24 Jul 17, 12:23 PM
Ace: XD Omg That's awesome
24 Jul 17, 12:05 PM
Dessy: Omg, Ed is taller than Punz by an inch.
24 Jul 17, 05:11 AM
Mobile.M: DS playing now that I finally found games other than luigis mansion and pkmn sun 😭 I had been missing my animal crossing and story of seasons foreverrr
24 Jul 17, 05:10 AM
Mobile.M: I've gotta fold these towels then sort ed's claims for Kyros and I think that'll be it for the laptop for tonight til I get home. Just a couple hours left til shift ends so I can easily fill that with
24 Jul 17, 04:40 AM
Claire: I don't think I need to do that with Thel unless I drop him (which I probably won't)
24 Jul 17, 04:38 AM
Mobile.M: Extra boi
24 Jul 17, 04:37 AM
Claire: Well Rick always has to do the most
24 Jul 17, 04:36 AM
Mobile.M: 😂😂
24 Jul 17, 04:36 AM
Mobile.M: Most things it's like "ok well they just left and this is the replacement" but no Rick burned his classroom down
24 Jul 17, 04:35 AM
Mobile.M: An established time/reason for leaving I wanna put it on there xD cause tbh that blaze of glory is I c o n I c
24 Jul 17, 04:35 AM
Mobile.M: Well ideally it's a reference point for people to go to when bringing in new characters or just new people joining in general getting caught up and so for any professor that was here for a bit and has
24 Jul 17, 04:34 AM
Mobile.M: XD
24 Jul 17, 04:24 AM
Claire: I'm so glad Rick setting his classroom on fire is in the actual site timeline
24 Jul 17, 04:02 AM
M .: -pat-
24 Jul 17, 03:36 AM
Kyros: -sits and screeches-
24 Jul 17, 03:10 AM
M .: nighty night beeb <3
24 Jul 17, 03:10 AM
iAce: Ok, Bedtime for me lol! Nini!
24 Jul 17, 03:10 AM
iAce: <3 <3 That's awesome!
24 Jul 17, 03:09 AM
M .: X'D
24 Jul 17, 03:09 AM
M .: sidenote, there's a documentary on hbo called "beware the slenderman"
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