23 May 17, 07:28 AM
Bluegazer: PPl i need your help ^_^ I have started a crowdfunding campaign, to materialize a design project. http://bit.ly/2qGskMR Thanks in advance.
18 May 17, 11:29 PM
Kalhi: Work on RTM's editing starts now
18 May 17, 11:12 PM
Kalhi: with part 2 international & part 1 special film included :D
18 May 17, 11:12 PM
Kalhi: Aoi garland (Blue Garland) just arrived
18 May 17, 02:25 AM
Kalhi: Working on a Restoration of Love Live Alive in the meantime (accurate color correction) dual audio, Original MLLL and a Robotech styled audio track.
17 May 17, 08:07 AM
Kalhi: got the original ATLUS mailorder DVD of part 2 international aswell comming, and a vhs of Part 2.
17 May 17, 07:46 AM
Kalhi: Got some Cel art from RTM's ending, and ive got AOI GARLAND for ps3 (special edition) coming in the mail.
17 May 17, 07:23 AM
Kalhi: im FINALY back on a pc, progression with RTM is going well, got the film on LD and vhs. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/189311283609206785/313549748860616704/20170515_144107.jpg
10 May 17, 12:05 PM
boinger: I am so tempted to buy this video game just because of this video! STRAFE ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSZGsborBXE
8 May 17, 03:22 AM
boinger: Macross Galaxy Tour Final in Budokan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOQ9CjH_l6g
8 May 17, 03:20 AM
boinger: And Mari's mini-concert from this TV special! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2c7bGAl8Sh4
8 May 17, 03:14 AM
boinger: SDF Macross DYRL TV special !! No subtitle translation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITZ_orCixWg&feature=youtu.be
7 May 17, 02:01 PM
boinger: What if you could change the dialogue of your favourite anime for your fan dub and still sound like the original voice actor? http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/lyrebird-clones-voices-1.4084423
7 May 17, 12:16 PM
boinger: SDF Macross: DYRL? in Espanol Audio! http://univrobotechmacross.blogspot.ca/2016/10/macross-do-you-remember-love-pelicula.html
7 May 17, 11:47 AM
boinger: SDF Macross TV Espanol audio! http://univrobotechmacross.blogspot.ca/search/label/Cap%C3%ADtulos%20de%20la%20serie
4 May 17, 04:46 PM
boinger: https://www.skytorrents.in/search/all/ad/1/macross?l=en-us
3 May 17, 03:56 PM
boinger: Independent salvage operation of Nyaa website torrents collection! https://nyaa.pantsu.cat
24 Apr 17, 08:07 PM
Bluegazer: Macross Plus Movie and Ovas in HD https://mega.nz/#F!zEEmnCqY!Tu3H8XCdWqnmLMPnyl-FRg
21 Apr 17, 01:18 PM
boinger: https://mega.nz/#!UN5XWDwD!djLjBBDXTWhtAOoqcD9waXnkhj0utwl1z39usnxi__Q
21 Apr 17, 01:18 PM
boinger: Thanks Bluegazer! And Macross UNSpacy facebook presents Macross the First Espanol Scanlation!
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