16 Feb 21, 19:35
Skittles/AceOfTricks: I have lost access to this site for the time being so many links are old or outdated.
3 Nov 19, 13:31
Zanuki: I've downloaded it :3 imma play it now~
24 Oct 19, 18:36
Skittles: I opened it just to the Netherlands for now.
24 Oct 19, 18:33
Skittles: I see it. It's giving me a huge headache. I'll see about opening AstralCats to Europe.
11 Oct 19, 06:35
Zanuki: Oh yea forgot to mention. EndosRel isn't working again. No pictures. Only errors
3 Oct 19, 23:19
Zanuki: Could you maybe make it playable for all countries?
3 Oct 19, 23:19
Zanuki: I live in Europe, The Netherlands.
3 Oct 19, 23:18
Zanuki: I tried to download Astral cats but its not available in my country..
2 Oct 19, 15:19
Skittles: After that EndosRel is on the table to be revitalized.
2 Oct 19, 15:18
Skittles: Just a quick update. I am working on a partial rewrite of AstralCats so I can get it out of Beta.
26 Aug 19, 07:39
Skittles: It seems to be a reoccuring problem. I might be rewriting it after all.
26 Jul 19, 02:23
Zanuki: Hi Skittles. I think the problem is back. It shows no images and says error..
31 May 19, 18:02
Skittles: Celestia. You can contact me at rena@rena.us
31 May 19, 18:01
Skittles: Thank you Zanuki. I just corrected the problem.
17 May 19, 09:12
Zanuki: I see you updated EndosRel. but the images are not working. it says error?
27 Apr 19, 15:20
Celestia: Hello! I'm not sure how to contact you, but I have backed up your Kyubi file.
13 Oct 18, 19:47
Nadine: Uh, hello? ^^
30 Sep 18, 21:47
Skittles: In other news, Endos Rel has a toyhou.se page: https://toyhou.se/~world/26027.endos-rel
30 Sep 18, 21:45
Skittles: informed when, only "soon".
30 Sep 18, 21:45
Skittles: At some point in the near future the site will be going down for maintenance. I have not been
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