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4 Jan 10, 22:07
scotty61: hows it going Mr sonny? how was your new years ?
29 Jan 10, 22:32
scotty61: hope everyone is doing fine
3 Feb 10, 01:41
jan: hi im from philippines a new hobbyist of flower horn,,,, i hope to hear some advice on how to take care and make my flower horn as beautiful as your flower horn fishes.. cy_alcontin@yahoo.com is my aemailddress...thank you all
8 Feb 10, 07:13
Wildimage: Hi Jan, just register to this forum, lots of information here and we will gladly help out! :)
15 Feb 10, 18:43
scotty61: it's Monday evening and just thought I would pop in and see if anyone was chatting. my grow outs are really looking nice. will post this week
8 Mar 10, 16:47
swanker: hey im trying to find a place online i can order good flowerhorns anyone know any sites i can look at thanks
8 Apr 10, 03:34
paintsn: Hi Swanker.. have you tried www.Aquabid.com
14 Jun 10, 17:16
Tina: hope everyone is well.. i havent been on in a long time but just passing by to say hello :)
14 Jun 10, 22:06
Sanjay: Hi everybody... I am a new hobbyist of flower horns, just got conned buying two 2 inch FH which has no signs of horns even after two months, dont know what to do with the fish now. Anyways, could anyone let me know where i can get Good FH's in India preferably Calcutta? would be a great help!! :cry:
18 Jun 10, 23:08
paintsn: Hi Sanjay...i believe the best person would be our sis Nik..shes from India also.. just click her name on the forum, send her a email or pm and she will reply back ... or click this link to her name http://flowerhornrusforum.com/profile/22252/
18 Sep 10, 19:56
paintsn: is life getting harder or is it just me?? well hope all are having better times than I
18 Sep 10, 19:56
paintsn: glad to have this box back..woohoo! :P
25 Oct 10, 08:57
paintsn: so who's ready to Trick or Treat??
25 Oct 10, 16:34
paintsn: a lil update regarding the board http://flowerhornrusforum.com/topic/8389596/
25 Oct 10, 21:38
Nikita: Won a black berry 8830 on Ebay! Woho!
24 Nov 10, 18:28
paintsn: thats nice sis.. should see what i got under my belt on ebay..hahah.. well guys/gals.. we sure got plenty stuff going this month.. POTM, raffle..and not to mention the books.. get em while they last!
1 Mar 11, 21:29
Mango: can any one recommend any local fish store or breeder in northern California?
18 Mar 11, 20:39
paintsn: mango please ck this thread.. hope it will help, if not post up a thread on the forum.. http://flowerhornrusforum.com/topic/104195/
16 Apr 11, 11:23
paintsn: well guys/gals.. the arcade is now back up!! woohoo! http://flowerhornrusforum.com/pages/arcade/
23 Sep 11, 16:23
paintsn: alright guys Lee Group Buy coming shortly.. so be ready!! here is the link http://flowerhornrusforum.com/topic/8580762/