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21/09/17, 08:23 PM
Lillie: Our internet is being all screwy
21/09/17, 09:04 PM
Axolotlea: What flavor of math?
21/09/17, 09:04 PM
Axolotlea: I have some calculus that needs doing
21/09/17, 09:05 PM
Axolotlea: ...Woah Cbox, way to not update from like hours ago
21/09/17, 09:05 PM
Axolotlea: Pribably should have checked that, oops
21/09/17, 09:09 PM
Jaz /m: *shoves Amélie at the angst machine*
21/09/17, 09:10 PM
Lillie: Lol :axolotl
21/09/17, 10:26 PM
AdamPhone: :spaz
21/09/17, 10:36 PM
Natalie: Hello.
21/09/17, 10:37 PM
Natalie: Looks like Zendaya's up
21/09/17, 10:38 PM
Phone: maybe
21/09/17, 10:42 PM
Natalie: I read it as Olette by accident whoops
21/09/17, 10:43 PM
Phone: wouldn't be surprised if I accidentally typed it as such.
21/09/17, 10:47 PM
Natalie: Lol
21/09/17, 11:14 PM
Lillie: I need to stop watching cold case >> I get nothing done
22/09/17, 02:40 AM
Ghost Merel: wow omg, so like I just wrote Merel instead of Merlin in this post >.> Despite me even thinking 'Merlin'.
22/09/17, 03:31 AM
Kris: oh my Merel
22/09/17, 04:34 AM
JajaMobile: Merel's beard!
22/09/17 09:06 AM
Natalie: Hello.
22/09/17 09:23 AM
Jelly: :ride
22/09/17 09:35 AM
Fishfone: :fish
22/09/17 09:43 AM
Fishfone: so how does one sign up for the resistance anyway?
22/09/17 09:46 AM
Drakkybeans: one is recruited
22/09/17 09:49 AM
Alea!mobile: I just spent waaaaaay too much no st at this Disney store
22/09/17 09:50 AM
Alea!mobile: And also ended up fangirling iver sailor moon with the employee there
22/09/17 09:50 AM
Alea!mobile: *money
22/09/17 09:51 AM
Alea!mobile: I bought rafiki, timon and scar to go with the pumba, nala, and simba I already have
22/09/17 09:54 AM
Fishfone: -pats-
22/09/17 09:54 AM
Alea!mobile: It wasn't as expensive as it could have been, at least, because sale. That's something, right?
22/09/17 09:56 AM
Fishfone: -nods-
22/09/17 10:08 AM
Alea!mobile: Sometimes you overhear amusing things at the mall...
22/09/17 10:09 AM
Alea!mobile: A mother and daughter were looking at It at the bookstore and the daughter goes, "I thought that was more than one book, it's huge" and her mother replied in a completely astonished tone, "and people have actually READ that!"
22/09/17 10:10 AM
Alea!mobile: And a very English sounding father told his children, "don't lunch the shark in the face! It's a nice shark. Pick one out for mummy." Also in the bookstore.
22/09/17 10:20 AM
Natalie: Amusing.
22/09/17 10:21 AM
Fishfone: Poor :shark
22/09/17 10:39 AM
Jelly: :rip
22/09/17 10:40 AM
Fishfone: :birb
22/09/17 11:06 AM
Cassandra: heppaaa
22/09/17 11:06 AM
Lillie: Hai Cass
22/09/17 11:06 AM
Cassandra: helloo