6 Jan 18, 02:38 PM
wowbeat: Hello, we have some new updates on wowbeat. come check it out! ^^
31 Dec 17, 04:12 PM
brandi: thanks for stopping by!! :D
31 Dec 17, 03:33 PM
brandi: Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year ♥
28 Dec 17, 07:33 AM
Rach: Thanks Mireu!! You too!! <3 :)
24 Dec 17, 06:19 AM
Rach: Hi Mireu! I love coming to your site! Hope you have Happy Holidays!! :)
23 Dec 17, 04:06 PM
Lucien: Thank you. :) I’m doing well - a bit tired because I’ve beenhelping my mum to prep things for Xmas.
18 Dec 17, 05:54 PM
Lucien: Hakanaii.net finally reopened and has new look and new things; come check it out. :)
12 Dec 17, 08:00 PM
Pim: Hi Mireu! How's it going? Hope you're well. Just admiring your site love your designs <3
23 Nov 17, 12:18 PM
Pim: Hi Mireu! long time no hear how you been doing? hope you're well happy Thanksgiving
18 Nov 17, 12:42 PM
brandi: Brandi here! ♥ just stopping by to say hi & let you know that i'm back and my site has a new look, a
31 Oct 17, 05:56 PM
wowbeat: and thank you for keeping wowbeat's link up
31 Oct 17, 05:56 PM
wowbeat: Hello Wowbeat has a new layout. We hope you will visit us.
23 Oct 17, 10:03 AM
Sasha: Awesome, I have added your link to the site. Take care! :)
4 Oct 17, 10:13 AM
wowbeat: i will reply with 9daily ^^ also sorry for the spam but people rarely read my blogs.
4 Oct 17, 10:12 AM
wowbeat: go to my personal website https://9-daily.blogspot.com if you happen to ask it on wowbeat then
4 Oct 17, 09:58 AM
wowbeat: wowbeat is no longer a one person website. so if you have any personal question for me (nine) then
4 Oct 17, 09:58 AM
wowbeat: Hello, wowbeat has a new layout and you have passed the affie check. also wowbeat has some changes
5 Sep 17, 12:30 AM
Pim: Hi Mireu ❤ It's been a while. How are you? ❤
24 Aug 17, 05:51 AM
Sasha: How about you, how you been? I hope well :) Take care!
24 Aug 17, 05:51 AM
Sasha: Heya Mireu! I'm been feeling better lately :D I'll be back to updating the site more regularly
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