18 Oct 15, 02:42 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ A sigh of relief escaped his pressed lips as he was completely relieved at the situation being diverted. Taking his seat between the two he nudged his buddy with his elbow in a way to thank him and grab his attention. This one might be just as crazy them both!!}{ "Well Hisoka, you must join us in our celebration!! You see..it is Moonstruck's Unbirthday Day!! The greatest day of the all!"
18 Oct 15, 02:40 AM
MoOnStRucK: Circles and eye balls, circles are pretty, a tasty wonderful, just like black grapies." { No sooner than the words passed his lips, moon was sprawled out atop the stone slab fast asleep dreaming of chasing gigantic hot dogs covered in chocolate.}
18 Oct 15, 02:37 AM
Hisoka: " You want to lick my eyeball..? "|| Hisoka was at first taken aback by what the other had blurted out, but it didn't take long before the laughter that was threatening to bubble out from his vocals was released.. The sweet chime of his laughter would depart from his lips as he allowed a smile to tug at his lips.. And even though Zero was trying to ruin the moment, Hisoka found it rather easy to ignore the creature within..|| " A pleasure, Azazele.. You may call me and my lovely count-... I.. Mean, you may call me Hisoka. "
18 Oct 15, 02:32 AM
MoOnStRucK: "And he says I am the crazy one" [Moon then stuffs his mouth with one of the rats on a stick that he had ordered after returning to his seat] "I'll eat my rats, to hold me down, to make me smile, i'll make you frown."
18 Oct 15, 02:29 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ He coughed to clear his throat, his eyes glistened against the young male affront him. Goodness gracious he was stunning!! A deep cherry hue stained his porcelain cheeks not only from the embarrassment but also the liquor beginning to warm his blood. He eyes still wide, he could feel his heart trying to escape his chest and his mind would not stop racing. He did not have a plan!! Oh fuck! Grasping for anything he blurted out the first thing that came to mind, his attention solely on the stranger.}{ "I wanna lick you eye ball!!!! Shit balls!! I mean hi. Hello. We are. Fuck. I mean I am Azazele, the Mad Hatter."
18 Oct 15, 02:25 AM
Hisoka: Test.
18 Oct 15, 02:18 AM
Hisoka: || He had followed the other to the bar.. Slipping into a seat of which he was appointed too. Not a single sound would be made from Hisoka as he had brought his gaze to give the one whom the other referred to as 'The Hatter'.. Upon farther observation, Hisoka had found that The Hatter was rather a good looking man and a very tall on at that.. Puzzled slightly, he had did his best to listen in on the convo that the duo had shared...'He did it...? Did what? ' Hisoka had wondered as he blinked blankly at the two.. || "So... Odd... "
18 Oct 15, 02:12 AM
Mad Hatter: }{He swallowed the tequila in a heavy gulp, his eyes never wandering from the two in the corner so he noticed to all his surprise that Mon was in fact successful! What?! With wide eyes he quickly snatched up his hat while he straightened himself to his full height before smoothing his coat proper.}{ "Holy shitty titties you did!! The night is one me buddy!!"
18 Oct 15, 02:08 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Feck yeah. I got this! "Ehhh Hatta, lookit!" [He turned toward the 'catch of the night' and beckoned for him to follow. "Zish way, down the rabbit hole..mwahahah a rabit hole. Rabbit. Hippy-hop." Moon continued to talk to himself as he lead the new person toward the Hatter and actually handled the person to sit on the left side of the hatter as he took the seat on the right and grabbed for his next blue shot.] "Next calla!"
18 Oct 15, 02:04 AM
Hisoka: || At first, Hisoka's gaze was distant. Only part of his attention was focused upon the individual whom went on about the Cookie Monster... The other half was trying to deal with the voices that were pretty much screaming within his head. His more sinister counterpart Zero was fighting to be released, be luckily Hisoka had a good grip upon the menace that bothered him relentlessly.. Whispering under his breath he had told the voices to shut up, his lips slightly snarling as he took on a stern tone. 'Shut up, Zero...' His features going dark for a mere second.. And in what seemed like the flick of a switch, Hisoka had allowed a smile to curve upon his mauve pigemented lips... Still slightly unsure of what the gentleman? had even asked of him. But he had agreed anyways. || "E-eh.. Sure.. "
18 Oct 15, 02:04 AM
Dyruka: <Dyruka watched the entire mess fall apart and she could barley hold her posture. Going under the counter, she pulled out the best tequila and began to pout him a double before she went back to her duties for the night.>
18 Oct 15, 02:01 AM
Mad Hatter: Dropped*
18 Oct 15, 02:00 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ That smile that was once gleaming from ear to ear drop in the motion as head while in come into contact with the countetop. He went there!! He can not believe he went there. Pointing to fingers in there to call Dyruaka.}{ "For fucks sake Moon!! I'm gonna need a teqwila!!"
18 Oct 15, 01:54 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Moon smirked as he could half read the expressions upon the persons face. He cleared his throat to speak, the scent of cotton candy rolled from his lips thickly. "My my, my comrade would like to come and eat a cookie with a monster are you interested?He is a good man, beast, boy, hatter...he is a perfect hatta! Let us go eat the cookies of the monster." Moon glanced back at hatter and gave him a thumbs up as if he was the best wing man ever!]
18 Oct 15, 01:49 AM
Hisoka: || His attention was soley focusing upon his gloved hands, a'fore he heard an unfamiliar voice call out.. to him? Lifting his metallic gaze upwards, his eyes would allow a single well manicured brow to quirk skywards. Who... Why him....? Hisoka had thought to himself...|| " U-uhm.. Hi there. " || And as soon as he had opened his mouth to speak, the voice of Zero had started to chime within his head-- As he silently fiddled with a piece of rusted scrap metal between his nimble fingers...||
18 Oct 15, 01:46 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ Almost instantly he was drenched in regret. He loved Moon. He really did. With all of his blacken heart but if the Gods be with him tonight if that beauty didn't run for the hill! Picking himself back up from the floor in a single bound before chugging back another shot. He was going to need it. }{
18 Oct 15, 01:45 AM
Hisoka: [+]
18 Oct 15, 01:43 AM
Hisoka: || Turning his attention away from the duo, Hisoka had curled his lithe form back into his seat.. The BarKeep of the night continuously looking towards his general direction as he allowed his soft pout to part-His voice rolling from his lips like liquid honey as he spoke || " I'll take one of your Strawberry Big Boy's.. Thanks. " ||His voice would fall silent as he allowed his eyes to wander.. The tavern was a cozy type of place and most of all warm. there were many people knocking back Smurff shots--Along with brawly men starting to get a little rowdy. Ah. What fun. ||
18 Oct 15, 01:42 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Moon was yanked down by that of his fallen friend. "The feck!...AHHHHH" He hit the ground with a thud ,but did not spill one drop of his beloved smurf. "My p[recious!!" He caught his glass by the tips of his fingers and managed to push the blue liquid toward his mouth and down his throat hole! "Sweet Jebus!" Soon he was looking at his friend blankly as if he did not understand what was being asked of him. ".........Be no crazy, no crazy, im crazy, i be crazy!" He snapped the fingers of his free hand and thrusted himself upward to his feet. " I am the winged man, here me roar! His eyes were darted to that of the new comer that entered after they had. This person was odd looking and yet he would do for his friend. He walked up to the new person like a snake in the ground- smooth and slick. "Hello der preddy person you."
18 Oct 15, 01:36 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ Hatter made no attempt to move his bodice from where he sat, his sunset optics narrowed at his compadre. How dare he laugh?!! In a blur, with a noobish detailed god move, he yanked Moon from the bar stool whilst free hand waved like a mad man at the mysterious beauty across the room. Using harsh whispers he spoke to his friend.}{ "Be a friend!! A good friend..and go be my wing man. A don't be crazy for once!"
18 Oct 15, 01:31 AM
Hisoka: || It was obvious, Hisoka would be out of place here.. Two lunatics drinking a little past their limit.. But should he stay? Or should he leave to embark on another adventure..? The sun at this hour was already well past set and the moon was already well risen. And being without a proper coat, Hisoka had thought it in his best interest to stay... Side stepping cautiously to his left, he had made his way over to the corner to where an empty seat greeted him.. As one of the men fell onto their bottoms, the flamboyant beauty would snap his head upright. Gazing at the duo with the utmost quizzical expression. || "...."
18 Oct 15, 01:29 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Moon could not hold back his laughter! As soon as he seen his best friend fall to the ground, ass in the air, he pointed a long manicured finger at his fallen comrade and commenced to laugh his ass off. His snorting could have woken a giant beast from a hibernation. There was nothing else in the world more comical than to see somebody get hurt. His eyes bulged out and twitched in his crazy- something he had no control of.]
18 Oct 15, 01:25 AM
Mad Hatter: }{ Never one to miss a beat Hatter quickly reached to place his shot to his lips. Titling his head backward in a steep guzzle he spotted the stranger as he walked through the door, caught off guard by his beauty the large wraith lost his footing falling on his ass to floor with a loud BOOM!! No words escaped just a simple squeak of gasp in air. }{
18 Oct 15, 01:21 AM
MoOnStRucK: [His laugh was mechanical and devilish to say the least. He turned to his friend and with a large Cheshire smile, he coiled his nimble finders round his shot glass and quickly downed his ' first ' shot of the night. "Fore you got here, I was only sippin. Now times will surly get better. We need a brake from the lack of all that we are missing in our lives. Let us start here with the smurf and maybe get a smurf-ette as well! [Moon stifles a chuckle and he winks at the hatter.]
18 Oct 15, 01:21 AM
Hisoka: || Hisoka would make his way into the tavern, his eyes holding a sort of disinterest as he had pushed the door ajar with his right hand.. Walking over the threshold of the entry way, a sort of puzzled look would befall his flawless features as he allowed his liquid gaze of mercury to sweep over his surroundings.||
18 Oct 15, 01:17 AM
Mad Hatter: || He chuckled for knew where this was surely headed. Absent-minded he placed his hat atop the bar before proceeding to wrap his lanky free arm around his friend, his brethren.|| "After this shit we have seen today we need all you gots to erase the slate! Even if we drop just pour it down our throats!"
18 Oct 15, 01:13 AM
MoOnStRucK: der'in?"
18 Oct 15, 01:13 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Moon did not need to look, for her knew the locals of his best friend. From the depths of the world, did he know his friend. He carelessly, smashed his fist atop the stone slab and demanded a round of the infamous Smurf shots-doubles! "And keep them comingbarrrrkeep!" Hatta! mu-feker! How are you der-
18 Oct 15, 01:09 AM
Mad Hatter: || The wraith was in hot pursuit of Moonstruck, hard on his heels he slipped in before the door made its close. With great manners he pulled his signature top hat from his head whilst he made to his seat beside his bestie. || "I will take a double of that!!"
18 Oct 15, 01:04 AM
MoOnStRucK: [Moon wonders over to the tavern bar stool, that which were made out of white oak wood. He sad down and began to order his normal order- Smurf shots. "A drink for real men, ya lazy fucks. Get ta orderin'....like a man. Swine!" Needless to say, Moon was already intoxicated more than what was good for him.]
18 Oct 15, 01:02 AM
Haru: Dont be afraid guys
18 Oct 15, 12:54 AM
MoOnStRucK: text
18 Oct 15, 12:49 AM
Haru: For everyone's knowledge this is an in character chat room
18 Oct 15, 12:43 AM
Haru: ish the coolest
18 Oct 15, 12:41 AM
Haru: Hey
18 Oct 15, 12:41 AM
Haru: Heyy
18 Oct 15, 12:27 AM
MoOnStRucK: Welcome to the tavern ladies and fucks!
17 Oct 15, 11:16 PM
Haru: BOOM!!!