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27 Jan 20, 04:09 PM
kissthemgoodbye: @g - Not sure about Riverdale as not one of my (randomkiwibirds) claims but I've added it to the request list. CAOS Pt3 should be hitting the galleries today!
27 Jan 20, 04:11 PM
kissthemgoodbye: @meren - Chernobyl is on our period drama gallery --> http://www.kissthemgoodbye.net/PeriodDrama/index.php?cat=289
27 Jan 20, 04:13 PM
kissthemgoodbye: @g, @luna, @meren, - Thank you for all your kind words :)
1 Feb 20, 09:39 AM
kissthemgoodbye: Requests are now closed untl March - all requests up to this point have been logged! Thanks everyone -
4 Feb 20, 11:45 PM
ClaireDunphy: @kissthemgoodbye @KISSTHEMGOODBYE.NET-Hi i was wondering if you can perhaps put The friends screencaps and modern family s11 screencaps to the top or somewhat top of your list?
4 Feb 20, 11:45 PM
ClaireDunphy: @kissthemgoodbye @KISSTHEMGOODBYE.NET The reason im asking is bc i am writing fanfics and i'd like to use them. If you can't it's understandable but thought I'd ask anyways.
5 Feb 20, 12:30 PM
meren: thanks so much again!
6 Feb 20, 12:34 PM
stacia: any chance of getting f the prom capped.? or anything else with danielle campbell in ?
6 Feb 20, 07:43 PM
ClaireDunphy: @KISSTHEMGOODBYE.NET @kissthemgoodbye- hi sorry to bother y’all I just wanted to ask if you all got my message regarding friends and modern family?
7 Feb 20, 04:55 PM
KISSTHEMGOODBYE: @ClaireDunphy Our priorities are currently airing shows but we have your requests noted and will get to them asap.
8 Feb 20, 01:53 AM
CLAIREDUNPHY: @kissthemgoodbye I truly appreciate it and Thank you for taking the time to respond
9 Feb 20, 07:13 PM
KK Fan: Will you guys be covering the Riverdale spin off Katy Keene?
10 Feb 20, 04:35 PM
AT30: What happened to the Faking It galleries?
11 Feb 20, 09:10 AM
KISSTHEMGOODBYE: @KK Fan Episode one of Katy Keene has been posted! http://thetvshows.us/thumbnails.php?album=4354
11 Feb 20, 09:10 AM
KISSTHEMGOODBYE: @AT30 Faking It can now be found here - http://www.kissthemgoodbye.net/tvshows/index.php?cat=668
11 Feb 20, 08:00 PM
Carl: Hi. I was wondering do you plan to cap season 2 of All American?
12 Feb 20, 02:20 AM
ClaireDunphy: Hi I was curious because modern family s11 is airing(and you said you're doing airing shows) is it possible to do push it sooner? I understand if you can't but just curious @kissthemgoodbye.net
15 Feb 20, 03:40 AM
18 Feb 20, 08:40 PM
KISSTHEMGOODBYE: @ClaireDunphy It all depends whether or not the show is claimed by a capper and it currently isn't. You can keep an eye on what's claimed here - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1H_r22f_O9B7Zz2O
23 Feb 20, 05:15 AM
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