7 Oct 20, 19:50
d_p: software produced & live screamed grinding digital hardcore: https://das-programm.bandcamp.com
7 Oct 20, 19:50
d_p: software produced & live screamed grinding digital hardcore: das-programm.bandcamp.com
17 Apr 20, 17:33
joseph: https://josephbarulho.blogspot.com/
16 Feb 20, 02:11
Artis: Hey, im trying to find a song from your compilation, i remember only the chorus :hail king hail, six six six
8 Oct 17, 12:56
abaddon: Saludos y que decir excelente material en este blog, espero puedan pasar a visitarnos en http://descargasmetal.com/ agregate para mandarte todas las actualizaciones discos todos los dias.
8 Oct 17, 12:56
abaddon: http://descargasmetal.com/
27 Mar 17, 20:30
666 Metal Extremo: https://666metalextremo.blogspot.com.es
12 Jun 15, 03:40
Tagroth Witchlover: Welcome to my blog. For Loadown's fans, only brutal death metal albums www.tagroth.blogspot.com
28 May 15, 10:06
Dick: It's been 9 months since you guys posted anything on here. Why don't you take the page down if you're not going to maintain it!
21 May 15, 04:41
:): Could You upload new Sathanas album ? I can not believe that is still unavailable in blogs for listening
18 May 15, 01:38
METAL EXTREMO: BLACK, DEATH, THRASH, GRIND... https://www.facebook.com/666.MetalExtremo
18 May 15, 01:36
METAL EXTREMO: BLACK. DEAT, THRASH, GRIND...https://www.facebook.com/666.MetalExtremo
8 May 15, 00:28
GDMArtwork: Hi there! Would you be interested in a banner exchange? I'm a musician into death metal / vgm genre and a graphic designer. Free sick shit on my website http://GraficaPublicitara.Wix.com/GDMArtwork
11 Apr 15, 18:23
AnnihilationOfHumans: How about some OSDM? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5_EtKtlZ20
6 Apr 15, 23:00
Brutal: Download free !! http://theclawsofthepurge.brutal-assault.com/
13 Feb 15, 23:48
Gab: OSSUAIRE Tape out now! Old school death from France. https://nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com
11 Feb 15, 15:06
.: http://frostdomain.co.nr/
7 Jan 15, 11:20
PBL: Hey guys! My name is Vincent and I play in Psychological Regurgitation. We are two Syracuse musicians who have had past experiences with other bands. We came together to write a short album in the sty
29 Dec 14, 13:05
Killing Addiction: Greetings, all. Check out the new KILLING ADDICTION tracks from the 2014 EP: When Death Becomes An Art!
23 Dec 14, 11:16
rot: @Dickwad: no worries, still alive, new addings soon
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