05/09/12 06:47 PM
Quinn: Thanks very much for your messages. I'd like to get back to the comic again someday, it's just not really feasible for me right now.
04/17/12 10:13 PM
Erabelle: Even though I saw this message at about the time it went up, I still check back every ocne in a while. Quiinn: I really appreciate all the hard work you put into this comic. I hope whatever you're doing now is going wonderfully. Lastly, just know that your fans still support you, and will be glad to see the return of this comic, should that happen. :)
10/20/11 03:35 PM
saturn: I will miss this comic very much. It was fun and entertaining as well as realistic. Thank you, for not only presenting it to us, but for bringing life to it. Hope life treats you well, and that maybe someday it will return. Will miss you all, my geeky friends :)
09/23/11 08:59 PM
Gwen: I'm sad to hear this, but thanks for letting us know. I do hope that one day you're able to continue, you'll always have fans eager to read! Best of luck with your career <3
08/30/11 11:40 AM
Kim: Thanks Quinn for finally posting a message, even though it was overdue so long ago. I'm sad it's over but even more sad it took you this long to inform us. Good luck in your future endeavors.
08/22/11 06:59 PM
mygraffiti: And we finally have a post >_> oh wel
08/01/11 05:32 PM
CheekyChica: Quinn: Just remember, the answer is 42. Idon't know what the question is quite yet, but I'll get back to you. :)
07/27/11 10:13 AM
Mari: Been a year and a half, and i check back about once a week to see if there is any new layout, strip, or news... *sigh*
07/12/11 05:11 PM
NightTamarak: i missssss this comic!
06/15/11 07:45 PM
CheekyChica: I agree with Noelle. This is over. Just let it die. Don't keep dragging it on, saying it'll eventually be back.
06/10/11 10:26 PM
Noelle: at this point I would be fine if the author just posted a conclusion or wrap up in the text box
05/31/11 03:04 PM
chickencow: Well... Hopefully it continues this year
05/21/11 07:32 AM
KindleVonPulse: *rocks back and forth*
05/13/11 12:12 PM
CheekyChica: I think there's a difference between "hiatus" and "year and a half since the last update". It's really a shame, but I guess that means it will be back eventually... :\
05/10/11 04:24 PM
Kara: Not forgotten about. Indefinite hiatus.
05/02/11 05:43 PM
04/28/11 09:50 AM
CheekyChica: I agree. It's definitely a shame, though. I really wanted to see where it went. :\
04/26/11 04:24 PM
chickencow: This site and comic has definitely been forgotten about
04/22/11 05:21 PM
CheekyChica: I don't think it's a site that needs constant attention... IDK; I've never made a website before. :confused:
04/11/11 03:18 PM
chickencow: So how the does the site support itself with noone manning it?
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