18 Jul 17, 05:46 AM
Kalhi: Barbrah gooson also played Sarah
18 Jul 17, 05:38 AM
Kalhi: Also, ive got plans to meet Greg snegoff, kerry mahan and possibly barbrah goodson (Andrews, Mark and Becky respectivly) to have them sign my Megazone 23 LD
18 Jul 17, 05:29 AM
Kalhi: RTM is on-hold untill i can get the LD audio
18 Jul 17, 05:28 AM
Kalhi: Welp, got my hands on a ROBOTECH II: THE SENTINELS Sctip and Storyboard book, its gona be helpfull with my project since it covers the first 4 episodes of sentinels
15 Jul 17, 10:17 PM
Kalhi: so its like a few 5 min shorts, and a full on series that is a retelling of part one and part 2
15 Jul 17, 09:25 AM
boinger: They did make enough money from the crowdfunding to start making the promotional video. Hope for the best!
15 Jul 17, 09:25 AM
boinger: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2017-04-18/new-megazone-23-anime-project-plans-crowdfunding-for-promo-video/.114962
14 Jul 17, 10:26 AM
Kalhi: speaking of seires, im kinda hyped for the new series, they are using designs that went unused in the ova, and i belive the new series is a retelling of part one
14 Jul 17, 10:25 AM
Kalhi: it was written for the original tv series, before it was shortened into an OVA (back when it was still connected to genesis climber)
14 Jul 17, 10:24 AM
Kalhi: Allright i got it, it was on the vocal collection
13 Jul 17, 04:09 PM
boinger: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAAUe6jcWaE
13 Jul 17, 04:08 PM
boinger: The last song on the DAPDX episode 100 Megazone 23 is from the Megazone 23 Vocal Collection track 13 You can't sleep alone / Samishikute Nemurenai
13 Jul 17, 03:55 PM
boinger: Megazone 23 theme music? News to me! I'll listen to the DAPDX episode and see which track that might be on the Megazone OSTs.
13 Jul 17, 03:52 PM
boinger: John Moscato Model Retrospective Collection - Password: macrosshare.blogspot.com
13 Jul 17, 03:52 PM
boinger: http://www.filefactory.com/folder/f2a95959cd4e8bd0
12 Jul 17, 10:52 PM
Kalhi: Decided to re-re-edit Sentinels into the correct order (tv scrip order) and recombine it into a full ova
12 Jul 17, 10:50 PM
Kalhi: *Omega city
12 Jul 17, 09:10 PM
Kalhi: it was written for CYBER CITY (changed to megazone)
12 Jul 17, 09:08 PM
Kalhi: the song is at the end of the DAPCDX MZ23 podcast
12 Jul 17, 09:08 PM
Kalhi: the theme music was completed, btut then the project shifted to an ova
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