16/07/19 01:25
BluesRadio: :ship:
16/07/19 01:25
BluesRadio: :keep:
15/07/19 19:00
Chris A.: Many thanks to all for listening .......L-O-V-E Chris A. :gltu1: :byenew:
15/07/19 18:40
Chris A.: Eva Carboni .... and Gaetano Pellino two songs " Special Requests" for our listeners from Italy!!
15/07/19 18:37
Chris A.: :no1new: :brgr: :no1new:
15/07/19 17:59
Chris A.: Gustavo Andrade is an artist from Brazil and his new album " Studio sessions" ONLY FROM BR. Enjoy it ! :rs:
15/07/19 17:51
Chris A.: Robert Cray Band >>>>> 1040 Blues ....Special request.
15/07/19 17:20
Chris A.: :median: :median: :median: :djnew: :median: :median: :median:
15/07/19 17:11
Chris A.: Trainman blues is the brainchild of Irish blues singer Richard Farrell and Danish producer and bassist Laust Nielsen.They have recently written, produced and recorded songs together over the last 8 months and they’re looking forward to releasing an album by the start of 2018.(From BR music library) :yes:
15/07/19 16:57
Chris A.: Good afternoon to all....for the next two hours " Special Blues-Live" :th you: :g: :chris:
13/07/19 00:48
BluesRadio: :rory:
13/07/19 00:48
BluesRadio: :bb king:
13/07/19 00:48
BluesRadio: :brgr:
12/07/19 19:00
Chris A.: A nice weekend to all..many thanks for listening.L-O-V-E ...Chris A. :th you: :byenew:
12/07/19 18:38
Chris A.: Harry Brus is a blues-rock artist from New Zealand.Only in Blues radio. :play g:
12/07/19 17:35
12/07/19 17:02
Chris A.: :median: :median: :median: :listen: :median: :median: :median:
12/07/19 16:56
Chris A.: Good afternoon to all....good morning to States....for the next two houts " Special Blues-Live" :gltu1: :chris:
12/07/19 11:54
Chris A.: Today at 18:00 and for the next two hours , Chris A. he will play blues & blues rock bands and solo artists from Australia & New Zealand. A music Bles Radio dedication to our listeners in the Pacific Ocean.Don'd missed. :thanks: :ya:
12/07/19 11:52
Chris A.: :morningnew: :median: :median: :median: :kalimera:
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