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12/16/18 11:44 PM
Pookie: Jacee your av is ready for pick up :)
12/16/18 11:41 PM
camochic: awesome tyvm cryptic hugs
12/16/18 11:40 PM
Cryptic: yur activated camo enjoy
12/16/18 11:38 PM
camochic: plz activate me !!
12/16/18 02:32 PM
shorti: tyvm reesa love the image :1:
12/16/18 12:26 PM
reesa: Shorti your image is ready ..hope its ok...its been awhile since I did one..enjoy =]
12/16/18 11:17 AM
reesa: Mia abide by my Painters Rules or be removed from this site..tysm!
12/16/18 11:16 AM
fubar: mia i deleted one of the avs you left in my folder as my rules state 1 AV PER PERSON
12/16/18 10:12 AM
Reesa: Dogzilla I dont see you listed ...re register and I'll get ya activated
12/16/18 08:22 AM
Dogzilla_11: Plz activate me ..pretty plz ?
12/15/18 09:27 PM
reesa: yvw shorti and rylee
12/15/18 08:49 PM
rylee: ressa thank you so very much is so beautiful.
12/15/18 08:26 PM
shorti: ty reesa I left image in folder
12/15/18 02:45 PM
Reesa: Activated Bella
12/15/18 02:39 PM
Bella: plz*
12/15/18 02:39 PM
Bella: pleace activate me plz
12/15/18 08:42 AM
reesa: Mia you must wait 24 Hrs. AFTER PICKUP before uploading to my folder again..
12/15/18 07:55 AM
reesa: :46: Christmas Image posted in my prepaint folder enjoy =]
12/15/18 07:06 AM
reesa: yvw Bianca enjoy =]
12/15/18 01:33 AM
Bianca: thank you reesa love my avs :)
12/14/18 10:48 PM
reesa: Folder is clear enjoy everyone...sorry for the wait...
12/14/18 10:48 PM
reesa: Yvw Jacee enjoy =]
12/14/18 10:46 PM
Jacee: Thank you very much Reesa. I love it.
12/14/18 09:55 PM
reesa: Avs up for Mia and Jacee and Root enjoy....Root I went on and painted that 150...even thou my folder states Megas and Talls only!
12/14/18 08:42 PM
reesa: To everyone that said thank you...yall very welcome enjoy =]
12/14/18 08:39 PM
reesa: Shorti I do large images...but they are time consuming so if you wanna wait I can do one for ya
12/14/18 08:37 PM
reesa: wo0tt yeahh A...glad ya got it figured out ...
12/14/18 08:51 AM
fubar: Mia your av is ready in pickups *s* ty hugsssss
12/14/18 08:50 AM
fubar: Cindy you've been activated
12/14/18 07:52 AM
Cindy: Please Activate, Thank You!!
12/13/18 07:00 PM
fubar: Kara you've been activated *s*
12/13/18 04:25 PM
Kara: May I be activated, please.
12/13/18 03:20 PM
shorti: hi reesa was just wondering if you paint large images?
12/13/18 08:43 AM
fubar: mystic gem it shows that you are already activated *s*
12/13/18 12:16 AM
mystic Gem: can I get re activated please thanks so much
12/12/18 05:40 PM
fubar: yayyyyy welcome back A hugssssss we knew You could do it *s* :13:
12/12/18 04:24 PM
Cryptic: Back again got my modem router issues handled
12/10/18 08:42 AM
fubar: peanut your av is ready in pickups *s* ty hugssss
12/09/18 09:41 PM
Cryptic: For thos that have posted in sexa and also my cryptic page I'm having some issues with my router and modem so plz be patient thanx
12/09/18 03:51 PM
fubar: babii your av is ready in pickups *s* ty hugssss
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