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19/04/18 01:43 AM
imogen: i can't seem to find anywhere to post a topic?
19/04/18 01:43 AM
Natalie: Oh, it's under 'my controls'.
19/04/18 01:43 AM
Natalie: Personal profile > change username
19/04/18 01:43 AM
Natalie: If you're talking about putting up an app, it's under applications.
19/04/18 01:49 AM
Natalie: Also, I'd recommend reading up on the plot so you know what's going on so here you go! [link]
19/04/18 01:50 AM
imogen: thank you <3
19/04/18 01:56 AM
Natalie: No problem.
19/04/18 02:53 AM
imogen: alright, got the wip up! ^^
19/04/18 02:53 AM
Natalie: Awesome!
19/04/18 02:53 AM
Natalie: What time is it there for you?
19/04/18 02:54 AM
imogen: like 5 in the morning xD
19/04/18 02:54 AM
Natalie: Sleep lmao
19/04/18 02:54 AM
imogen: yup x3
19/04/18 02:54 AM
imogen: but luna's history and character summary are done, once i wake up i'll go ahead and finish the history
19/04/18 02:54 AM
Natalie: Luna?
19/04/18 02:54 AM
Natalie: You mean Lily.
19/04/18 02:55 AM
imogen: yeah referring to her by her middle name, sorry xD
19/04/18 02:55 AM
Natalie: Lol okay
19/04/18 02:55 AM
Natalie: If you say Luna, I'd think of Luna Lovegood.
19/04/18 02:58 AM
imogen: xD no worries
19/04/18 02:58 AM
Natalie: Albus says he's looking forward to playing with Lily.
19/04/18 03:08 AM
imogen: :D
19/04/18 03:12 AM
Natalie: Go to sleep, man. It's 5am there.
19/04/18 03:14 AM
imogen: i'm on my way, i just saw this on the way to bed e.e
19/04/18 06:22 AM
Cassandra mobile: Super late but welcome, Imogen! If you have any questions please feel free to ask me or Jess, we're admins here and would be happy to help. You can also drop us a PM if you need! Looks like you're in our time zone so I'll peek in occasionally today <3
19/04/18 06:22 AM
Natalie: Hey Cass!
19/04/18 06:26 AM
Cassandra mobile: Helloo
19/04/18 06:30 AM
Natalie: How are you?
19/04/18 06:42 AM
Cassandra mobile: So sleepy x_x
19/04/18 12:19 PM
imogen: *peeks in*
19/04/18 12:30 PM
Cassandra mobile: Hi Imogen!
19/04/18 12:51 PM
imogen: hai! :D
19/04/18 01:15 PM
Cassandra mobile: I'm wrangling the toddler so I'm slow but here if you need c:
19/04/18 01:16 PM
Cassandra mobile: It's exciting to have a lily coming!
19/04/18 01:20 PM
Lylo Ren: hi imogen!!
19/04/18 02:29 PM
imogen: hai! sorry i keep ducking in and out, i'm half asleep today xD
19/04/18 06:36 PM
Natalie: Hello.
20/04/18 01:07 PM
Natalie: /rolls in/
20/04/18 07:38 PM
Cassandra: :party
21/04/18 08:45 AM
Natalie: Heya.
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