20/09/19 17:47
Chris A.: The other side of one song who write the Canadian song-writer and singer L. Cohen. ONLY FROM B.R.
20/09/19 17:04
Chris A.: :rory:
20/09/19 16:55
Chris A.: For the next two hours " Special Blues-Live" :thanks: :djnew: :chris:
20/09/19 16:02
Chris A.: :hinew: Good afternoon to all in all over the world.
19/09/19 15:29
BluesRadio: :bb king:
19/09/19 15:29
BluesRadio: :brgr:
18/09/19 22:36
Henk: :ggguitar:
18/09/19 10:44
joe: IH
18/09/19 10:16
Chris A.: In 2009, a former Animals roadie published a book claiming that Jimi’s manager had admitted to him that he arranged the murder of Hendrix, since the guitarist wanted out of his contract.(From the music library of BR) :g:
18/09/19 10:15
Chris A.: ON THIS DAY : 1970 - Jimi Hendrix was pronounced dead on arrival at St. Mary Abbot's Hospital in London at the age of 27 after choking on his own vomit. Hendrix left the message 'I need help bad man', on his managers answer phone earlier that night.. Rumors and conspiracy theories grew up around Hendrix’s death. Eric Burdon claimed Jimi had committed suicide, but that’s contradicted by reports that he was in a good frame of mind.
18/09/19 10:13
Chris A.: :morningnew: :median: :median: :kalimera:
17/09/19 23:06
Henk: :listen:
17/09/19 15:48
Anto: Gretting from Chile. As always listening to good music from BR. :thanks:
16/09/19 19:01
Chris A.: :no1new: :red: :no1new:
16/09/19 18:32
Chris A.: "SHADOWPLAY PROJECT" It's a Greek blues-rock band od the city of Kavala.
16/09/19 18:02
Chris A.: Snowy White & Jeff Allen in old time blues-rock of Peter Green " Looking for somebody "
16/09/19 17:54
BluesRadio: @Anto , welcome , saludos , enjy BR :cheers:
16/09/19 17:19
Chris A.: Simon Kinny-Lewis is an blues-rock artist from far away Australia. :yes:
16/09/19 17:00
Chris A.: Good afternoon to all , for the next two hours " Special Blues-Live" :gltu1: :djnew: :chris:
16/09/19 16:41
Chris A.: Welcome Anto...salutos to all in Chile..stay tumed and emjoy the BR :thanks:
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