9 Nov 15, 11:58 PM
Katherine: isn't really in the listening mood as you could see..." she said trailing off
9 Nov 15, 11:58 PM
Katherine: inside her head. "The disguise is quite good though I think" she said in a thick New Orleans accent she let out a sigh looking over at him. "I wanted you to find me because I wanted to explain...Damon
9 Nov 15, 11:56 PM
Katherine: match with Damon" she said a bit sheepishly the two brought something out in one another. "Or at the very least didn't sleep over" she said making a face as it had left her vulnerable to him prying
9 Nov 15, 11:55 PM
Katherine: keeping her attention as he spoke "I know it's as if I wanted you to find me" she said flashing him a smile. "Though to be honest this all would have gone a lot smoother had I not got in to a drinking
9 Nov 15, 11:53 PM
Katherine: Katherine sat on the top step, she had set her phone down and was gripping the edge of the step as he approached debating if she should go inside before he reached her. She chose to stay though
9 Nov 15, 09:30 PM
Stefan: that could get close enough and he damn well knew it, and hated himself for doing it.
9 Nov 15, 09:30 PM
Stefan: feet, the guilt of what he had done in their past still weighing heavily on his shoulders. He didn't want to kill her, but he knew he had to be the one to stop her. He was the only one in that town
9 Nov 15, 09:29 PM
Stefan: "You know.." He said as he walked closer to the porch stopping at the steps, "for someone who used to be the best at hiding..you're getting a little rusty." He joked a bit as he looked down at his
9 Nov 15, 09:26 PM
Katherine: but that hadn't happened and now she was in this mess. Hearing her name she looked up to see Stefan and despite herself she smiled. "I was wondering when you'd find me"
9 Nov 15, 09:25 PM
Katherine: Katherine looked down at her phone frowning things where not going as planned she'd hoped that Bonnie would have gotten this charm off that she would have been able to avoid the brothers all together
9 Nov 15, 09:16 PM
Stefan: porch, he approached slowly. "Katherine.."
9 Nov 15, 09:16 PM
Stefan: which meant something was up, she was running again and he couldn't let her run without talking to her. He started running and came upon where she was, seeing her but not the real her sitting on a
9 Nov 15, 09:15 PM
Stefan: There had been so many questions unanswered, before he could even ask them Katherine had made her exit, following her wasn't too hard she wasn't trying to evade him or she wasn't being careful enough
9 Nov 15, 09:11 PM
Katherine: and Katherine sat on the porch of the home she'd compelled the tenant of hanging up her cell after having to explain to Elijah why she was still here and not back there. (e)
9 Nov 15, 09:09 PM
Katherine: Once Katherine had gotten out of the boarding house she'd gone straight to the hotel packing and finding herself a new place. One with a living body to keep unwanted guest out. It was evening now (c)
9 Nov 15, 09:02 PM
Stefan: test
8 Nov 15, 02:58 PM
Stefan: up..elena deserves more than that"
8 Nov 15, 02:58 PM
Stefan: pretty much yeah Damon is home doing what he does to get over the fact Elena made herself forget him.. so hes moving on with other woman and I don't want to be there reminding him of what hes giving
8 Nov 15, 02:57 PM
Reagan: You out looking for a distraction?"
8 Nov 15, 02:56 PM
Reagan: " so what's with the time out from home about?" she asked watching him carefully. She had known Stefan such a long time she knew if something was up. And him being out randomly out was a sign. " were
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