26 Apr 20, 22:23
leif: yello
1 Oct 17, 21:20
Layvba: Been a part of the Jovan site for years and I'm new to POI. So glad I found this Pari. I've been reading your stuff on FF..net
18 May 15, 13:55
Lilblossomcub: New to the site but gonna learn the ropes. Seems like an awesome site
29 Sep 13, 19:07
kage-rei: I love this show and the site is amazing!!
3 Jul 12, 20:03
Blank: Oi. Sorry. Hit the tab bar too many times trying for an author search.
3 Jul 12, 20:01
homeric: homeric
25 Jun 12, 11:53
Wanda: So happy someone told me about this site. Love this show.
24 Jun 12, 18:17
buns1974: Thanks for creating this site and I will start tryingto figure out how to upload my stories. And anyone who has read my fics no I have no problem with being raunchy. LOL!
20 Jun 12, 13:51
Pari: Hey guys welcome to the site!! I hope you enjoy and I certainly hope you post, and the raunchier the better I say :D
13 Jun 12, 18:15
aprilfool: So excited about this new site and all the fanfics to read!
12 Jun 12, 18:28
ReeseisLAVAhot: Thanks Pari! Love that we now have a website that doesn't practice censorship to an unreasoning degree!
12 Jun 12, 11:55
Homeric: seconding Reesefan75's sentiments - lovely site :)
12 Jun 12, 06:30
Kim: Thanks so much for creating this site Pari!!!! It gives those of us from that "other" site a better place to post :-) (Reesefan75/Maddsgirl75)
25 Jan 12, 23:38
Pari: Hey Angela welcome!! 'All' POI fics are wanted and welcome here :)
25 Jan 12, 15:30
Angela: Thanks for inviting me, I'll poke around & try to figure out how to post my stories here. Did you have a particular one you wanted?
23 Jan 12, 19:05
Pari: I love, love, love this show and so I've decided to dedicate this site to it
23 Jan 12, 19:05
Pari: I have fallen in love with a new show that comes on CBS called 'Person Of Interest'...
23 Jan 12, 19:05
Pari: Sooooooo I've changed the archive again...yes I am just that fickle...lol
18 Aug 11, 23:12
Pari: Since the other archive was a complete bust and I have lost all love for the hawthorne fandom I have made the archive to a Miami Vice fic archive!!
20 Nov 10, 22:05
tl: re: posting-tjat's beause your stories are so great. Maybe others will post here now..
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