10/17/17 10:23 AM
Amela: Krispy I refreshed and I still don't see mine
10/17/17 09:55 AM
Rose: That has happened with my stuff as well. You just never know when sites are going to be up or down.
10/17/17 09:48 AM
Krispy: For everybody having trouble seeing tags when I tag you for CRM pickups, once you click on the link, refresh it. All of the tags are there, but for whatever reason, they aren't showing up. When I refresh they all show up.
10/17/17 08:20 AM
Corinna: +temp06
10/17/17 06:40 AM
yvonne: Have a great day Tiggy bye
10/17/17 06:39 AM
yvonne: I have spent enough money on dumb CRM
10/17/17 06:39 AM
yvonne: I know thanks
10/17/17 06:39 AM
Tiggy: yvonne, if you go to picsfordesign and look for Alehandra Vanhek, all the tubes are $1
10/17/17 06:25 AM
yvonne: Kimberly that link gives us this An Error Was Encountered The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.
10/17/17 05:52 AM
Mia: Hope you have a beautiful day!!! /temp08
10/17/17 05:47 AM
Brenda: +temp02 Sure is cold here this morning. The temp are only going to be in the 50's during the day
10/17/17 05:31 AM
Mia: I find it very interesting how these offer list can change; Rose I didn't start that list it was started and I copied it from the one above me. SMH "Cow Betty" offer.
10/17/17 02:57 AM
Kimberly: +temp03
10/17/17 02:56 AM
Shel: Good night all who went/going to bed. :)
10/17/17 02:54 AM
Kimberly: For now, I am going to bed... goodnight!!!
10/17/17 02:54 AM
Kimberly: I need to check into getting exclusive tubes for Wonderland.. but I have no idea where to begin.
10/17/17 02:44 AM
Kimberly: <3 Sale!Sale!Sale! <3 All girls for 1$ Only 3 days http://picsfordesign.com/…/s…/date/auth/Alehandra_Vanhek.pix
10/17/17 02:31 AM
Kimberly: *temp10 http://xwonderlandx.forumotion.com/t8217-member-survey-earn-200-tokens
10/17/17 02:15 AM
Kimberly: +temp03
10/17/17 02:15 AM
Kimberly: 2 people in jail!
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