06/23/18 06:31 AM
Brenda: >temp2
06/22/18 09:36 PM
Poolie: BOOP!!!!
06/22/18 07:33 PM
Boop: oops ... I will have to see how much time I can promise. But I do miss everyone and I miss creating tags :) I will be back soon
06/22/18 07:32 PM
Boop: I also received an e-mail ... I am going to think about this while she is on vacation. I have missed the Doll world a lot, however I am working so much, I will have to
06/22/18 06:51 AM
Darlene:: Hi Brenda!
06/22/18 06:51 AM
Darlene:: >temp3 Welcome DustyRose and Betty!
06/22/18 06:33 AM
Brenda: >temp2 Welcome DustyRose and Betty
06/22/18 05:04 AM
Kimberly: Betty, you will have to login with your username each time and you have a long one. If you want, you can do like most of us did and go to your profile and change it to just Betty.
06/22/18 05:02 AM
Kimberly: >temp1 We are packed and ready to go. We will leave in 30 minutes. I am popping in to say GOOD MORNING and GOOD BYE. I will see you all on the 28th or the 29th, depending on how late it is when we get in. Also, please welcome our 2 new members. One is Betty from the doll world.. and one is a returning member, DustyRose.
06/22/18 01:29 AM
Betty: I found an old email from 2013 with all my doll heads you sent me Kimberly . A lot of my tags I saved in photobucket I can't seem to get back in there ,but will keep trying , well have a nice vacation .
06/22/18 01:26 AM
Betty: my typing seems to be double lol
06/22/18 01:24 AM
Betty: Hi everyone , It's been a long time ,
06/22/18 01:17 AM
Betty: hi everyone , It's been along time, Thank you Kimberly for having us back
06/22/18 01:04 AM
Betty: hi , it s been a long time. so glad to hear from you
06/21/18 10:30 PM
Loroli: Is it closed?
06/21/18 09:09 PM
Bubs: I wish I knew why they closed Kimberly.
06/21/18 07:56 PM
Suzie: hi Kimberly .. and idk never heard about that place..
06/21/18 07:16 PM
Kimberly: Did anyone ever find out why 2GirlGraphics closed all of a sudden with no warning?
06/21/18 07:15 PM
Kimberly: Welcome back DustyRose
06/21/18 07:14 PM
Kimberly: Stopping by for a minute while I wait on my hubby to get home. I can't pack anymore of my stuff until I finish the last load of laundry.
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