11 Aug 15, 08:35 PM
NurIman: Assalamualaikum semua..
11 Aug 15, 08:36 PM
NurIman: Komentar anda amat dialu-alukan..
11 Aug 15, 08:38 PM
NurIman: Buat bakal mahasiswa/i MBBS UniSZA, feel free to ask for anything...from me, 5th Batch of MediSZA :)
1 Mar 16, 07:07 AM
NurIman: U guys,your real strength comes from being the best you you can be. So,who are you? What are you go
1 Mar 16, 07:08 AM
NurIman: What are you good at? What do you love? What makes you, you? -Po, Kung Fu Panda 3-