This Cbox has expired. Renew it here.
21 Nov 15, 03:37
Zaxx: *Lurks*
12 Oct 15, 10:37
Emma: Sorry for the cbox expiry glitch there. I thought when the premium expired, the cbox would default to a free version but still be active. I thought wrong <_<
4 Sep 15, 19:55
Joy: <3 <3 <3
4 Sep 15, 11:23
Emma: Thanks, Skyla <3 Geez, my EF babies are all growed up *sniffle*
4 Sep 15, 11:23
Emma: I'm not sure where to go from here, really. (No worries about the delay. ^^ I adopted a cat last month so I've been helping her get settled. I hope the business trip went well. :) )
4 Sep 15, 11:22
Emma: Joyyyyy omgosh, that brought tears to my eyes. <3
1 Sep 15, 06:53
Joy: Skyla!~<3 Congrats on graduating!!! :D
31 Aug 15, 17:48
Skyla: I hope you get better too, Ems <3 I'm working as a software engineer! But ofc I'm trying to get back into writing XD
28 Aug 15, 21:00
Emma: Thank you :)
27 Aug 15, 17:05
Mask: :/ thats very sad, i hope you get better
26 Aug 15, 21:31
Emma: Oh, I'm sorry. EF's on indefinite hiatus. You can read the announcement here.
26 Aug 15, 19:26
Mask: well im interested i nsubmitting a character but it would somewhat stray from the character creation template, id like to know if there could be an arrangement to somewhat fit that character in here , without forcing or breaking the laws or lore
26 Aug 15, 07:31
Emma: Hi, Mask, how can I help?
25 Aug 15, 23:19
Mask: Emma or anyone from staff ?
25 Aug 15, 12:51
Mask: Humm Hello ?
25 Aug 15, 11:31
Emma: What kind of job did you get? It's so weird when people I knew as students are like "I'M WORKING WAHAHAHAHA"
25 Aug 15, 11:30
Emma: I've not been up to much. Had a pretty bad relapse that lasted right up to spring, so I've been trying to recover from that, mostly.
25 Aug 15, 11:29
Emma: Aw, thanks <3
21 Aug 15, 19:35
Skyla: How about you, Ems? :D I enjoy seeing your fb posts, especially the ones about your kittycat >D
21 Aug 15, 19:35
Skyla: Gooood... working regular 9 to 5 now... joy joy XD
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