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Please Leave A Message under Av when Picked Up...Tysm!
04/23/18 08:22 AM
sponti: can i b activated plz
04/23/18 05:55 AM
Heaven: can you please activate me, thanks
04/22/18 11:24 PM
mia: Bella and Ti your avs are ready for pickup enjoy!!!
04/21/18 09:21 PM
reesa: yvw everyone enjoy huggss
04/21/18 07:58 PM
Khaos: got it ressa cup awesome job hugsssss
04/21/18 07:24 PM
babe: thank u reesa he will love it hugs :)
04/21/18 07:07 PM
naiya: tyty reesa i love mine hugsss
04/21/18 03:53 PM
marie: cryptic picked up av..love it thank you very much
04/21/18 03:51 PM
marie: Bianca picked up av..Love it,,Thank you so much
04/21/18 01:43 PM
reesa: Folder is clear enjoy everyone huggss
04/21/18 12:18 PM
Bianca: Marie your av is ready for pick up enjoy!!
04/21/18 10:38 AM
reesa: I have my requests...will have them back soonish....tysm for your patiences huggss
04/20/18 06:17 PM
Khaos: Qtee your avs are ready
04/19/18 11:40 PM
mia: dreams you have an av ready for pickup
04/19/18 10:50 PM
Bianca: Can you upload another
04/19/18 10:50 PM
Bianca: im sorry.
04/19/18 10:50 PM
Bianca: Angel the av you uploaded was too pixalated to paint.
04/19/18 07:06 PM
Bianca: Grabbed my image thank you Chelle
04/19/18 04:27 PM
mia: Bella sis your avs are ready for pickup
04/17/18 06:10 PM
marie: kahos picked up av,,love it thank you so much
04/17/18 05:06 PM
Khaos: rese and marie your av's are done
04/16/18 07:19 PM
reesa: Dreams/Kitten and Rese plz upload another av...those were to pixelated for me tysm
04/16/18 07:05 PM
reesa: wb Dani ....glad you survived the storm hugggs
04/16/18 06:27 PM
dani: Im backkkkk and survived the snow storm
04/16/18 03:28 AM
Cryptic: you got 2 outta me Jen LOL
04/15/18 08:31 PM
Cryptic: :9:
04/15/18 08:26 PM
Cryptic: fufu your av is up
04/15/18 01:43 PM
jaxie: dreams ur av is ready for pickup, tyvm
04/15/18 12:46 PM
reesa: :71: for Fubar enjoy hun huggss
04/15/18 12:04 PM
jaxie: jacee ur av is ready for pick up sorry for the wait
04/15/18 11:56 AM
reesa: jaxie!!!!...lol around...huggsss glad ya like the tunes..tysm
04/14/18 04:53 PM
jaxie: reesa!! where ya been, awesome tunes btw hugsss
04/14/18 01:29 AM
Kandi: ty reesa love it!
04/14/18 12:18 AM
Chelle: Bianca your image is ready enjoy
04/13/18 08:50 PM
dani: Getting hit with major snow storm, shutting down PC for a few days be back soon - loves n hugsssss to all
04/13/18 08:21 PM
reesa: :71: for Broken and Dreams enjoy
04/13/18 04:35 PM
jaxie: will get to my folder this weekend, thank you for your patience
04/13/18 12:35 PM
Chelle: welcome sis huggzz
04/13/18 09:27 AM
Nerin: Chelle sis i picked up my paint i love it tyty hugsss
04/13/18 09:20 AM
reesa: :69: Staff....please read in the message box tysm....
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