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06/02/17 01:10 PM
Liz: hello :)
06/08/17 03:17 PM
Raven: Hey affie! My webstore prices have been permanently lowered! Come check it out :)
06/12/17 03:36 PM
Raven: hey would you please change my link from babyd0ll to bajacafe? thanks! :)
06/15/17 06:19 PM
Nicole: Atrocity is looking great Kaydee :) <3
06/15/17 07:47 PM
Sky: im gonna remove you from my affies since I have not been in yours for over a month.
06/16/17 08:41 PM
Sky: Hey affie! My site is reopen with a new layout & content! Come by & check it out! <3
06/26/17 12:43 AM
bunny: you're open! omg I love your layout <333
06/29/17 05:51 AM
Robin: Hey I'm so sorry I haven't updated my site Ive been busy cooking and stuff.
06/29/17 05:51 AM
Robin: I'll try to update and add you tomorrow okay
07/11/17 01:20 PM
Tyler: Hey! Would you mind sending me your email please <3
07/29/17 01:45 PM
Amanda: Would you like to be affies?
08/05/17 12:49 AM
Webmistress: --Cmt if we are affies or elites--
08/05/17 06:50 AM
Alexa: you're welcome!! glad it helped. pls credit though for the deco you used in your header <3 thanks!
08/07/17 08:11 PM
Rose: Hope you get things back. We were affies at one point
08/22/17 01:49 PM
Krystal: Hey I would love to be affies! Love your layout colors
08/22/17 05:45 PM
lol: lol
08/25/17 01:47 PM
Icedgurl: Earn more fast than other sites! Click this: http://tafmoney.club/843026198773/ Guaranteed.
08/27/17 11:28 AM
Sky: affies?
09/05/17 04:42 PM
megz: affie sweep: failed
09/22/17 09:33 AM
Miggy: Elites please or you will be removed thank you