19/08/17 12:59
Chris A.: Χαιρετωωωωωωωωωωωωωω απαντες.....
19/08/17 12:59
Chris A.: THIS DAY IN MUSIC : 1971, Led Zeppelin kicked off a North American tour at the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, Canada. The band played to a sold out crowd of over 17,000 fans, another 3,000 fans outside the venue who didn't have tickets started a battle with local police. :g: (Info by Blues Radio music office) :g:
18/08/17 21:37
Jimmy D: Hello Blues world :bang:
18/08/17 15:08
Chris A.: :1348: :1348: :ship: :1348: :1348:
18/08/17 15:01
Chris A.: Today died one great artist of the Greek cinema....Zoi Laskari...they found her in New Makri dead inside in her summer home. :heart:
18/08/17 14:35
BluesRadio: :musica: :cheers:
18/08/17 12:13
Chris A.: THIS DAY IN MUSIC : 1969, Mick Jagger was accidentally shot in the hand during filming of Ned Kelly in Australia. The film was dogged by problems: Jagger's girlfriend of the time, Marianne Faithfull, had gone to Australia to play the lead female role (Ned's sister, Maggie), but the Jagger-Faithfull relationship was breaking up, and she took an overdose of sleeping tablets soon after arrival in Sydney resulting in being hospitalised in a coma, and pulling out of the film. (Info by BR ) :g:
18/08/17 12:12
BluesRadio: @Chris A. ..papou papou .....pou kai pou !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap:
18/08/17 11:35
Chris A.: :play g: :gm: :play g:
17/08/17 19:17
Chris A.: Who have birthday,today??
17/08/17 19:16
Chris A.: :listen: :yourock: :listen:
17/08/17 13:13
Chris A.: Thio..ela dipla sto allo
17/08/17 13:12
BluesRadio: :247:
17/08/17 13:09
Chris A.: Bojorno a tuti..
17/08/17 12:30
Jimmy D: :hello1: Blues brothers
17/08/17 03:03
BluesRadio: @milan ...welcome , enjoy BR :listen:
17/08/17 02:14
milan: :cheers:
17/08/17 02:10
milan: ευχαριστίες !!! Great music :th you:
17/08/17 02:09
milan: Great music!!
16/08/17 23:33
Jimmy D: :40:
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