 AM
Dizzie: Phenom I will upload tomorrow hun. I'm not going to be on the computer much today my blood sugars are giving me hell since i woke up but will do them tomorrow hun sorry hugsss
20 Sep 17, 09:38 AM
SIL: Please activate.
20 Sep 17, 05:59 AM
Phenom: yea iv noticed iv been MIA pretty much everywhere lol
20 Sep 17, 05:58 AM
Dizzie: It's quiet everywhere
20 Sep 17, 05:57 AM
Phenom: i know i dont do alot but i help when i can! lol
20 Sep 17, 05:57 AM
Dizzie: :Girl-laughing:
20 Sep 17, 05:56 AM
Phenom: coo coo ty ty im cleaning out muh closets lol
20 Sep 17, 05:56 AM
Dizzie: I'll sort that out tooo
20 Sep 17, 05:55 AM
Phenom: Also i dun see nowhere too post any freebies or am i jus blind as hell
20 Sep 17, 05:55 AM
Dizzie: Got them yayyy I will upload when I get to the computer Hun. Just need to get natasha on bus to school. Thank youuu
20 Sep 17, 05:54 AM
Phenom: well since i din know the other one i sent to the one i knew =]
20 Sep 17, 05:53 AM
Dizzie: I do yeah I wasn't sure if it was mine or grafitti one lol
20 Sep 17, 05:53 AM
Phenom: i musta missed the memo LOL
20 Sep 17, 05:53 AM
Phenom: yuh dun use that one?
20 Sep 17, 05:53 AM
Dizzie: Ahhh ok I'll go that one
20 Sep 17, 05:52 AM
Phenom: the one that says contact us lol
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