Loretta: osiyo white feather
white feather: osiyo
Loretta: (Ning Help Center) Oct 2, 16:36 EEST Hello! Thank you for contacting us! Our technical team is a
Ms Down-to-Earth: Your patience is appreciated.
Ms Down-to-Earth: Loretta has contacted Ning's technical team re: slow post times,, etc.
Ms Down-to-Earth: The voting feature was a separate link from LadyHawk as well
Ning: yes
Ning: yes we are
Ms. Down-to-Earth: Cbox and Ning are separate (it's a feature LadyHawk linked to our site)
Michael Johnson: also cbox limiting script?
Michael Johnson: after extended maintenance
Michael Johnson: latest activity ends after 1 hr. no way to go farther back anymore also on profile started last nite
Michael Johnson: Is Ning messing with us again?