06/29/17 09:41 AM
Shannon: my wwo is closed and picked up is posted. also post preview for the christmas tag a thon
06/29/17 08:21 AM
Shel: Got it! Honestly don't know how i missed it.
06/29/17 07:45 AM
Leilani: I am still working out the kinks for Mad Gab but I changed the prizes section of the rules if anyone would like to look.
06/29/17 06:25 AM
Tiggy: Rona, Shannon, Bridgette, Evita, Krispy, Leilani, Moony, Kimberly, ediths, Twylight, Shannon, Summer, Shel, Rose, Deeva, Marsh, Queel--yall have tags on my challenge board to Pick up
06/29/17 04:01 AM
Shel: BBL Going to rest for a bit
06/29/17 03:51 AM
Kimberly: I added in your letter.. so that post counts & you can play again.
06/29/17 03:51 AM
Kimberly: You can keep going, once someone has posted after you.
06/29/17 03:36 AM
Shel: Havn't tried Connect 4
06/29/17 03:36 AM
Shel: Is hangman a once a day thing or can i guess again?
06/29/17 03:34 AM
Kimberly: Connect 4 is one of my favorites
06/29/17 03:32 AM
Kimberly: Maybe Leilani could change it up later on.. giving maybe 5 people time to play.
06/29/17 03:32 AM
Kimberly: Hangman is fun!
06/29/17 03:27 AM
Shel: Ok, i'm trying hangman. Havn't played it before!
06/29/17 03:25 AM
Shel: Lol Time diff desn't help with the mad gab, it's always closed when i go to look at it. Looks fun though, great game Leilani :)
06/29/17 03:07 AM
Kimberly: ;temp03 I just posted a new WWO called "Wonderland"
06/29/17 02:46 AM
Shel: All checked Tiggy. Can't wait for the new ones to come out :)
06/29/17 02:46 AM
Shel: +temp02
06/28/17 08:11 PM
Tiggy: everyone check out the PSP Challenge board to see if you have a gift to pick up, will be deleting mine this weekend to add new ones
06/28/17 07:39 PM
Leilani: ok thanks for your help
06/28/17 07:39 PM
Rose: I will, I think that is it. I'm leaving the house and will be back later. Have a great evening.
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