20 Feb 18, 11:35 PM
Magara: You have no idea. Scolding hot water and scrubbed my skin raw
20 Feb 18, 11:33 PM
Becca: How's it work?
20 Feb 18, 11:32 PM
Alexander: Everything that you would want or need, but only because you are in this room. Once you leave the books that contain your knowledge also disappear.
20 Feb 18, 11:32 PM
Wyatt: You washed a great deal after I assume?
20 Feb 18, 11:32 PM
Becca: *drinks the water and looks around* This has everything about me?
20 Feb 18, 11:30 PM
Magara: *Nods her head* Good. She's a good kid. *Stares down at her bed, pulling at the sheets* Can't believe he tried to bury me alive...With a actual decomposing body under me. Eww.
20 Feb 18, 11:27 PM
Wyatt: *Nods his head a few times, has a bit more confidence in handling situations like these since his upgrade.* Guess we need to make sure we up the security here to include humans to. *Chuckles a bit,* But I'll keep an eye out for the girl.
20 Feb 18, 11:26 PM
Magara: Probably. Met her a couple times. She's nice. Unsuspecting
20 Feb 18, 11:24 PM
Wyatt: Girl in trouble?
20 Feb 18, 11:22 PM
Magara: *Shrugs her shoulders a bit* I hope so. Danny stole of my stuff from the shop. I saw it through the cameras yesterday. He had a girl with him. Girl name Gin.
20 Feb 18, 11:19 PM
Wyatt: *Shakes his head and puts an arm around her, holding her close and kissing the top of her head.* Wouldn't be you if you did. Callie at least safe?
20 Feb 18, 11:17 PM
Magara: *Looks up at him and sighs* He was my friend. I lost him. I always lose friends. I should just give up *Hugs her pillow close*
20 Feb 18, 11:13 PM
Wyatt: Yeah, change happens sometimes. And sometimes Demons reveal their true nature after they're done toying with everyone around them. If he messes with you again, Faolan takes a back seat.
20 Feb 18, 11:09 PM
Magara: loves*
20 Feb 18, 11:09 PM
Magara: He is my friend. He's helped me and I've helped him....He's changed. He was going to hurt Callie, Wyatt. He lives her
20 Feb 18, 11:07 PM
Alexander: *Puts an arm on her back,* Make sure you drink that water.
20 Feb 18, 11:06 PM
Becca: Oh...*stumbles a bit and shakes her head*
20 Feb 18, 11:06 PM
Alexander: Well, if you want to try and find your lost time it might be within one of these books. This library contains all the knowledge I have on it's pages, however now that you are in here it will have yours as well. Even if you don't remember, the books might.
20 Feb 18, 11:04 PM
Becca: *looks at him* Why are we here?
20 Feb 18, 11:04 PM
Wyatt: You never seem to listen when I bring up that hanging with Demons is bad news.
20 Feb 18, 11:04 PM
Alexander: *Will close the door behind them and gently utter a few Celtic sounding words before the door makes a weird sealing sound.* This isn't magic as much as it is an artifact, obviously Celtic lore shares a great deal with Fae, and some of our magic comes from what our ancestors learned from them. This room is on it's on plane of existence, in a way we aren't on Earth. In this room, time is much much slower. A month can pass in here, a day passes out there.
20 Feb 18, 11:02 PM
Magara: *Picks at the high quality bed sheets* Danny tried to bury me alive a couple days ago. Brought back some fears I thought I blocked out for good
20 Feb 18, 11:01 PM
Becca: *wonders if she's still hallucinating, but goes with him, looking around in awe*
20 Feb 18, 11:00 PM
Alexander: *Will touch the frame of the door and it will seem to light up, he opens it and inside there seems to be a giant library.* Come.
20 Feb 18, 11:00 PM
Wyatt: Now i'm not expert but I can assure you that you don't look fine, *Wanders into the room and sits on the edge of the bed.*
20 Feb 18, 10:57 PM
Becca: *hesitates, wondering what she's looking at* Alex....*sounds uncertain*
20 Feb 18, 10:57 PM
Magara: go in**
20 Feb 18, 10:57 PM
Magara: **Don't in there. Pennywise is there!**
20 Feb 18, 10:56 PM
Alexander: *Will go get her a bottle of water from the fridge before leading her into his room where there seems to be a strange door leading to nothing.*
20 Feb 18, 10:55 PM
Becca: *blinks a few times still hazy* What?
20 Feb 18, 10:54 PM
Magara: *Wipes her face and looks away from him* I'm fine.
20 Feb 18, 10:54 PM
Wyatt: *Knocks on the door to her room and slowly wanders in,* Baby girl? You alright?
20 Feb 18, 10:53 PM
Alexander: *Clenches his fist a few times and then brings her back to hold her close once more, he kisses the top of her head and tries not to make her feel like a victim.* I want to show you something.
20 Feb 18, 10:47 PM
Magara: *Sits in her apartment with all the lights off. She sniffs as she sits in the middle of her bed, holding a pillow to her chest*
20 Feb 18, 10:47 PM
Becca: I dunno....*pulls back and pulls up the sleeve of her shirt to show him the track marks where she's obviously been drugged numerous times*
20 Feb 18, 10:45 PM
Alexander: Not entirely sure exactly, but sounds about right. Jason has been out every night looking for you. You should at least message him. Where did you go?
20 Feb 18, 10:44 PM
Becca: I'm just glad to be home. *Doesn't let go* Has it really been a week?
20 Feb 18, 10:41 PM
Alexander: *Hugs her back and then rubs her back soothingly.* What's wrong?
20 Feb 18, 10:40 PM
Becca: *looks up at him, blinks a few times, gets up and hugs him tightly*
20 Feb 18, 10:38 PM
Alexander: *Will wander out of his room after a moment and then blinks when he see's Becca, it hasn't taken him that long to distinguish who is Becca and who isn't. He wanders up to the couch and looks down at her.* Been gone for a week, where'd you go?
20 Feb 18, 09:38 PM
Becca: *walks into Alex's apartment and flips on the couch*
20 Feb 18, 07:24 PM
Gin: ((Night!))
20 Feb 18, 07:23 PM
Kitt: *and on that note, I am off to bed, night! (sleepy2) *
20 Feb 18, 07:23 PM
Kitt: (bow)
20 Feb 18, 07:20 PM
Gin: -dick-
20 Feb 18, 07:19 PM
Kitt: *mwhahahaha*
20 Feb 18, 07:18 PM
Gin: -still doesn't have her effing clothes because now all her stuff is locked down in evidence or a crime scene-
20 Feb 18, 07:17 PM
Gin: -will eventually get driven to Thorn's and shower, but given all the gross it's the opposite of a sexy montage-
20 Feb 18, 07:16 PM
Kitt: *everybody loves a montage*
20 Feb 18, 07:16 PM
Kitt: *oh of course*
20 Feb 18, 07:15 PM
Gin: ((cue?))
20 Feb 18, 07:14 PM
Gin: ((queue the sexy montage))
20 Feb 18, 07:13 PM
Kitt: *squats and crunches*
20 Feb 18, 07:11 PM
Gin: ((What does that entail?))
20 Feb 18, 07:10 PM
Kitt: *is busily working on powering up as a demon*
20 Feb 18, 07:08 PM
Branden: -ponders his weird, weird job-
20 Feb 18, 07:06 PM
Branden: -and she's not telling him everything, which is bothersome-
20 Feb 18, 07:06 PM
Branden: -does believe Gin didn't do it 'cause there's not enough evidence that she did it, but thinks there's something weird about this shit-
20 Feb 18, 07:05 PM
Kitt: (devil)
20 Feb 18, 06:53 PM
Gin: -is questioned, fingerprinted, and all that, talks to the cops and tells her same story that some guy's been stalking her and she thinks he did this, also tells them to call Thorn for her whereabouts-
20 Feb 18, 06:51 PM
Kitt: *brb*
20 Feb 18, 06:49 PM
Gin: -but also Gin has an alibi 'cause she was shacked up with the tall dude-
20 Feb 18, 06:49 PM
Gin: -though 'demon' is new for him, I think-
20 Feb 18, 06:48 PM
Kitt: *bugger*
20 Feb 18, 06:47 PM
Gin: -jokes on you, Branden knows weird shit when he sees it-
20 Feb 18, 06:45 PM
Kitt: *upto you who the body belongs to*
20 Feb 18, 06:45 PM
Kitt: *after the fun of watching her hysterical on the way in, drives off to go ruin someone else's life*
20 Feb 18, 06:43 PM
Gin: -assuming several hours pass before anything other than questioning and paperwork actually happens?-
20 Feb 18, 06:43 PM
Branden: -is briefed on what's going on as Gin is brought in-
20 Feb 18, 06:42 PM
Kitt: *observes from afar*
20 Feb 18, 06:41 PM
Gin: -is hysterical as they bring her in- You don't understand! It wasn't me! Somebody did this and left the body in my room so I'd find it! -babble babble as she's brought in-
20 Feb 18, 06:41 PM
Kitt: *You're welcome*
20 Feb 18, 06:39 PM
Branden: -is about to have a very weird day at the office-
20 Feb 18, 06:39 PM
Kitt: *drives off before anyone sees and will go park up at the police station to enjoy watching them haul her in*
20 Feb 18, 06:36 PM
Gin: -starts babbling when she sees Danny about this guy having it out for her and killing people-
20 Feb 18, 06:35 PM
Kitt: *sets the popcorn aside and makes a point of driving past the cop car, making sure to wave to her*
20 Feb 18, 06:35 PM
Kitt: *watches with maniacal glee as she's paraded out to the cop car and stuffed in the back seat while they seal off the crime scene*
20 Feb 18, 06:33 PM
Gin: -err I guess is carted off then 'cause I can't RP her out of this one without talking to myself lol-
20 Feb 18, 06:32 PM
Kitt: *they won't believe her, noting her hastily packed bag, suggesting she was trying to leave town in a hurry*
20 Feb 18, 06:32 PM
Gin: -babble babble-
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