02/19/18 05:34 PM
Tiggy: Amela Cloe Alex and Clelinha \temp3 http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/f44-ooo-prize-tag-pick-up-ooo
02/19/18 12:49 PM
Rose: \temp2 I have a tag up for offer
02/19/18 12:40 PM
MariaP: So sorry you and your husband were so sick, Amela. I know the feeling. I was sick for 4 weeks and it was miserable. Hope you get to feeling well real soon.
02/19/18 12:29 PM
MariaP: /temp7 Hello everybody
02/19/18 10:19 AM
Corinna: I had that too Amela,was terrible. I hope you & hubby feel better soon. <temp2
02/19/18 10:01 AM
Amela: We are on the mend now, just very weak and still coughing
02/19/18 10:01 AM
Amela: Ladies so sorry for my absence. Hubby and I have been very sick with bronchitis. I haven't been this sick for over 18 years. Fever shot up to 102.6
02/19/18 09:09 AM
Brenda: I have two new WWO's up
02/19/18 07:26 AM
Brenda: <temp5
02/18/18 04:35 PM
Rose: Thank you everyone for freeing me!
02/18/18 02:25 PM
MariaP: Hot chocolate of course
02/18/18 02:25 PM
MariaP: Drinks are on me
02/18/18 02:25 PM
MariaP: lol
02/18/18 02:25 PM
02/18/18 02:24 PM
Alice: Rose is free....
02/18/18 02:20 PM
MariaP: Rose only needs 1 more post to be free!! http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/f25-o-the-jail-house-o
02/18/18 02:09 PM
MariaP: Hello everybody and welcome to Sunday
02/18/18 02:08 PM
MariaP: Go ahead...Rose only needs 1 more
02/18/18 01:39 PM
Ana: Krispy go post in the Jail House Then I'll go after then Rose will be Free!
02/18/18 01:28 PM
Krispy: Rose only needs 3 more posts to be free!! http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/f25-o-the-jail-house-o
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