24 Apr 16, 11:09 PM
victor: The Possible! discography please :D
10 Jul 16, 06:03 PM
sofi: jun~ you add hitomi's album? :)
9 Aug 16, 04:18 PM
Bruno J.: Hey, Jun! Poderia postar a discografia da UA depois? Grato!
20 Sep 16, 10:45 PM
JunLee: Oi Bruno, desculpa a demora em responder, posto sim.
23 Sep 16, 09:53 AM
GAR79918: Do you have something of Miwako Okuda to share?
24 Sep 16, 03:05 PM
JunLee: @GAR79918: Hello, yes I have, I will post in soon.
25 Sep 16, 01:34 AM
GAR79918: Thank you very much!
26 Sep 16, 02:04 PM
ery: Hello jun, do you have albums from japanese band Glay?if you have it ,can you posting it.Thanks a lot.
30 Sep 16, 04:06 AM
sofi: jun~ i want to request those hitomi's album 'huma rythm" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huma-rhythm
30 Sep 16, 04:07 AM
sofi: and some of Bonny Pink's album.. thank you
30 Sep 16, 09:24 AM
Fernando: Hello Jun! I wonder if you have the album "Al & Bum" (2007) of Kiiiiiii (with 7 i's :D), can't find it anywhere. And the same with TsuShiMaMiRe's "Sex on the Beach". Thanks in advance, saludos :)
2 Oct 16, 01:32 AM
YogaWP: I want in that blog post that GARNET CROW and Mai Kuraki complete singles and albums here in Jpop2000ss here, Jun.
2 Oct 16, 09:40 PM
Fernando: Wow, so soon, what a surprise! I'm listening to Kiiiiiii right now. Love this band. Muito obrigado Jun! :)
3 Oct 16, 05:33 AM
GAR79918: Hey Jun, Do you have something of Anna Saeki (冴木杏奈) to share? And really thanks for the music of Miwako Okuda!
3 Oct 16, 06:05 PM
JunLee: @GAR79918: Hey buddy, I don't have for now but I will try to find and I will post more albums of Miwako Okuda in soon.
8 Oct 16, 03:55 AM
GAR79918: Thanks Jun!