19 Sep 18, 03:10 AM
Aurora: Also up for a few threads if anyone wants to plot with me :) if my posted characters aren’t to your fancy, not to worry - I’ve got tons f others that I need to post but just haven’t gotten around to
18 Sep 18, 03:15 AM
shadow wolf: really my ghostery was blocking the chat box
18 Sep 18, 03:15 AM
shadow wolf: hello
16 Sep 18, 06:16 PM
TS: Anybody wish to plot? if you want, message me. Won't be able to see chat on phone.
9 Sep 18, 10:20 PM
Kiba: D8 I'll try to post as soon as I can ;w;
8 Sep 18, 12:19 AM
Kiba: .... Another site I'm on has it and... Not a fan of it... Really.
3 Sep 18, 03:16 PM
TS: All that would need to be done is change the roles etc,
3 Sep 18, 03:16 PM
TS: It would honestly bring this site together... I do have a Discord already up and running if you want to use that Kiba.
1 Sep 18, 10:55 PM
Jaded: Hello.
1 Sep 18, 10:13 PM
Kiba: owo you know ...never thought of one.... << I'm up for the idea ^^
30 Aug 18, 04:45 PM
TS: Bonjour! I kinda forgot, do we even have a Discord??
29 Aug 18, 09:22 AM
haflinger: will try to post this weekend. Sorry had kind of a breakdown in my holiday. it´s getting better
29 Aug 18, 04:29 AM
Jaded: Had to join this site when I saw it. Might end up making a thread with my big girl.
29 Aug 18, 04:26 AM
Jaded: Thank you Kiba ^^
29 Aug 18, 04:12 AM
Wardog: Howdy Kibs
29 Aug 18, 04:12 AM
Wardog: I miss RPing with you guys, but i'm just not into the whole forum thing, I like that I can carry discord around on my phone and RP on the go wherever I am. My username is ChaosKitty#7217
29 Aug 18, 04:11 AM
Kiba: Welcome Jaded ^^ just got a new computer and things are set up and ready to roll. ^^ any questions, let me know.
29 Aug 18, 04:09 AM
Wardog: Hey guys, it's been really hard for me to find any good RP partners anywhere, I mean /ANYWHERE/ so I wanted to mention Discord - cliche yes - in case anyone wanted to message me.
29 Aug 18, 02:44 AM
Jaded: Got a new character up if anyone would like to play with her.
29 Aug 18, 02:44 AM
Jaded: Hello everyone! Just joined today.
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