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16/05/19 04:48 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: alright then
16/05/19 04:51 PM
Billie: I like childfc for younger characters, but you gotta run their name through google for the 13+ rule
16/05/19 04:51 PM
Billie: but they've got lots of suggestions for younger folks
16/05/19 04:51 PM
Jess: Oooh thanks for the resource, Billie!! I haven't heard of that one
16/05/19 04:51 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: Interesting, do you have a link to that billie?
16/05/19 04:51 PM
Billie: it's sometimes my favorite resource b/c angeldust doesn't really have much of a younger-selection
16/05/19 04:52 PM
Billie: if you click the name of the site it'll bring you there, nick (:
16/05/19 04:52 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: alright then, cool. Thank you.
16/05/19 04:53 PM
Billie: their directory is a little outdated (lorcan's fc is still in the 13-15 category instead of the 18+ one) but it should give you a good suggestion on who to look for / what you're looking for
16/05/19 04:53 PM
Billie: as i said, just run the name through google to double check! :D
16/05/19 04:55 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: Do I just do a google search?
16/05/19 04:55 PM
Jess: Yep, and it should tell you what age they are
16/05/19 04:58 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: alright then, because I think I found one I might like.
16/05/19 04:59 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: Goes by the name of Finn Wolfhard
16/05/19 05:02 PM
Jess: Awesome! I don't think anyone is using Finn at the moment
16/05/19 05:03 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: I think I'll go with Finn, I searched up on google how old he is. He's 16
16/05/19 05:03 PM
Axolotlea: imdb is also a fantastic resource for finding younger FCs, it's where I find most of mine. You can search by birthyear there to guarantee you're getting the right age range for your character (and that they're over 13)
16/05/19 05:06 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: Sounds like a another good source. But, I think I'll be taking the Finn by the Fin. See what I did there :3?
16/05/19 05:14 PM
Natalie: Morning HFTA.
16/05/19 05:15 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: Good afternoon
16/05/19 05:46 PM
Jess: Oop sorry I poofed but morning, Nat! :heart
16/05/19 06:23 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: I made my character reference using Create-A-Sim in the Sims 4
16/05/19 06:44 PM
NickTheHufflepuff: For now, I shall take a break. See you all later.
17/05/19 05:52 AM
Natalie: No one's using Finn!
17/05/19 11:29 AM
Saero: *rolls around in the 2 hours of freedom I have left*
17/05/19 01:27 PM
Fish: -sSlurps tea. Loudly.-
17/05/19 01:48 PM
Jess: :ta
17/05/19 01:48 PM
Jess: ...
17/05/19 01:48 PM
Jess: okay
17/05/19 01:48 PM
Jess: :tea
17/05/19 04:54 PM
Saero: *brews more tea*
17/05/19 04:55 PM
Fish: -steals a tea-
17/05/19 04:56 PM
17/05/19 04:56 PM
Fish: :fish
17/05/19 04:56 PM
Saero: ... sounds more like I'm blaming you for stealing a fish, than actually being a Fish who steals mah tea! LOL
17/05/19 04:56 PM
Saero: *just brew more tea*
17/05/19 04:56 PM
Saero: :tea
17/05/19 04:56 PM
Fish: A bigger fish did ti and swam away
17/05/19 04:57 PM
Saero: Bad big fish! Keep your fins off!
18/05/19 04:20 AM
Fish: :tea
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