04/22/18 01:22 AM
Karen57: Have a whopping head cold so will be somewhat quiet for a few days
04/21/18 03:02 PM
Moony: 2 sets of prizes posted for MM..I didn't tag members..Have a look if you posted for Monday Madness the last two weeks..Thank you ladies! Pick ups are posted in the games menu.
04/21/18 06:33 AM
Brenda: <temp5
04/21/18 12:43 AM
Kimberly: !temp9 If anyone wants to sign up for the next round of CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, please do it ASAP. I will close sign ups in a few days... http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/t10789-circle-of-friends-sign-up-for-may-june
04/21/18 12:42 AM
Kimberly: !temp9 If anyone would like to buy more tickets for the April Tube Raffle, please let me know ASAP. Next week, I will use the random number generator to pick the winner. These tickets are bought using your TOKENS.. http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/t10832-april-s-tube-raffle
04/20/18 09:46 AM
Shel: New Tag Shop offer: http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/t11079-king-neptune-100-tokens#274420
04/20/18 06:30 AM
Brenda: <temp5
04/19/18 12:18 PM
Kat4evr: ok gotta go, dialysis today. Have a good Thursday!
04/19/18 12:10 PM
Kat4evr: Prayers for her grandfather
04/19/18 12:10 PM
Kat4evr: plus kimberly has to fix the divider line too. she'll catch up soon
04/19/18 12:10 PM
Kat4evr: smilies for the group should be fine but the one for chatbox. different story
04/19/18 12:10 PM
Kat4evr: yeah
04/19/18 12:09 PM
Rose: they show under admin but not in the smilies box
04/19/18 12:09 PM
Rose: I think only Kimberly can change them.
04/19/18 12:05 PM
Kat4evr: unless this chatbox is from forumotions
04/19/18 12:05 PM
Kat4evr: not sure who has cbox account
04/19/18 12:04 PM
Kat4evr: as for chatbox smilies, they are showing, might want to go https://www.cbox.ws/products and redo the smilies> I doubt postimage has anything to do with cbox hmm
04/19/18 11:46 AM
Rose: Seaside tags are ready for pick up.
04/19/18 09:53 AM
MariaP: Your very welcome :)
04/19/18 09:50 AM
Darlene:: Thanks MariaP :-)
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