22 Mar 21, 10:25
Justin: I would love the opportunity to meet you, I didn't realize we were as close in age . You're absolutely beautiful:)
24 Jan 21, 08:16
Rio: Mackenzie Rosman I like your show 7th heaven I wish I was in show to
23 Dec 20, 02:31
Dookie: Eat ****
1 Nov 20, 00:03
Reinhard: Hi, Mack my name is Reinhard and I live in Austria. I am a fan of the show 7th Heaven and especially a big fan of you. Unfortunately, I'm only now watching the show on dvd and not earlier. Meanwhile, I've informed myself about you on the internet and I'm in love with you. I hope you are doing well, especially during the Corona period and still have a nice Halloween despite Corona.
21 Oct 20, 09:55
Robert: I wanna **** your *****
6 Aug 20, 13:55
Hawaiian: Hi, Mack , just wanted to say that I am sorry about Lorenzo...
6 Aug 20, 13:54
Hawaiian: Just wanted to say that I am sorry about Lorenzo....
13 Jun 20, 10:15
Alex: I am a victim of child abuse and domestic violence and nobody protected me not even schools or the system. I was failed upon. I just want to ty for all u do for child abuse.
5 Nov 19, 08:19
Tiffany: Mack hi I’m a big fan and I love the causes you do especially about the child abuse one you are amazing
20 Oct 19, 19:00
Henson: Stay close to me forever as we look out for each other
20 Oct 19, 18:59
Henson: I love you forever and will you be dating partner forever
20 Oct 19, 18:59
Henson: Will you be my dating partner forever
20 Oct 19, 18:59
Henson: Mackenzie, I really like your show Seventh Heaven when you used to play Ruthie Camden and if there is a reboot of Seventh Heaven on TV will you be my mate forever as we live together forever, if so say “YES” and then we will get an opportunity to live with Henson Lorde forever and ever....Do you understand
1 Mar 19, 02:55
Cooper: Could they ever possibly make 7th Heavan going again but just skip ahead to the current ages of the actors?
22 Feb 19, 09:10
Addi: can i send maack mail
22 Feb 19, 09:09
Addi: same
22 Feb 19, 09:09
Addi: Mack
24 Jan 19, 10:35
emily: i love 7th heaven miss that show they should make a remake of 7th heaven
6 Dec 18, 07:46
Jon: Hey hmmm I always love your smile. Keep being gorgeous.
5 Dec 18, 03:51
cheryl: you're a great actress. have a blessed holiday.
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