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10/15/18 12:43 AM
Kandi: Reesa i'm all moved u can reopen my folder... still unpacking but will get to folder as quickly as I can... tyvm
10/14/18 01:28 PM
Wikked: Quick message to thank all of the painters here for putting up with all of us requesting paints.. you are all appreciated!
10/14/18 12:55 AM
reesa: Pookie...Exe's av is ready ….sorry for the wait huggss
10/14/18 12:39 AM
reesa: Sinny your av is up ..enjoy ..sorry for the wait huggs
10/13/18 07:22 PM
babe: got my av fubar love it ty hugs :)
10/13/18 07:02 PM
sinny: great new cuts too btw fubar, ty for sharing.
10/13/18 06:51 PM
sinny: great paint as always fubar tyty huggss
10/13/18 04:16 PM
reesa: yvw Heidi enjoy and thank you =]
10/13/18 10:56 AM
fubar: sinny your av is ready in pickups *s* ty hugsssss
10/12/18 11:28 PM
Heidi: Thanks for sharing your cuts Fubar!
10/12/18 11:28 PM
Heidi: Thank you Reesa I got my av you rule at tattoos!
10/12/18 10:36 PM
reesa: Thanks so much for sharing your cuts with us Fubar huggss
10/12/18 10:36 PM
reesa: :312: Female and Male Cuts and Tall Mixed by Fubar...enjoy happy shopping!!!
10/12/18 10:21 PM
mias_krynn: Dirty girl your av is ready for pick up tyvm for choosing one of my freebies enjoy
10/12/18 09:43 PM
reesa: Freebies are now closed....Thanks to everyone that came out and claimed...enjoy!
10/12/18 12:04 PM
fubar: Exotica your av is ready in pickups *s* ty hugssss
10/11/18 10:13 PM
pookie: tyvm fubar for my av i love it!!! :)
10/11/18 12:18 AM
fubar: Qtee your freebie has been tagged and posted in pickups *s* ty hugssss
10/10/18 11:25 PM
fubar: reesa and pookie your avs are ready in pickups *s* ty hugssss
10/09/18 12:27 AM
Bianca: once i tag prepaint i delete the original prepaint. i would have to litterly repaint it and i have no clue if i have the original
10/08/18 10:56 PM
mias_krynn: heyy Bianca the av is great but the tag is wrong mia should be at the bottom big letters and krynn at top small letter im sorry to be a pain can you switch that plz
10/08/18 04:45 PM
marie: Bianca picked up av,,lovely thank you very much
10/08/18 02:05 PM
wikked: Bianca.. sorry let me toss in a few other avs for you.
10/08/18 12:43 PM
Bianca: wikked i don't do ultras
10/08/18 12:42 PM
Bianca: Krynn your av is ready for pick up enjoy!!
10/08/18 09:40 AM
fubar: Qtee your freebie has been tagged and posted in pickups *s* enjoy and ty hugsss
10/07/18 10:58 PM
mias_krynn: reesa your av is ready for pickup hope ya likes ty !!
10/07/18 10:26 PM
Heidi: Thank you Reesa got my av hugs!
10/07/18 10:23 PM
Bianca: Thank you reesa love my avs :)
10/07/18 09:13 PM
mias_krynn: bella sisssy your av is ready for pickup enjoy
10/07/18 08:16 PM
reesa: Claimed Freebies are ready enjoy =]
10/07/18 07:47 PM
reesa: yvw Bianca and wikked enjoy
10/07/18 07:46 PM
reesa: Cally your activated
10/07/18 07:33 PM
wikked: Reesa.. I love my av! tysvm
10/07/18 06:41 PM
cally: Okies..I registered again..ty
10/07/18 05:05 PM
Bianca: Marie that other av i couldn't paint it and make it look good please upload another av if you wish.
10/07/18 05:04 PM
Bianca: Reesa and Marie your avs are ready for pick up. Enjoy!!
10/07/18 09:20 AM
Stacey: got my av Heidi - ty for making me beautiful...hugzzz
10/07/18 08:46 AM
Bianca: Love my avs Rees and Heidi :) thank you both :)
10/07/18 08:37 AM
reesa: ill get to my freebies later tonite...will be outta town all day..tysm for your patiences
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