13 Jan 19, 10:50 AM
Belle: me neither but i'll probably rent it when it comes out
13 Jan 19, 09:27 AM
Ethereal: i still haven't seen that movie
11 Jan 19, 10:56 PM
Belle: i'm on queen kick so now me and hope are just listening to them wishing bohemian rhapsody was out on dvd
10 Jan 19, 10:06 AM
Belle: it's so cold in this office
30 Dec 18, 03:10 PM
BelleWorkTop: since i wanna make sure this laptop is still working well, i think i'll try to do a few more posts
25 Dec 18, 09:46 AM
Ethereal: Merry Christmas guys!!
24 Dec 18, 06:55 PM
Blurb: hi
24 Dec 18, 06:50 PM
Blurb: yes
23 Dec 18, 04:07 PM
Jinx: Just found out Blurb is leaving
23 Dec 18, 03:00 PM
BelleWorkTop: Blurb is something like "thebesttrash"
23 Dec 18, 02:20 PM
Jinx: Who are you on discord?
23 Dec 18, 02:20 PM
Jinx: Blurb ?
22 Dec 18, 10:01 AM
Ethereal Mobile: Aka I can double my income by just sleeping
22 Dec 18, 10:00 AM
Ethereal Mobile: I signed so many contracts for shit like that lol. I signed one that means I forfeit a rest after working x amount of hours which sounds shady but it's just because I sometimes have to have a phone on hand overnight in case a group staying at my centre has an issue (so I get paid to sleep most of the time) and signing thar contract meant I could do those sleep shifts and also do normal work the next day
22 Dec 18, 09:59 AM
Ethereal Mobile: It's meant to be a bank holiday but you can work bank Holidays. Depends on your contract. I know mine states I forfeit the right to claim all of them.
21 Dec 18, 01:54 PM
Rii: but ideally it's a holiday
21 Dec 18, 01:54 PM
Rii: xD
21 Dec 18, 01:54 PM
Rii: Boxing day is considered both here? People still work it whereas others have it off
21 Dec 18, 01:53 PM
Rii: I mean
21 Dec 18, 01:30 PM
Belle: yay capitalism
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