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17 Oct 19, 11:52 PM
bibimoneo: Did u know when will the screencaps of light as a feather season 2b will be available?
19 Oct 19, 05:33 PM
unicornery: Thanks for the Good Place caps! Love that Derek
22 Oct 19, 12:01 PM
Kim: Can you do also Almost Family, FOX show?
23 Oct 19, 12:27 PM
RALLO: @all- the requests should be open in december but until then don't request anything. It'd help them a lot to catch up on the caps that people have been requesting
24 Oct 19, 12:19 AM
Izzy: can you possibly do NBC's manifest?
24 Oct 19, 01:50 AM
kissthemgoodbye: We've decided to keep requests closed through November to give our new cappers some time to settle in! We hope to reopen them in December. Sorry about this - and thank you for your continued paitence
24 Oct 19, 09:05 AM
Aquamarine: Hi...
11 Nov 19, 07:06 PM
M: Thank you so much for Mayans MC caps, can't tell you how much I appreciate it!
24 Nov 19, 06:36 PM
kissthemgoodbye: To help with file volume/space some of the ended shows will be moving to the ended shows gallery at http://kissthemgoodbye.net/tvshows/ (1/2)
24 Nov 19, 06:37 PM
kissthemgoodbye: (2/2) So if the ended show you are looking for is no longer here - please check that gallery. Thanks -
27 Nov 19, 04:12 PM
reece: hi the sweet/vicious gallery is no longer working!! please help!!
28 Nov 19, 01:06 AM
kissthemgoodbye: @reece Please see our previous messages in the cbox. Sweet/Vicious was moved here --> http://www.kissthemgoodbye.net/tvshows/index.php?cat=570
1 Dec 19, 06:49 PM
kissthemgoodbye: Requests are remaining closed through Dec more info here --> https://grande-caps.livejournal.com/2359081.html But they will be reopened in Jan!
4 Dec 19, 02:47 PM
clairedunphy: @kissthemgoodbye @KISSTHEMGOODBYE.NET hi, i was just wondering when the final season of modern family will be updated?
4 Dec 19, 03:33 PM
wannabesuperboy: are you looking for someone to take she ra screencaps? i noticed your caps aren't as comprehensive as they could be
5 Dec 19, 03:43 AM
M: Thank you so much for the Protector caps. Might've squealed in delight when I saw that! :lol:
7 Dec 19, 12:15 PM
juliete: thank you so much for tell me a story season 1 screencaps! are you going to upload season 2 too?
8 Dec 19, 10:57 AM
T: Thank you SO MUCH for uploading the Expanse!!!
9 Dec 19, 06:54 AM
luppiters: Thank you so much for all the work you do <3 I truly appreciate the amount of effort you've put into both websites!
14 Dec 19, 03:21 AM
lj: thank you so much for the she-ra screencaps. i'm currently here for the she-ra caps, but i just want to say thank you for all the other shows bc i'm sure i've used a lot of them <3