25 Apr 21, 00:38
Gema: Hi! I'm a spanish single mother.I've two wonderful children. I admire you.I love everything you do.I have read your books in english,but I'd like read them in spanish.Thanks for being the way you are
19 Apr 21, 14:45
Nicole Hendry: I just want to express how much i love and you inspire me all.the way Hamilton, Scotland Uk and your book is outstanding and brings so much motivation, i cant wait to see you in more films, sending L
16 Mar 21, 13:01
Andre: So nah am wahren Leben und doch so schön weit weg. Licht erstrahlt-Dunkelheit vergeht. Danke für die Wärme, Danke für die Sonne im Herzen,Danke für GG und so. Happy Birthday Lauren. L.Grüße aus Berlin
16 Mar 21, 00:11
Becca: Hey..just wanted you to know me and my mom watch Gilmore girls everyday..and another favorite movie is Because I said so which you are in..we love you
3 Nov 20, 08:17
Rose: Hi! I am Rose and I just want to express my immense love to LG! She inspires me a lot. I hope to see her, if time permits.
2 Sep 20, 21:11
Amber: Seriously, listening to you read Talking As Fast As I can is the greatest thing ever! This is exactly why I have seen every movie and show you've been in. You're incredible.
22 Jul 20, 22:42
Tarissa: I am so exited and can't wait for your books to arrive!
22 Jul 20, 22:41
Tarissa: I currently have your other books being shipped to me (In Conclusion Don't Worry About It, and Someday, Someday, Maybe).
22 Jul 20, 22:41
Tarissa: Right this moment I'm on page 141, Kitchen Timer.
22 Jul 20, 22:40
Tarissa: Your book is interesting, funny, and well written. Anyways I just wanted to thank you for helping me be able to read a book that I enjoy!
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