23/03/19 12:17
BluesRadio: :keep:
23/03/19 12:16
BluesRadio: :lnew:
22/03/19 20:00
Chris A.: :gltu:
22/03/19 19:44
Chris A.: Richard Last Group ..it's a band from Italy singing in 1972 the old time classic of Deep Purple.Enjoy it!! ONLY FROM BR!!
22/03/19 18:23
Chris A.: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median:
22/03/19 18:09
Chris A.: :drams: :nrock: :g:
22/03/19 18:00
Chris A.: Good afternoon to all. For the next two hours " Special Blues-Live" . :gltu1: :median: :chris:
22/03/19 15:40
BluesRadio: @Anto ..many thanks , best greetings to you and yours , enjoy BR :wecolor:
22/03/19 14:40
Anto: The best. very good. Thanx for the music, from Chile
22/03/19 12:02
Chris A.: Τoday March 22nd 2019 at 18.00-20.00 (Athens time- 10.00 NY time) for one more time..... "Special Blues" the music production of CHRIS A. for the Blues Radio. :g:
22/03/19 12:01
Chris A.: :hinew: :median: :morningnew: :kalimera:
20/03/19 04:36
BluesRadio: :rockin:
20/03/19 04:36
BluesRadio: :ship:
18/03/19 19:37
Chris A.: :gnew:
18/03/19 19:23
Chris A.: People, just my opinion but, I find this combo about as good as I think it can get! Enjoy! ONLY FROM BLUES RADIO!! :bang: :play g:
18/03/19 19:22
Chris A.: If you play this over and over you can pick up on the various musicians. The drummer - harmonica player is awesome - he is also the singer when they are otherwise performing. The guitar player is extremely talented - listen to his solo. The piano player is difficult to pick out but he sure does know how to play. I am very, very impressed by the bass guitar player - please try to pick out his playing - to me it is just extremely good! (MAGIC SLIM WITH BLUE-JEANS BLUES BAND -Live in Brazil)
18/03/19 18:44
Chris A.: :play g: :play g: :nrock: :g:
18/03/19 18:11
Chris A.: :no1new: :247: :no1new:
18/03/19 18:11
Chris A.: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median: :median:
18/03/19 18:03
Chris A.: For the next two hours " Special Blues-Live" :gltu1: :chris:
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