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06/19/18 01:01 AM
Kandi: July 19th is my birthday Reesa
06/18/18 11:36 AM
marie: e av,,thank you very much
06/18/18 11:36 AM
marie: Mia picked up av ..Love thw
06/18/18 06:17 AM
reesa: yvw Jayden and Tory enjoy huggss
06/18/18 06:11 AM
reesa: got it up Mia....Kandi I still need your birthday as well tysm
06/18/18 02:44 AM
dani: work ? ?
06/18/18 02:40 AM
dani: thank you hugsssssssssss
06/18/18 02:38 AM
dani: I will be getting to my folder this week thank you all for your patience
06/17/18 09:44 PM
mia: hey reesa I having figured out how to put my birthday in apparently I am computer dumb grrrs hate not being able to figure out stuff if you could help me out my bd is Feb 6th tyvm
06/17/18 09:43 PM
mia: Marie your av is ready for pickup hopes ya likes it enjoy ty for letting me paint for ya
06/17/18 03:59 PM
tory: thanks for the lovely av Reesa
06/17/18 03:31 PM
marie: Bianca oicked up 2nd av,,,Perfect thank you so very much
06/17/18 03:30 PM
marie: Bianca picked up av,,beautiful thank you so much
06/17/18 03:24 PM
Jayden: Reesa I picked up my beautiful paints tyvm huggzzz
06/17/18 10:06 AM
reesa: :71: for Jayden enjoy huggsss
06/17/18 08:45 AM
reesa: yvw everyone enjoy =]
06/16/18 09:33 PM
Heidi: Thank you again Reesa for Manimal's av!
06/16/18 08:17 PM
Bianca: Marie your avs are ready. Enjoy!!
06/16/18 04:16 PM
Bianca: Picked up my av thank you :) reesa
06/16/18 12:13 PM
reesa: :71: for Exotica enjoy
06/16/18 12:05 PM
reesa: :113: to all the Amazing Fathers out there
06/16/18 12:04 PM
marie: Kandi is beautiful thank you very much
06/16/18 12:03 PM
reesa: yvw Marie enjoy
06/16/18 12:03 PM
marie: reesa picked up av,,Beautiful thank you so much
06/16/18 11:57 AM
Jayden: Happy Father's Day to all the father's at Sexa
06/16/18 10:46 AM
reesa: :71: for Marie enjoy
06/16/18 10:06 AM
reesa: :71: for Manimal enjoy
06/16/18 09:23 AM
reesa: :69: Folder Rules Change...You can now upload 2 Avs Per A Person....10 Av Max Limit...and you NO Longer have to wait 24 HOURS before uploading again...Just be patience ...tysm <3
06/16/18 09:18 AM
reesa: Cryptic, Bianca and Kandi tysm for my paints...lovem all huggsss
06/16/18 09:10 AM
reesa: yvw everyone enjoy =]
06/15/18 10:24 PM
Bianca: Thank you Kandii love it :)
06/15/18 10:22 PM
Kandi: Marie n Bianca ur avs are ready!
06/15/18 06:06 PM
ninsy: tyvm Cryptic hugssss got my awesome paint!
06/15/18 09:56 AM
marie: Cryptic picked up av,,very lovely,,thank you so much
06/14/18 05:09 PM
Nerin: ok got it ty reesa sis will try it hugsss
06/14/18 12:42 PM
Jayden: Jaxie I picked up my awesome paint tyvm huggzz
06/13/18 08:03 PM
Kandi: Reesa ur av is ready!
06/13/18 07:35 PM
jaxie: jayden ur av is ready for pickup tyvm
06/13/18 07:28 PM
ninsy: tyvm Reesa hugsss got my paint love it!
06/13/18 07:22 PM
Bianca: Also picked up my av a lil earlier hehe love it Thank you.
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