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23 Jan 18, 03:11 PM
kayli: Jake... :activated: Happy Shopping billy!
23 Jan 18, 03:35 AM
jake: could u please activate me
22 Jan 18, 08:40 PM
south: I have picked up my av :) ty so much Phenom, it's just what I asked for!
20 Jan 18, 01:19 PM
Dessi: yw cally glad you like it
20 Jan 18, 08:15 AM
cally: got my av dessi...awesome!1 :thank10:
20 Jan 18, 01:15 AM
Chelle: anytime huggzz
20 Jan 18, 01:15 AM
naiya: lol yeah i realised that after the fact hahaha ty chelle hugss
19 Jan 18, 09:50 PM
Chelle: lol i was going to say i sent them to you jackie
19 Jan 18, 03:56 PM
kayli: angie! :activated:
19 Jan 18, 03:32 PM
Dessi: ok so yay all my christmas passes are finally done sorry for the wait i hope everyone likes them
19 Jan 18, 12:44 PM
naiya: nvm hun, it ends up that i have all the 1s ive had painted anyway lol that will teach me for not checking first! hugss
19 Jan 18, 12:31 PM
naiya: not sure why either, try to click on the take zip and nothing happens as its not activated for me to take them. :-(
19 Jan 18, 09:16 AM
Dizzie: @naiya you should beable to hun so not sure why you can't
19 Jan 18, 08:49 AM
Phenom: South your avs up
19 Jan 18, 05:38 AM
angie: can i be activated pleaseee
19 Jan 18, 12:30 AM
naiya: dizzie or someone can u pls set it so i can grab stuff out of my lightbox pls :) ive lost all my stuff and just added all my paints to lightbox but it wont let me take the zip hugsss ty :)
18 Jan 18, 11:37 PM
madison: I just picked up my paint .... tysm hugs
18 Jan 18, 06:31 AM
Heidi: Happy Bday Sunnny!
17 Jan 18, 09:32 PM
cally: :bday4: sunshine hugs
17 Jan 18, 12:37 PM
Dizzie: :bddoll03: happy birthday suunny hun have a awesome days!
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