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02/20/19 04:18 AM
nik: Hugsss thank you so much =)
02/19/19 06:24 PM
reesa: Nik plz don't be sorry hun...im sorry to hear that your sick...please take care of yourself...don't worry bout being behind ...your health n real time comes first huggssss
02/19/19 03:33 PM
nik: I been sick I'm so sorry I am behind on my paints, I'll try to do them asap..hugss
02/18/19 11:32 PM
Rylee: DS & mojo..your av is ready enjoy hugzzzzz..sorry if there was too much delay...ty
02/18/19 08:42 PM
Cryptic: Thank you everybody for the bday wishes appreciate it
02/18/19 08:03 PM
fubar: :273: A hugssssss hope Your day is a great one and hope You get many many many more *s*
02/18/19 04:58 PM
reesa: Activated BWK
02/18/19 03:32 PM
bwk: registered....activate plz :389:
02/18/19 11:39 AM
wikked: Reesa.. I have no earthly idea what that last little dooda is that uploaded to your folder! LOL
02/18/19 06:39 AM
Quantico: gm sorry I did a error reesa I can wait lol
02/18/19 06:13 AM
reesa: :84: A hope its a awesome one huggsss!
02/18/19 12:17 AM
mias_krynn: Heyy Mia your av is ready for pickup hopes ya likes and tyvm for letting me paint ya
02/18/19 12:17 AM
mias_krynn: bella sissy your avs are ready for pickup enjoy hugggs
02/17/19 10:48 PM
lucky-110: can I please be registered
02/17/19 08:35 PM
Kandi: Reesa ur av is ready!
02/17/19 08:17 PM
Kandi: Mojo ur avs are ready!!!
02/17/19 08:09 PM
reesa: wo0t wo0t
02/17/19 08:08 PM
fubar: testing 1..2.....3....and away we go!!!!!
02/17/19 06:33 PM
reesa: :245:
02/17/19 06:30 PM
Jacee: Maybe I can follow instructions.
02/17/19 06:24 PM
reesa: lol
02/17/19 06:24 PM
Shel: Damnit, I changed to Shel once haha
02/17/19 06:23 PM
me: Yay it worked! lol
02/17/19 06:23 PM
me: You tell em !
02/17/19 06:17 PM
02/17/19 06:15 PM
reesa: Tegan/Penny...it will be my pleasure to delete those avs...and remove you from this site as well..since you don't have paitences….
02/17/19 06:11 PM
Tegan: ressa just delted the avs please
02/17/19 02:28 PM
reesa: romianderick ya activated happy shopping!!
02/17/19 02:14 PM
romianderick: Pls activate me.. Thank you
02/17/19 12:52 PM
Cindy: I Picked Up My Av Cryptic. Awesome Paint, I Love It. Super ~smileZ~ Thank You!!
02/17/19 12:01 PM
shorti: huggs A ty for the great paints!
02/17/19 11:48 AM
shorti: huggs reesa ty for the great paints
02/17/19 03:36 AM
reesa: Tegan those av was just uploaded on the 13...im sure Rylee will get to them when she can...have patiences...do not rush my painters ...real time always come first
02/17/19 02:13 AM
Cryptic: Cindy your av is done hope its alright
02/17/19 01:11 AM
Tegan: i have two avs in Rylees folder under penny . there been there awhile was wondering if someone can do them for me many thanks the tag on them is Tegan ty
02/17/19 01:10 AM
Cryptic: for those of you who are reading challenged my folder says 3 avs max ty
02/16/19 10:31 PM
Cryptic: thank you mojo we appreciate the message
02/16/19 08:05 PM
Millicent: i have registered, may i please get activated... when your free...
02/16/19 04:02 PM
reesa: hahah tysm Bro...but its a Hellcat image...
02/16/19 03:31 PM
jake: wow sis, awesome shop image... :13:
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