5 Apr 20, 05:49
Tacocat: Sooo.... dont know if anyone still checks, but i follow this guy on DA still... and he just posted more comics. Not gwen but maybe theres hope!?
13 Feb 20, 21:22
A fan: Im so happy these are still up!
19 Dec 17, 19:46
tomwong: update please
21 Mar 17, 13:35
End: Thaks "kris" for the info. I found this and read through the archive. I don't know if this is on his end or comicgenesis, that the scroll bots be removed so that I can archive this on the waybackmachi
16 Mar 17, 00:38
kris: i don't think he'll be returning to this comic sadly (but just from an insiders point of view scott is very much happy, alive, and well!)
26 Feb 17, 03:42
erejnion: Maybe I should archive the whole comics, just in case.
26 Feb 17, 03:42
erejnion: I miss Gwen.
31 Mar 16, 15:21
Stephen F: This is really terrible. The entire joke relies on an audible medium but it's in a comic.
14 Dec 15, 18:32
CPow: Fun stuff
1 Jan 15, 12:23
tmechanic: HAPPY NEW YEAR! :biggrin:
17 Dec 14, 15:43
Teh R34L Andeh: :( i miss gwen ;-; eva does too even if she doesnt know she does or even share a universe where they coeist :P
17 Mar 14, 14:43
ThomasK: nice nice nice http://x.co/44ubr
17 Mar 14, 13:22
Snooch: Scott's updating his deviantart!! Doesn't look like we'll get more Gwen, but he's alive at least!
28 Jan 14, 14:27
DeXidious: I made some fan arts for us that still check." http://tinyurl.com/ntw56gt " and " http://tinyurl.com/ks69ggd "
2 Oct 13, 08:19
Drakanor Dream: and still checking XD
12 Sep 13, 17:49
One of the Four Beasts: Saying "Come and See." and I saw, a pale horse, and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him
16 Jan 13, 04:53
Eon: And once more I check to see if he's returned...he hasnt...Weird, I dont recall him ever saying he lived in the same city as me, even before we got off to bad terms...Ah well, how the years pass...
29 Dec 12, 22:08
Draven: It was so awesome catching up on this! Man, I really hpe you feel lke continuing this someday! I'd offer to commission it if I weren't broke~.
28 Dec 12, 06:20
Draven: Three years... Is it really the end? I hope not, I loved this comic when I was younger and I'm ceritainly enjoying rediscovering every page. I don't know if you still check here or not, but I hope so
4 Dec 12, 18:45
Mountain Dew: Try out our radical new flavor - "Hitler Did Nothing Wrong" - now at your local supermarket!!!
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