17 Feb 21, 22:58
Ciprian: Thanks! I got your suggestion, I find it a useful feature, I will look into it for a future version... Thanks again!
17 Feb 21, 10:02
homesvk: hi. Is it possible for users to edit messages in phpMyChat? Could you like to add such functions?
2 Jun 13, 21:20
Ciprian: I sent you an email Clara.
2 Jun 13, 02:06
6: My name is Clara, could you help me please?
2 Jun 13, 02:04
6: hi, I can not install automatically plus chat, ask advice
23 Feb 13, 13:35
Peter: Hi Chip :)
18 Nov 12, 12:22
Ciprian: Just click on my name?!? ...
18 Nov 12, 03:48
shawn: i need help were can i go to get help
2 Mar 12, 19:20
Ciprian: Go here and post your problem as a comment down on the page: http://www.triconsole.com/php/calendar_datepicker.php
2 Mar 12, 03:04
ultravolts: Hello, why does the datepicker return tuesday as the current day when it is 11:30pm on monday?
6 Jul 11, 10:15
Peter: Hi Chip chip how are you & Your family? I already quite a while nothing more of you heard. With me is not the matter much I have no hecticness to say in such a way. Greeting Peter
25 Sep 10, 13:43
Peter from Zürich: Hi Chip, it goes with the Vido. Was my mistake. Was it giegbt still new in the chat in your admin area. I binn much to be interested in. Regards Peter
23 Sep 10, 15:03
Peter: I am registered in your chat. Now it is down right somethings that only works with windows player 11, because I have too. Wiso I see nothing then. Peter Gruss
23 Sep 10, 13:11
Peter: where can i downlaod phpMyChat-Plus (1.94-ß5) - or is it not posibel' I just ask. :D Regards Peter
23 Sep 10, 00:24
Peter: HiCip I wanted to try if it's true the water I let translate. ;) Regards Peter
22 Sep 10, 21:26
Ciprian: Hi Marco, hi Pete! You're funny as usual Pete. :) Have fun!
21 Sep 10, 14:17
Peter: Chip Buna, am vrut doar să întreb cum ai & Famiele tău merge. Nu vă faceţi griji. :) Eu nu pot Romen, dar l-am lasa übersezten de Google. Mi-ar plăcea să aud de la tine din nou la apă. Regards Peter
4 Sep 10, 22:28
Marco: hello
19 Aug 10, 00:39
Ciprian: Salutare si felicitari pentru blog ;)
17 Aug 10, 03:17
COSTEL GALATEANU: Cel putin asa arata poza.Vezi ca ai unde ma gasi acum!
[mesaje mai vechi]